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  1. a online game of polis massa, there was like 2 reinforcements of mine left and I held down a room with the CP in it for like a long time and eneded up wining, even though they had like 25 guys left.
  2. Just started a new file, and mine is now 22.65
  3. Just be a regular trooper until the wall thing opens, then get in the tank and lay out the law.
  4. 2:Gunslinger. Level:Space Side:any Just go into the engine room and shoot th etwo auto turrets, then you can either wait, soo they respawn or you can go kill pilot dorids. You get kills for killing the auto turrets.
  5. I snipe all the time, its pretty easy. I Like the ps2 feel the most, although the graphics aren't anything compared to xbox's
  6. I said you could drive up to the one over cp 2, if thats the one you were talking about.
  7. On coruscant, in the room with the giant wall sized green archives/computer databeses, there is always atleast on jedi in the wall and I can't kill him but he can kill me and has a ridicolous reach. Anyone know how to get by him without having to go around another row?
  8. I dont know how many of you know about these but you see those platform, one is over CP 2 and the other is in the water, and the aren't attached to anything. well, ill tell you how to get to them. (only possible as Dark trooper of jettrooper and you NEED the precision pistol!!)) Spawn at cp 3, go to the top of the ramp and face the platforms. Jet up to platform, switch to pistol and zoom in. The zoom isn't to hot but no one will hit you and you will be able to hit them.. it shoulnd't be hard. for the one above cp 2, get in a speeder bike as a scout trooper and zoom up the tree onto the bridge or be a jet/dark trooper and jump on the big rocks at the base of the tree and then jetpack up and start pistol sniping away! hope this help some people.
  9. i want to make a new file, but then i would lose all my awards and id have to start from scrath, then again, its not as fun with all the awards. mine is now 9.87.
  10. in polis massa, be droids and go outside, you are able to stay alive... (WTF???) or just jump on the vehicles and slices or just run behind them. Give you engineer a good work out.
  11. darth maull. but out of those, Ki Adi Mundi, he has an awesome head so i use him most for the heroes.
  12. 8.25 but all i do is go for medals, if im doing demolition, i dont even fight back so i end up dying a lot. and when i started, i was new to the ps2 shooting games so i would die like 8 times kill like 4. it was sad. My friend is like 18, because he started a new profile without the begginers problem of more deaths than kills.
  13. I personally dont mind that it is just for a PSP. All of the revies for battlefront 2 on psp were crappy so I think they were trying to make amends to the PSP lovers out there. This is basically a patch up for the PSP so that they will stay hooked until BF 3 finally comes out. thats my 2 cents.
  14. I play elite mode and find the enemy soldiers to easy. And I don't know how to get it so that the enemy can play as a jedi. How can you get it so the enemy plays as a jedi.
  15. On Polis Massa, be the CIS and while being an Engineer droid, go outside, don't worry, you won't die of air loss. Then fusion cut on of their tanks and blast the clones that get 'ejected' with your shot gun. The fact that they are quickly suffocating eases your slaughter of them. You will get technician awards for the slice. And then run into their CP tank hangar place and mow their clones down with your shotgun, basically suiciding yourself, but hopefully getting enough kills for 'Regulator' or w/e the shotgun award is. Then respawn and do it again.
  16. Maul is the best. Chebacca is the best shooter in my opinion. Time bomb and sniper bowcaster.
  17. yeah... How do you? It may be easily discovered yet i can't find it.
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