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  1. no progress. I had to take a break, i was literally starting to develope a bald spot. I'll keep trying later. I jsut got a new monitor, maybe that'll help (not >.>)
  2. your gonna need Virtual PC, Kotor Tool for PC, a copy of Windows Vista and, sadly, a PC copy of the kotor game. Thats the only way i can rig it to work on my ocmputer, but i dont have the game yet
  3. Mac supports both CAD and CAM, I have a CAM program and getting a CAD program. Prolly better on Macs, seeing as how their built for that kinda stuff ^^
  4. i thought I'd go ahead and post the article I wrote for a newsletter at NFZ (yes, I am an amateur journalist, heheh). I go by the name of Cloud. there (ya, the period was a typo but it lived on) and Ryoku is the head editor, that's why he posted it there. Here's the original post: http://z14.invisionfree.com/Naruto_FlamingZero/index.php?showtopic=6776 And now for the good stuff: -------------------------------- The “Wow” starts now? Yeah, and the Zune was supposed to release the death grip that iPod had on the MP3 market! All in all, windows Vista is a good O.S., pretty easy to use and visually stunning. But I’m sorry Bill, the “Wow” started when O.S. X came out. Vista is merely a mock-up. Not that it’s anything bad, but get your timing right next time Microsoft. Now, where exactly does Vista stand? Windows 95 was a step forward and Windows ME was a step backwards, Vista is in the middle. For now let’s say Vista is a “medium-size stride in the right direction.” says PC World. How does Windows Vista stack up against the most recent Apple OS? In the 2005 World Class Awards, Apple’s OS X 10.4, “Tiger”, was named the third best product of the year. Windows XP wasn’t even named. Vista somewhat builds an uncompleted bridge between the operating systems that hail from Redmond and Cupertino. One of the reasons is a new feature on Vista called Gadgets (the Windows form of Widgets) to delicate the 3D effects like a spinning cube for switching users, which Tiger already had. Leopard, Apple’s newest OS, puts Vista a few step backwards than planned. For instance, Leopard’s Time Machine continuous-backup utility is superior to Vista’s Backup, System Restore and Previous version of data-recovery features. Do the 3D graphical displays take away from game play? Yes, as a matter of fact, they do. Since these features are built into the OS, the graphics card and processor will always be working on them, even when not being used. This means you may have to buy a more expensive graphics card than you thought you would just to play Halo 2. The day before Vista was released, Microsoft introduced a service pack for it. This has given many people some rather gloomy views on Vista. Two things could be the reason. Bugs were found before release, and they quickly mopped them up. But this means that they may have missed some. The other view that’s possible is the fact there are no bugs, merely they didn’t finish and there is more to come.
  5. its possible, but that may include an overhaul of someones time remodeling the robes jsut for him, and that might be a lil hard.
  6. i like the idea that clone troopers are on the sith side, but I doubt Carth should be jango, or else he would be a sith as well. Wouldn't make sense. I'd like to see this made though, would be interesting
  7. The original is RedHawkes, still waiting for permission. I hope its ok cus i spent a crapload of time on this.
  8. Ok, so its kinda like what I did with the iridorian armour. I need someone to take this skin I've made and make it an armour selection (sadly its only for Male NPCs). Here are some screenies (i ported the skin to a different mod, but I want it to be my own mod) Total Time Spent skinning : 42.5 hours
  9. http://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/xclone_0101/kotor_mods.htm Towards the bottom, it's called For the Ladies
  10. hope the title caught your attention. You know how the new Ord Mandell is now not an exe? Tahts great and all buuuuuuuuutt........ i cant open 7z's, in fact i've never even seen a 7z before. think you could wrap all the ord mandell stuff that in the mod in a nice rar or zip?
  11. K1, since its for every platform....... aspyr needs to quit being lazy and convert TSL to mac already1!!!!!!!!
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