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  1. Call me easily impressed... but they fixed it! They ****ing fixed it. Maybe I just got lucky but i was satisfied... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The Normandy took off, the relays are only 'badly damaged', the Citadel can be salvaged, there seems to be differences between the endings, I get to say goodbye to Liara, I got actual explanations from the starkid then basically was able to tell him to go touch himself at night, and happiness abounds. Shame about the fairly lame slideshow thingy (LOL Zaeed), but apart from that, colour me happy edit: woah, just took a look at the 'refusal' ending. ...really glad i didn't choose it just to see what would happen
  2. I only buy like one game every six months, which makes it prohibitively priced, for me at least Could be a SW take on the FPS - instead of going for WoW's market, they go for CoD's. Would tie in with the 'boba fett' thing more as well, though that link is preeeetty tenuous to be fair.
  3. The Old Republic? ...Meh, I discount online games, and also games that cost a bleedin' fortune...
  4. Erm, nah. But seriously though, who knows? We must be due a decent SW game soon enough right? ....Right? Can't see what appears to amount to an online sequel to the very-average 'Bounty Hunter' being the franchises' saving grace though.
  5. I approve. Also, those wee gnome things? SO CUTE.
  6. Oh OK. I had a brief look at the character creation on youtube and it was like 90% skimpy. Mind you it was a Norn character creation so if it's a cultural thing then that makes sense I guess. Hrrrm.
  7. Woah, you weren't kidding about the environments - they're gorgeous! I do love a game that has proper attention paid to the surroundings. One thing that does slightly irritate me about Guild Wars (and quite a few other games like it) is that it suffers badly from ICS - Impractical Clothing Syndrome. WOMEN OF GW! Y U NO WEAR PROPER CLOTHES/ARMOUR?! HOW U STILL HAVE ALL LIMBS?
  8. Right. and by the same token, other people's relentless disapproval shouldn't put others off it.
  9. for ****s sake the last five minutes does not make or break a game. everything up to that point is awesome whatever you happen to think about the ending...
  10. Engineer and Infiltrator (for the second time) promoted, Victory and Commendation packs presumably in the bag. Schweeet. N7 rank up to 201 now. Number 400 and something in the UK. I really should be writing my essay.
  11. haha, missed a '/' there dude
  12. Amazingly enough, not everyone actually thinks it's that bad. I don't massively like it but **** me worthy of a goddamn lawsuit it ain't.
  13. I heard that the final hours app actually only mentions gameplay mechanics, not story factors, with regard to the viability of the theory. Depends on how you read it. Or choose to read it. Either way, it gives me a lot more satisfaction to imagine I'm right.
  14. Ending-wise: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I find myself becoming more and more convinced by the 'Indoctrinated' interpretation. I don't usually buy into this sort of thing, and it may well be that I'm a) giving Bioware more credit than they perhaps deserve and b) rationalising it all away because I don't particularly like it/can't satisfactorily explain. I still find it compelling though. The reasons (and they're good ones) were made very clear in that social.bioware thread so I won't go through them again, but the single most important bit for me is that the 'Destroy' ending seems to be (correct me if I'm wrong (or don't because it casts the interpretation into doubt...)) the only one where we get any hint that Shepard is alive, with sufficient military strength. Also, it's on Earth, which lends further credence to the theory because otherwise (barring some sort of controlled-explosion scenario), the relays cannot have been destroyed. If all this is true and they do indeed explain it all through DLC or somesuch, then that's despicable and dirty and horrible etc etc etc. But damn, as well as being something of a relief it would be a hell of a coup on their part. They might not even have originally intended it, but it would make sense for them to say they did even if that's the case. Whatever, I like the theory.
  15. might want to spoiler-tag that all up sharpish.
  16. looks fabulous... except for the goatee, which makes him look like a space sex-pest. i suggest a full beard
  17. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I just did the academy mission and the atrium battle was a joke. you guys all bigged it up and i swept the damn place even the turrets (an absolute bitch on multiplayer) never really bothered me. mind you, it is new game plus and only hardcore so my fresh insanity run i've got planned will no doubt be a bit rougher. as it is however, my Black Widow V sniper rifle just tears **** up. who needs squadmates anyway?
  18. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) argh the Reaper on rannoch . once you figure it out it's actually pretty bleedin' obvious but my god it's frustrating to reload automatically, frantically look around for a reload/somewhere to run to, then get obliterated. again. and again. :|
  19. hell, i think anything with banshees would qualify.
  20. haha, you're welcome oh gods, Phantoms are a nightmare on multiplayer, i hate to think about what they'll be like on insanity. Just started a hardcore playthrough for my second ME3 run, and it's fine so far. mind you, i have only just finished Menae. it will get harder i suspect >_> a battle i suspect would be an absolute horror on Insanity would be the Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) battle with the brutes when activating the Maw hammers on Tuchanka. holy hell, there were like EIGHT OF THEM. it destroyed me on normal difficulty. good thing i'm an infiltrator so i could just activate my cloak and run the **** away edit: @DP, nah i reckon the latter games higher difficulty combat is what you make of it. which is to say that all the games are tedious when playing as a solider, annoying but fun when playing as, say, a Vanguard (glass cannon anyone?), and actually really fun when playing as an infiltrator. for me anyway. Sentinels, like soliders, kind of suck. adepts and engineers i'm not really sure about tbh but i like mucking around with them on multiplayer.
  21. An Insanity run sounds like a good idea actually... besides ME1 where anything above 'Veteran' is frankly tedious. Let's face it, combat in the first one sucked
  22. How much reputation do you need to get this outcome? I thought i had enough, but then when i Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) decided to upload the reaper tech to the Geth, i didn't have the 'rally the fleet' option. So i decided to upload anyway, hoping the Quarians would hold out. Obviously they didn't and i had to watch the quarian fleet fall to earth as flaming debris and then watch Tali throw herself off a cliff when i missed a paragon interrupt because i took a drink of wine at a bad time, would rather avoid a repeat of this
  23. Hah, speak for yourself, if I had any choice in the matter (essays ) I would totally be diving in for my second playthrough right now and righting the wrongs I made before. In fact, screw the essays I might just do that anyway And briefly, I thought James was O.K., if a bit annoying sometimes. Like others, I would rather have had someone else from the previous games but i can understand why they left them out given that Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) most of the ME2 party members die grisly deaths. Would have quite liked to have had Legion back though.
  24. OK, one simple but fairly important (i think) point: (not sure if spoilers are necessary, but better safe than sorry) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) how the festering **** are they meant to a(explain the Reapers whilst b) tying up all the loose ends and still c) keep everyone happy. I mean, seriously? The ending could have been better, fine. But to tie up such an enormous story, it does a job.
  25. OK I finished. And... I have no idea what to think. Maybe I'm just a bit drunk, but I kind of like the endings, even if Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) there's no happy ending, no house on a rebuilt Thessia and dozens of little blue children. Instead we get some meta stuff that, frankly, is right up my boulevard normally, but I did not expect. Personally I forwent the synthesis option - sounds sketchy in the extreme to me. I went for just destroying the ****ers. A blank slate, with no Reapers for god knows how long sounds just fine to me, and is what everyone was fighting for. The other ones are too out there to be anything I would choose. For this Shepard anyway (and regardless of the fact that the endings make little difference in terms of what we know happens). In hindsight it was really always the case that Shepard wasn't going to live, and I confess to liking the pretty much complete stop to the story, even if it does mean a thousand smaller stories that are left unfinished. I guess what I'm trying to say is that drinking wine greatly improves the ending.
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