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  1. I honestly believe this will avoid dwelling too much on the previous show... Not because I hated it, just because of the decisions made by Disney since the purchase. All evidence points towards an era with minimal Prequel era reference of any kind.
  2. I put GTA V, but mainly because it's the only game I actually bought lol, I still haven't completed it though
  3. Seen it, but I'm guessing everyone in the northern hemisphere and Lynk are trying to join the beta. I bet it will be better than Galactic Starfighter lol
  4. I believe the trip to Bespin/Dagobah training, allows from 3 to 21 days according to time-line buffs, so, a bit of a hazy estimate, but at least we know it wasn't 12 hours, and there is the possibility of at least a crash course in Jedi, before he tapped up the third most powerful force user in the galaxy for a fisty cuffs.
  5. Ok, my main Jedi is now on the Harbinger, his name is Ataro, so if you see him online could someone throw me an invite? I'll try and find as many names as I can so I can send someone a /whisper too.
  6. Which is the most active guild? I have a toon on both factions i can transfer to the harbinger
  7. sorry its the gathering skill that give gifts Diplomacy Investigation Treasure Hunting Underworld Trading
  8. I quit any crafting skills after my first character, don't even do it for Companion gifts (affection) any more
  9. It's hard to choose an Order because I don't really see them as separate stories, and mostly there is that little a difference in favoritism you could consider some on par, and even number six on the list is still better than most other films ever released. So if pushed, my list would go... 1: ESB 2: ROTJ 3: ROTS 4: AOTC 5: ANH 6: TPM (Regarding my presumably blasphemous fifth choice, ANH just doesn't do it for me any more, maybe because I watched it 1138 times during the last 33 years, I'm not sure, I get it's significance, and I agree with its praise, it's just when I open the sleeve of my blu ray set, I always skip that disk)
  10. I'm actually a big fan of TPM, but I've got to agree with the numbers, I've spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people about Star Wars over the years, Fans and non fans, and I'd say 90% think its the weakest of all 6 films, Jar Jar and Midichlorians being major reasons. but its really quite evident by just looking on the net.
  11. Lol, Its nice not to be the one in the monotonous back and forth with Alexrd for a change
  12. I live and breath Star Wars, apart from a fondness for LOTR, it is my only fandom, but, The Phantom Menace has always been a strange one for me, it is equal parts amazing, and "What was he thinking" at the same time. I believe TPM has the best characterization, special effects, acting... It introduced a new generation of expanded universe, re-wrote the book yet gave a deep history and tradition for the Jedi Order, it was filmed in 35 mm which I think is a much better look than fully digital (AOTC looks like cgi animation almost throughout) the score, the Lightsaber battles, it was an experience to see that in theaters in 99. But also I think some of the decisions that possibly weren't challenged, definitely lower the film overall in my opinion. I know its cliche to say but I think if the Gungans were a tribe of displaced Wookiee's, swap out Jar Jar for Chewie, and Anakin was maybe 4-5 years older, TPM would be peoples favorite of the prequels. I still love it, but I always think about these things when I watch it, even now, over 14 years later. And yes, Midichlorians? TMI bro.
  13. I will say one thing that sucks badly in the prequels... the Pick up shoots for Attack of the Clones... I think they are like 2 years later than Principal photography, and I think they just asked some dude off the street to do make-up. One minute Ewan McGregor is slim, tanned and sporting his own well groomed mullet and full beard, next shot he's 40 lbs heavier, pale as a recluse, and has the worst wig and stick on teen wolf "beard" Ive ever seen, its so off putting, same with Hayden, one minute he's a skinny blonde mid-pubescent teenager with spots, then he's got light brown hair, put on a load of muscle and has a 5 o'clock shadow. I actually love the film though.
  14. Master, sir, I heard Yoda talking about midikloriontz. I've been wondering...what are midikloriontz?
  15. Your the first person I've ever heard mention bad special effects and Star Wars in the same sentence... Ive heard people complain of over-use, but never the quality. There has been a lot of talk about the Prequels vs the OT lately since a video was released>>> (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) <<<I'll re-post my response to above Video, which I think covers the general points in this thread and my over all view of the Saga. "I agree with what the video wants, but not for the same reasons, I absolutely LOVE the prequels, they Expanded the Galaxy, characters, locations, just everything about them made Star Wars so much bigger and better... But, they have a very different style and feel to the Original Trilogy, and I want the Sequel trilogy to have a more OT feel, not because the PT sucked. but to bring the saga in to balance stylistically. The PT style has dominated for 15 years, 3 films, a TV show, games comics and Novels. Love the PT, but I need a bit more OT style again (I obviously wouldn't boycott Ep VII if it was set on Coruscant, Naboo and Geonosis... Jus sayin)"
  16. JediKnight.net, I think its a more universal name even though its is the name of a specific game. whereas Star Wars Knights sounds like a basketball team
  17. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  18. Just that sneak peak looks amazing, definitely up to date and fresh
  19. Always single lightsaber, economic hilt, functional.
  20. KotOR: The best. Because it was so original and cool, even though it's based on the earlier Tales of the Jedi comic (my favorite comics ever) it did it's own thing, and the fact that we are still here talking about it over a decade later is a testament to that I think Bioware taking a best selling game so far from the source material (time-line) opened the gate for the rest of licensing to push for something other than Original trilogy centric products, and made the EU much more legitimate than the Novels ever could. (as a side note my other favorite comic ever, is called shadows and Light from a Dark Horse Star Wars: Tales #23. It's a fully realised story of the exploits of Duron Qel-Droma and his counterparts that you read about on the Datapad you find in the cave on Korriban (ignore the front cover of the comic, thats one of the other stories in issue) check it out) The Old Republic: I have several 55's, but there is still something missing for me, it doesn't give me the same feelings KotOR, SWG, JK and TFU did.
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