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  1. In case anyone's still interested for an alternative, I'm making available the source files (python 2.7 code) and a binary version for the translation tools we used for the greek translation of MI:SE (completed) and MI2:SE (translation is work in progress). The source files are in a git-hub repository here: https://github.com/ShadowNate/MISETranslator The most recent zipped package (with a binary executable) is here* (compressed with 7-zip; just un-zip to a folder and run the MISEDialogTranslate.exe): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8pmRRU8RZN7RVFjZklOdm4zcU0/edit The code is not as well written nor as organised as I'd like, but it does the job; well, at least it did for the greek translation I have used the PyQt4 v4.9.2 and Python Imaging Library (PIL) libraries for Python 2.7, so you'll need to install those if you want to edit the code and run it with python. The translation tools are aimed for the PC (Steam) versions of the MI:SE and MI2:SE (I haven't tested with the XBOX or other versions). Note that they are mostly intented for translation teams that need to extend the font files in order to add support for (multiple) non-latin characters of their native language, while maintaining the latin characters used in-game in the original English translation) The tools support the translation of the speech.info, uiText.info, *.hints.csv and credits.xml files. The French language texts in the original game will be replaced with the new translation. The main application (MISEDialogTranslate) is used to translate the dialogue text, ui text, hints and credits. From the "Tools" menu section you can launch the "Fonts Mod tool", that is used to extend the font files, and also the "Repacking tool", that can be used to recreate a valid .pak file containing the custom translation (in case you want to use that to ultimately create a binary patch). I have included some basic documentation in the readme.txt, though perhaps more details are required for the usage of some of the functionalities. *. For the creation of the binary, I have used pyinstaller 2.x . Although the executable contains no malware, some antivirus -for example Avast!, may display warnings such as "The file prevalance is low" and run the application in sandbox mode (if you have enabled this in avast!) until you verify that you want to "continue the execution". I don't know how I can prevent this from my side (any ideas are welcome), but in any case, since the source files are availble, you can skip running the executable and try the source files directly. The tools were tested in Windows 7. They should run in Linux distibutions too (at some point I had tested them in multiple Ubuntu installations -though not the most recent versions). The translation tool is provided as is, and is considered to be a beta version. As I said, it works fine for the purposes of the greek translation, and I have tried to facilitate the capability to use other encodings (the default is the greek: windows-1253), but I have not tested this. I intent to work on the code further so as to add some extra or missing functionalities, and organize it better, but I have no timeschedule for this and I have quite limited free time, so I make no promises.
  2. Hmm, I understand. For our translation project, I had coded a re-paker (command line tool in python) to create the monkey.pak file from all the extracted (and modified) files, so, that would probably have helped you with the lordtrilobite's dxt issue. It would require more steps than if you had lordtrilobite's dds files, but it should work. So basically the steps to get the modified dds to work on would be: 1) Extract all files from the original pak file using bgbennyboy's MISE Explorer 0.5 2) copy any modified files overwriting the originals 3) repack the files into a new pak 4) Extract the modified dds you need again with bgbennyboy's MISE Explorer I know that you have now probably finished your work, so that's no more of use to you, but pm me if you are interested in such a repaker. (it only works for SoMI:SE at the moment, not MI2:SE).
  3. Hi, OzzieMonkey. LordTrilobite has already released a patch with some of the background bugs fixed (see his signature link: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2671757&postcount=4 ). Are you working on top of his fixes?
  4. I'm probably a bit late here, but kudos on seeing this project through LogicDeLuxe! And thank you for doing this!
  5. Like I mentioned (years ago ), I finally found some time to work on some translation apps in python for the greek language i.e. a language that needs you to add new characters, (you can't get away with replacing "unused" characters from the existing in the png). My apps so far seem to work, however: a) I need to complete the translation to verify that no unexpected bugs show up. b) In their current version the apps are specific for the greek language (some things that should be configuration options in the gui are instead hardcoded), so there is additional work to be done for making the code more... generic.* c) They are tested for files of MI:SE (no attempt was made to test it/make it compatible with MI2:SE yet). Files that can be translated are the speech.info, uiText.info, monkey1.hints.csv and the *.credits.xml files. I know that there are other programs that already do (something like or exactly) this (like enz°'s), but I intend to finish the greek translation for MI:SE with mine. (also I never could get hold of enz°'s apps) *. Worst case scenario, if I'm not done by, say, next year's summer, I'll release the code and let someone else interested to make the proper adjustments for their language. Screenshot pics:
  6. Yes, I've used this tool BMRP that Hibernatus links to in his post here: http://www.abandonware-forums.org/showthread.php?20670-Images-Indy3-VGA-Indy3-Towns-Zak-Towns-Loom-Towns You can use it for rooms(backgrounds) and objects for export and import. The post states that the tool needs the BM HD PA files for a room background and the files OI OC PA for an object. My "technique" was: 1) extract all game files in a dumpingtmp folder by running scummrp: scummrp.exe -ogpd indy3vga . dumpingtmp/ 2) find the rooms/objects I wanted to change. e.g: Extract a room image: BMRP.EXE -d:dumpingtmp/LF_0064/RO/ e.g: Extract an object image: BMRP.EXE -d:dumpingtmp/LF_0079/RO/ -o:0851 3) After editing the extracted BMP image (make sure you kept the pallete intact) you have to repack it back: e.g for a room image BMRP.EXE -c:dumpingtmp/LF_0064/RO/ e.g for an object BMRP.EXE -c:dumpingtmp/LF_0079/RO/ -o:0851 4) repack the files into the game archived files: scummrp.exe -igpd indy3vga . dumpingtmp/ 5) I think you must reload your translation (if any) after this, because it gets reset by the repacking. Keep in mind that you should often take backups before you screw something and you are not able to fix it later on or find the cause of an error. This worked for me flawlessly for the greek translation of the VGA and FMTowns versions of Indy 3 (not EGA though). At least I don't remember any problems, since this was finished a few years ago.
  7. It's probably a silly idea, but wouldn't it be possible to mix some of Stan's sound files to produce the 4800 offer? e.g. the speech for the 5800 offer edited and mixed with a speech file where Stan uses the word "four" (if any) or perhaps alternatively the word "for". I guess the result would probably sound awkward though.
  8. Again, excellent work. Is Guybrush supposed to take the whole root? I always assumed that he grabbed a small part of it.
  9. Excellent I have been doing some successful tests with the current version, but of-course I'll wait for the final version to work on that. Many thanks!
  10. LogicDeLuxe, are we allowed to "transport" a fan-made localized version of the classic Monkey Island to your CD Talkie Edition? Credits would of-course be kept as they are, and our work would be released only as a binary patch for the resulting resource files MONKEY.000 and MONKEY.001, to be applied on top of your setup batch file.
  11. I just have to say this. LogicDeLuxe you rock! I tried your Talkie Version builder and it works amazingly (I have only tested it for a few screens so far, but I am certainly impressed)!
  12. Hi there Da_Duke2000,


