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  1. I see... Well I'll just keep trying until it works. Its just strange because I made some maps before and the shaders worked normaly. And this time, I made two swords and neither of the shader worked, even If I told it to do strange stuff it still didnt worked. THanks anyway.
  2. I made this huge sword and I put a shader for a shiny reflection. Problem is, it wont show in-game. Here is what I put in it: models/weapons2/stormbringer/stormbringer { q3map_nolightmap q3map_onlyvertexlighting { map models/weapons2/stormbringer/stormbringer blendFunc add rgbGen indentify } { map models/weapons2/stormbringer/dark_env.jpg blendFunc blend rgbGen identify tcGen environment } } I made a pk3 for it and evrything. If I have a syntax error in my shader or something tell me please.(And if you tell me "Use the search button", well, its disabled and I didnt find anything yet.
  3. I'm working on some animation and I tested a few, works well. But I made a new animation for the BOTH_SPINATTAQUE6 (the 2 saber twirl(crouch+forward+att)). When I tested it ingame, it look like the skeleton was stuck and the animation was trying to unstuck itself (But all other animations I made was ok). Can some one tell me what could be the problem??? P.S: I'm using DRAGON,the ghoul2 animation tool
  4. Well, the vengence of the sith mod has a valey of the jedi part.
  5. Ok, I made a SP mod with a forced playermodel. I changed the newgame.menu and newgame_first.menu so it loads my model and skin. When i do a new game, vry thing works but if I load it. My model has no skin(GRAY WHITE LINES) Any one can tell me what did I forgot????
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