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  1. I'm a little worried about the snipit on the official website, stating that the SA isn't proficient in lightsaber combat, and doesn't need to be because of his force powers. Its looks like instead of trying to improve the lightsaber combat in the game, they are going to make excuses for why you don't need to use it.
  2. It would be a waste of time for the development team, an unneeded element that would take away resources from making the core game as perfect as it can possibly be. So, no.
  3. Hoods are almost as essential to star wars as lightsabers are.
  4. I actually considered that. I was thinking of something along the lines of not being able to put hoods up, if you are wearing a headgear that will be too much of a design problem. Like helmets with things sticking out of them or what not. Since masks technically pertain to the front of the face, hoods should still be able to go on top of the head without much effort. (graphically that is) For instance, Revan's mask would still be able to have a hood put over it. So the option remains available While something like Fett's helmet, which has pieces sticking out from the top, would disable the hood function nooww if only someone from the future design team will be smart enough to consider it.....
  5. Well everyone seems to agree that hoods are ideal... but I think they should add a different category to your equips. Armor = Jedi Robes (the stuff they wear under cloaks), suits, various armors and then a new category called Cloaks or something Cloaks = Jedi Cloaks (which include optional hoods), capes, other flowing things Of course cloaks wont do much for extra bonuses, they are just there to look cool. But this way, not just the jedis get the benefit of looking cool with cloaks and capes. Perhaps this may be more difficult to pixelate, for instance making the capes drape over each individual's shape (including armor shapes), instead of just making a generic shape and shrinking/enlarging it. but its not impossible, and if KOTOR 3 wants to focus on improving the old system, then this is a good place to start.
  6. I see alot of people naming off characters they wish to appear in KOTOR 3 as Jedi, such as Atton Rand Brianna Mical Bao-Dur Mira I really hope they don't all appear as Jedi in the game. It was nice that they gave the option of making almost everyone in KOTOR 2 a Jedi for all the Jedi lovers out there. But it kinda bothered me how easy it is for people to become Jedi in KOTOR 2. I mean, what ever happened to the years of dedicated training? And it seems like they threw the whole YOUNG padawan idea right out the window. Its a little dumb that every person you run into has the potential to be a Jedi at a late age. Especially considering the big deal they made about it with Revan and Vader; and with Revan and Exile, there was the exception that they were already trained as Jedi before. Now I understand that the Jedi had just survived a massive purge during KOTOR 2, and there will be a need to create a new council of Jedi. But that doesn't mean they should just grasp for any force sensitive character and make them an elite Jedi. That will just strip the uniqueness of the individual characters, and make the Jedi seem less exclusive than ever. I mean hey, if you can just pick up any scoundrel off the street and make them a Jedi, whats so great about the Jedi? Bindo, Bastila, Juhani, Visas, and possibly Brianna (She seemed to have previous training by Atris) are enough Jedi from the list of playable characters from the last games. And not all of those Jedi are council material considering their dabbles with the dark side IMO. KOTOR 3 should be able to muster up some new Jedi to fill the necessary roles. The established characters already have unique traits and qualities of their own, not everyone has to wield a light saber. Anyways, thoughts?
  7. I'm referring to the beginning of KOTOR 1, and the end of KOTOR 2... and I meant the character which is mostly driving the plot of the franchise. Not the character which each individual game spotlights. Revan was the main villain which began the events of KOTOR 1, and he was the hero which put an end to the crisis. Revan was largely responsible for the creation of the exile, "her" back story, and his actions were the catalyst for the exile's "re-"introduction to the plot and the force. Exile's villains were later debunked to be wannabes, and it was revealed that Revan had already discovered and is pursuing the true threat of the Sith. lastly, Revan and his escapades became the continuation goal at the end of the second game, to give the Exile a purpose... who's purpose is to do what? Follow Revan's footsteps? I'm not saying the focus character of the third KOTOR has to be Revan. But to not include Revan in a plot that is both created and largley centered around him would be idiotic. KOTOR 2 did a great job at building up the mystery of what happened to Revan, but before the franchise ends, they will have to conclude what has happened to Revan. and no, not in a lame datapad... That would be like Luke reading about Vader's death in a datapad he found after beating Sidius.
  8. Revan is KOTOR. Even KOTOR's plot began and ended with Revan. Taking Revan out now is like killing off Vader before watching the last three movies... It can go on, but who really cares?
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