    Sorry for the late reply, but I got no notication of your pm, and honestly I've just noticed it.

    I have read your post about the Forge sequel to Loom and I'm very excited by this idea. I really wish you all the best with the project!


    As for my project (the Loom remake), I had made some early work back then in Wintermute, but all of it is gone due to some foolishness of my own. Part of it was that I wasn't very happy with what I had coded/created and the other part was a series of bad luck.


    And then personal life and job got in the way.


    I still hope to restart the work hopefully in the near future, as I recently finished up with some serious obligations and now I have somewhat more free time. The ideas are there and from time to time I still work them in my mind.


    So, I'm sorry if I can't be of much help right now.

    Again, congratulation for your project!



  13. Great work LordTrilobyte LordTrilobite! edit: whoops
  14. The font used in normal dialogues should be MinisterT_bo_32, at least for the 1280x1024 resolution (I am not sure and have not checked if this changes with each resolution setting). The "b' in the name means bold, and the "o" means that each letter has a thin black contour. And no, you can't just add new chars in the font files by editing the .png files, albeit you can exchange an existing character (e.g the 'i') with another if you draw the new character exactly on top of the old, maintaining the old character's properties (height, width, etc). But if you intend to add support for a new alphabet, the best way should be to extend the characters supported by the game by modifying the .font files AND the .png files properly. I plan to write a special tool for this, but I have no spare time currently. Hopefully that will change soon.
  15. Based on jott's explanation here (refer to page 2 of this thread for the whole discussion), you 'll basically want to modify the mapping.txt file by adding lines to it. Mapping.txt has lines of the form: x=y The missing.txt file should direct you as to exactly what you should add to the mapping.txt file. For those lines that the "mkspeech" tool has trouble identifying the right mp3 sample by itself, the missing.txt should have a bunch of "Multiple hits for line ..." entries. Among those entries you pick the one with the right mp3 sample, and it will tell you exactly what you need to add to the mapping.txt file. Finally, you should run the mkspeech tool again, and the scummtr command to re-import the subtitles to the game files. (I have not tried any of the above. That's just my understanding of what needs to be done)
  16. From quick observation, only 20 bits seem to be used in this field. I don't know the exact method they use to calculate the value for this field, but if I had to guess -and if the assumption that this is a checksum is correct, I'd say they probably first convert the line (subcue) to lower case chars, remove any non-alphanumeric chars (including '.', '?','!', quotation marks etc) maybe even remove white spaces and then produce the checksum. So unless we can figure out this checksum function, it won't be possible to proceed with fansubbing. And keep in mind:the worst case scenario is that such a function could have been written to ignore any characters that don't belong to the english alphabet. Which is highly likely, 'cause when I translated some lines for the classic text, but kept names like "melee island", "guybrush threepwood" intact, the game actually used speech for these lines (speaking only these names). Which means it ignored everything else in the line and just did a lookup based on the checksum of the english words it found So, currently, the only way to change the text and keep the speech is the following: Keep the english text in the classic version and modify one of the available translations (excluding the english one, so e.g. change the french one) in the speech.info file. Then by selecting that translation (here the french one) you'll still have the classic version in english, but the new one will be in your language -font problems aside. I am also interested in writing tool to support a new translation (or porting a translation for the classic version to the new one). However, in my case this would also mean messing with and patching the font files if possible, to extend the charset.
  17. Do all subtitle lines have a constant display duration? Or is there a way to modify this duration per line, possibly through a modified version of scummtr, so that it would match the length of the corresponding speech sound?
  18. Wait, no, this is wrong. Espiox mentions in the op that he is working on the CD version of the game, and that one is exactly identical to the classic one used in the SE version. Edit: By the way, good luck with the project Espiox! From what I understand you are doing work similar to the Monkey Island Speech Project, so you could avoid much work if you got them to help you with issues they have already resolved. Also, I think jott is right. It would really help you, if you came up with a script or programm to do most of the work automatically for you, because the manual way sounds a little too time consuming.
  19. From what I could gather, the header before each "group of cues" entry in the speech.info file has the following fields. 4 bytes that are some kind of CRC or otherwise uniquely indexing a spoken line (in english). This means that the cues: "Guybrush Threepwood.", "Guybrush THREEPWOOD", "Guybrush Threepwood!" will all have the same value for this field, even though they are spoken from different characters, and have differences in pronounciation. I really have trouble understanding the reason for this field, but I bet that this is what causes problems with fansubs. 2 bytes that index the room where the cue is spoken 2 bytes that are some kind of index for the "interaction" where the cue is spoken (e.g. same value if guybrush interacts with the same object, same value throughout one conversation) 2 bytes that somehow index the cue within the conversation or the room -I am not sure. 2 bytes that incementally index a "subcue" (if any) within a single cue. Subcues are seperated by the escape sequence \255\003 in the original text. (value 00 for the first subcue, 01 for the second etc.) 2 bytes: that have the value 01 if the line is spoken by Guybrush, and 00 else. 2 bytes: of unknown purpose. They almost always seem to be 00, but there are cases where they have other value.
  20. I think this is one of the most important conversations to have in-game. It explains so many of the plot elements and Domino's end game. So, naturally, I am facing the same problem, and can't get Manny and Domino to talk. bujana, do you remember if you installed the 1.01 patch? Because I think that it was the patch that disabled this dialogue.
  21. Krasas

