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    I'm Trish, I'm a huge kotor fan so I joined here to chat with other kotor fans
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    Star wars and horror movies
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  1. hey this is probably a question tons of people can answer but i have having trouble getting influence with mira, i am playing light sided, can anyone give me some pointers as to how to gain influence with her thanks
  2. I have been playing kotor 1 on my 360 and the audio is very spotty and doesn't always match up with the video during the cut scenes, it is glitchy when they talk and its very annoying, does anyone else have this problem? is there anything i can do? Edit: anyone?
  3. lets not forget, this would be the final, the last kotor game most like,y at the end i'd like to see lots of our former characters, or perhaps right at the start of the game u are with a former character and they die quickly, like how trask did, but as people in ur party i'd only be for bringing back HK-47, T3 and perhaps another 1 or 2 people we have had before, after that, everyone should be new
  4. i dont like the starting out so young idea
  5. Coruscant would be a great one to see, I would like to bring back Dantooine, I always thought of it as like a home base, I'd like to see them bring back 1 other planet we have been to before, but not korriban, actually that was me least favorite planet in kotor 1 and 2. The rest should all be new, but i'd like to see alot of content, lots of planets
  6. I think that HK-47 and T3 should definitly be there, I am for bring back maybe 2 other NPCs but the rest need to be new, this game needs to continue to be creative and not just be a rehashment of the first 2. I see all these people saying the party should be HK-47, T3, Bastila, Visas, Jolee, Reven, The Exile, etc etc, you can't have a party full of jedi, thats silly, maybe u can build someone up to be a jedi like in kotor 2 but alot of these are just silly.
  7. I thought I saw a mod that gives u all the partss u need for HK-47 but i cannot seem to find it, does anyone have one? Also I'd prefer it if it didn't have tons of other things in it, i just thought it was a crate or something in the ebon hawk anyone?
  8. i'm not very good at modding, if it isn't to difficult could someone make a mode that will give HK-47 or Go-To a puppet? I'd like HK-47 to have another HK series droid with him which is has some decent weapons to help out in a fight and Go-To to havw aomw type of battle droid follow him around, this would also spice up Go-To a bit if he had a droid with him that could do something in a fight, can anyone do this? I know the possibility of a new mod is very exciting, but please be patient and avoid bumping threads. Some of the modders don't visit the forum every day, but if someone is interested and it's possible to do the mod, they will be sure to respond. Thanks for understanding, Jae
  9. what i would personally like to see is the return of HK-47 and T3, they are both fan favorites and have sorta become classic to the series, but overall i think very few return characters is best, maybe 1 characters from the first and 1 from the second game but make the rest new however one person i would like to see be in your party is a character from the 1st or 2nd game but a more minor one like zheron (if thats how you spell it) or something like that the rest make it all new
  10. i just started up a game as a jedi sentinal and i have leveled up a few times and i dont see the option for an implant in the feats screen? so i cannot equip them? whats the deal?
  11. so, basically, what i'm wanting to do is get a lightsaber and get HK-47 up and going as quick as possible, would u recommend that right after telos i jump to dantooine and jus run to the gave quickly to grab some crystals and rescue jorran....then just head back to the **** and hit nar shaddaa?
  12. so then, theoratically, the quickest way to assemble HK-47 is after telos go to nar shaddaa and he should be up and running after that?
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