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  1. I loved em all!! But KotoR and Star Wars Galaxies ... wow I spent SO much time on both, Galaxies especially, lot's of friends and memories
  2. I played that Character early last year, I must just be awesome (Or figured out Interrupt abilities ) My main point is I don't want my Character to be so powerful, or to have the main Antagonist/story end... I want the war to continue as it was. But then again I'm a role-player so I prefer to dictate my own fate. My most recent Character was a sorcerer, but I don't have a problem with his class story, as all he really does is kill a Sith Lord and take his place, not so Galaxy changing.
  3. yea I hate this, its the launcher error paradox they have from time to time, It updates and shuts down, with the intention of starting up again, but its own built in "Cannot have two versions of the launcher..." error box, stops it from re-starting, and so the cycle continues. For me at least
  4. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I'm still disgusted that my Jedi Knight kills the Emperor in about 2.5 minutes... Revan is way more powerful than me, yet he was twice defeated by said Emperor, held prisoner in a force-field for 300 years and then killed by a Pick up group in a flashpoint. Canon is very important to me, but sometimes, they should write new characters, rather than include them in everything and inevitably ruin your favorite stories.
  5. I love everything but the clone wars... Both trilogies, the gendy T cw series, all the books, comics and games, LOVE IT ALL. its just a shame the only thing i didn't like had such franchise effecting clout. but that's not your problem if you like it
  6. I didn't hate it, but I'm glad its done. I never liked the path it took Star Wars down, now is its chance to rebuild a fan-base that includes me. selfish yes, but that's kinda the point, I pay hundreds a year in games, merchandise and general interest, makes sense to me that it be stuff I actually enjoy.
  7. Its been a hard five years for me as a Star Wars fan, I've been continually biting my tongue, as LF made more and more decisions that were pushing me away from my favorite thing. I'm happy that the Clone Wars was Important and interesting for some fans, in the second Dark times era, I really am. Some of the testimonials from people since the announcement of its demise are akin to someone losing a parent or finding religion... its beyond me to be honest, but its a testament to the shows quality. But I'm so excited about the future possibilities for Star Wars now. Cinematic releases, Check. Me excited about Star Wars again, Check. New Animated series, Check, possibly more photo-realistic and adult orientated, Hopefully. Set in an unseen era, check (The Clone Wars era is the most overused era in history) A re-thinking of how the continuity and canon is treated, fingers-crossed. A re-launch of Starwars.com with the forums, blogs, EU-encyclopedia reinstated? Please!? Live action films, The Expanded Universe, and fan interaction... Not much to ask for, but to me, that's all that counts. Good times, Bad times, we all have em, Just glad its my time for some Good ones again
  8. Clone Wars has been cancelled as a TV show airing on network TV. what remains of the story they want to tell will be released on StarWars.com, or direct to DVD/blu-ray. A call from Clone Wars Producer Cary Silver and our Supervising Director Dave Filoni, letting me know that for all of us, the Star Wars journey would be coming to an end. After nearly a decade of production and five seasons on the air, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” as a television show, has been cancelled. My heart sank. After those difficult words, we spent the next few minutes reminiscing about the last eight years and how much the show has meant to us all
  9. George Lucas always said they would run for 5 seasons, regardless of ratings. But to be honest I think Disney plan to Market Star wars with their other franchises as epic teen/adult Cinematic experiences (Which it once was), and are making a conscious effort to move away from the pre-teen Saturday morning cartoon, that has dominated Star Wars for the last decade, and put all efforts in to centralizing our attention on Episode VII. When I was a Kid, Star Wars was massively popular as it is now, but It was cool, and respected by other film makers and fans of other genres. Now its kind of a Joke outside of kids, and dads who want to indoctrinate their kids lol. Star Wars can be epic once more! also, Detours, and other comedy/kid stuff has also been put on the back burner
  10. Definitely excited about the possibilities of this change in direction, although it could be a case of "Better the Devil you know"? I Really want to see Star Wars be grittier than it has been for the last 5-6 years. Hopefully Dark Horse and Del-Rey will continue their great work, and the Film division will follow suit.
  11. Up to now there is no season 6... No one will comment, and there is no mention of it on Cartoon Network, or any of the Disney owned channels for next years shows. An insider at Lucasfilm told a podcaster in an interview that "Now is the time to make a Rukus in support of TCW, its future is not certain..." I'd be happy if it didn't return. Personally I thought the ending of season 5 was good, and I'm happy at their decisions regarding Ahsoka. But it made me realise something... TCW has made me hate Anakin, Obi-wan and the Jedi Council, the whole mythos and nostalgia I have about the Jedi is gone because of this show.
  12. Agreed. Dawn of the Jedi's explanation for pre-Lightsaber technology is far superior the GL's idea.
  13. Me too, I actually hate it, not just "Not Like it" I HATE it lol
  14. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter... Pass on in to the Force Stuart. R.I.P
  15. This, and its applicable for the whole franchise... I'm a Star Wars FREAK, But it still needs to be a massive event when we get a Star Wars film, I don't want us to get so many that its waters down Star Wars on the big screen, like the EU and TCW tends to do to themselves. Quality not Quantity.
  16. I like him now he has Zabrakoid legs again... the "infinities" story they took the idea from was my least favorite rendition of Maul in the EU, so I was a little meh about him as an ED-209 legged freak, but the latest episode was awesome imo
  17. Love these films, I've donated to them since the start, if you look at the credits I'm the first name on the Associate producer list!
  18. http://www.darthhater.com/articles/feature/22357-the-real-cost-of-cartel-market-items
  19. Its like 1960's Hollywood all over again, brown-face an Irishman, Boom we got A-rabs !
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