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    Well i do game modding, 3d animation, and lots of other stuff.
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    Computers , 3D Animation, Game Modding , Emulation...
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    I work at GuildPlot.com
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    Google Chrome
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    Knights of The Old Republic I
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  1. Awesome! If I can get this TPC format figured out it will really help my app. Currently i have to export them from the game files into a temp folder. Then run them through tpc2tga.exe. Then read the tga in the temp folder. Load it into memory and convert it to a bitmap... This would cut out the tpc2tga part an allow me to keep the whole process in memory which is how I would prefer to do it. I'm sure there are other things I could learn from it as well. We should definitely throw this up on github as well to future-proof access to the code.
  2. Does anyone still have access to Kotor Tool's source? The links in the opening post are dead and I'm looking for information on decompiling Kotor's TPC format.
  3. No I just have not had the time to pursue the project further at the moment. Though I am anxious to resume work on it. :D

  4. Did you abandon you're playable visions mod?

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