    Loom remake?

    Ok, I see. Thanks everyone for all the input! So since I am still in the beginning (and this project could take quite a while), I'll start off slow and show some progress updates from time to time. Hopefully, they'll shut me (or the team if any) down in the early stages of development, if ever The main ideas behind the remake is: 1. Improve and add some sound fx. Also improve music transitions and avoid annoying looping. 2. Keep the original dialogue from the EGA version -and NOT the CD version- intact. Some possible additions will be made but no modifications whatsoever. 3. Add an inventory system. Though, Bobbin would take and carry only two things (a Book of Patterns and a Weavers Chronicles book). 4. Add a "Book of Patterns" system, where Bobbin can easily recall drafts that he has learnt. 5. The Weaver's Chronicles book would have passages from the audio drama (written by Clothos) that will play out as flashback cutscenes while Bobbin choses to read them. Some additional flashbacks will be played during the course of the game (e.g. Cygna's transceding will not be played until later in the game when Bobbin learns the truth about his mother). 6. The locations will probably be from the VGA version or better. I have not made up my mind about this. I'd like to make character models in 3d, but this also is not final. 7. No speech. I suppose there will be some provision for speech addition (by fans), but this won't be a task for the core remake team. 8. Some of the drafts will affect more items. A new draft might be added. And... that's about it. I think it's quite an optimistic task. (maybe insane). And I expect it to take a lot of time to complete.
  22. Krasas

    Loom remake?

    I have two questions that might correlate. 1. Has "Loom" been officially declared abandonware? 2. Can a fan (me) or a fan group attempt a remake of the Loom (based on and re-using much of the original's content) (and possibly using some free engine like AGS or Wintermute)? I have some rough ideas about a remake, being totally faithful to the original ega floppy version (which I own), but I'd like to know if I'm legally allowed to do it, before pursuing it. Thank you,
  23. Hello. I am new in this forum and I realize it's kind of late for what I will be asking, but I'll try it anyway I am part of a team that is currently working on a greek translation of Grim Fandango (subtitles only, not speeches). Going through the game (patched with the 1.01 patch) in order to verify the translation I found certain bugs. Most noteable are: 1. In year 3 Manny can no longer talk to Domino in his office. There was a lengthy conversation there, were motives and evil plots were revealed. 2. Some speeches do not show subtitles. This happens (as far as I can tell) with Glottis speech in the game finale and at the Octupus ride in Year 3 when he talks to Manny... The subtitles are however in the Grim.tab file for both these occasions. Actually in the Grim.tab file the structure is somewhat confusing, since there are subtitles that are repeated (mostly subtitles from cutscenes) and some subtitles/whole conversations that never take place in-game. So my questions are: - Is there a way to bring back these dialogues and add the missing subtitles by messing with the .lua files? And if so, - Is it possible to recompile them (the lua scripts) and make them work in-game? Thank you in advance!
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