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  1. I don't have the money for it, I have a mp3 and a cell phone already anyways. Cool, but unnecessary.
  2. Impressive...takes some dedication to get star wars symbols permanently engraved on your body. The question wont be are you happy now, but will you be 10 years down the road?
  3. No. Medieval 2, GW, WOW, take up plenty of time. Beaten KOTOR too much anyways.
  4. I have a hard time thinking of these because usually I end up unconscious when im doing something stupid and don't remember anything. However. Testing to see if a new paintball gun worked to expectations was stupid. Now that in itself isn't stupid, it's the fact that I tested on myself. With my solar plexus. Another one was when some friends and I invented trampoline wrestling. No holds barred, totally unprotected greco-roman wrestling on a bouncy trampoline. Being the paragon of manliness I am I bounced/threw a friend off during a match clean into his fence. I felt like a Spartan after that feat, even though it knocked the air/consciousness out of my friend.
  5. Bah, I've been playing WC3 a lot lately and apparently "Build More Farms/Burrows" mixed up with the Pylon message. Then again, I haven't played any game without totally borked sound in ~6 months, so I don't even know if that's how it goes :*(. I really need to get unlazy and fix my sound.
  6. I'll need your help boycotting them if it is. If we fail then it's suicide by hara kiri.
  7. I'm buying three copies of SC2 just in case some freak accident happens that ruins my other two. I'll never be denied Starcraft. BUILD MORE PYLONS
  8. Congrats, enjoy your new home
  9. Ooh, ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-yeah! Congratulations
  10. They're both great, the first one especially. Keep up the great work
  11. Happy mothers day to all mothers (and grandmothers)
  12. I think you could manageably add an additional ten hours to the current length and not force it to drag on.
  13. The criminal who tried to rob the gun store and ran smack into several people carrying concealed weapon liscenses, as well as a fully armed cashier. Edit: spelling and link (http://www.snopes.com/crime/dumdum/gunshop.asp)
  14. Would hate to get caught in that one . I think he's at least entitled to something. A diagnosis of death is not something to be taken lightly, condisering how easily it can influence people. Edit: Sabre, I decided to take the moral high route of sympathy or whatever... ...but you are 100% correct
  15. We have a second house about eight miles North/Northeast of Bayfield, equidistant from Durango and Pegosa Springs. I'm going up there because flyfishing season is starting soon once the swollen rivers drop a little (mega runoff, can't wade those unless you want to be sucked away) and we'll do some mountain dirtbiking. Next weekend is the last weekend we can do any dirtbiking/quadding down here in Arizona 'cause it's going to be too damn hot. Up there in your mountains it's nice. I'm in Arizona sizzling like some meat on the grill. Prison compared to the more temperate northern climates
  16. May 23rd, counting down the days. Off to Colorado once I get out.
  17. Playing both GW and WOW. I quit WoW for a long time, friend recently got me back into it. I'm still pissed at him because I don't like knowing that my life is being sucked away, and yet being able to do nothing about it because...well...I have WoW. I still mess around with my GW characters though.
  18. Epic. That was awesome, inspires me to go dig out all my action figures.
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