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  1. all the located info you need is in cgame under the name //[MovieSabers] if im wrong on the name look for cg_moviesaberinfo, but what i know MB2 don't use this code as there never was a cvar for this, it could be comment out in the code but this is what i can help out with
  2. do you compile the code you self or is this just a downloaded version of OJP ?
  3. or simply port OJP to OJK instead been having this idea for some days now
  4. i could need some help for a menu to a jka mod.. if some in here can do some nice whit makng menus and so on plz pm me.. hope to hear form some one as i realy need it
  5. I put in my gamedata folder
  6. Hi guys i need help here :? i have tro you mod out the last one whit a friend.. the problem is that he get a invalid game folder error when he try to connect to my server.. what can the problem be ?
  7. i think i have try to get that source site.. im not sure if im right but i was login in to a place and it say in you ojp source manaul that i should login in after opjediproject as login and pass but i could not get in there... maybe im wrong whit it im not sure or else post a site i can find it plz
  8. OKay ty m8 i'll will try to found hopw it works or see if i can get any help from some one who can help me whit it
  9. okay so you say that the way i move the saber like i did you know when i use the block butten and i can move the saber like i want to.. is that the animation or is that the codeing i need to make? i ask so i just understand it right
  10. i see you point in what you are saying here the first thing we like to have up first is the saber system so we have somthing to work on
  11. nice movie But im not sure if it is the sfx saber you are talking about, im try to upload a video so you can see what i mean but is a bot im fight whit so it might be hard to see what i mean.. I like the saber system as the way i can move the saber, and use a block butten to defend my self whit my saber.. but what i like to have to, is when i hold both left and right butten down that i defend whit it to as we not do in Mb2.. do you understand what i mean now ? i hope or else when my upload is donw i post it in here so you can see it http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1108570634249752437 as you see i move the saber in a mom to sure you what i mean to the left and to the right down and and up.. i like to could do hat whit me saber system but also so but block in to it so i can block in all ways i like to do to make it look more realistic if you knwo what i mean...
  12. Hello all.. me and a friend is looking for some cool coders who are in for help me and my team whit some codeing for our mod... SOme info what we lake to make.. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy «Combat Evolved» Modification Development Guidelines v1.1 (2007-02-08) I. Concept The following document describes basic features of the modification «Combat Evolved» for Jedi Academy. The mod attempts to improve especially movement and combat significantly. Exaggerated jumping and slashing, say unrealistic movement, basically ruins the combat experience in Jedi Academy as we know it from the Star Wars movies. «Combat Evolved» rules off this unaesthetic kind of fighting and introduces a system based on a 360-degree view and two-dimensional movement in duels. II. Basic Movement Ideas Two-dimensional movement does not mean to move only forward, backward, up and down. It rather means to limit movement to the side by abstracting it to slow sidesteps. Striving for realism, it is furthermore essential for a great duel experience to wipe out overstated jumping as seen in the JK series and cut it down to the bone. There will be no jumping to the side and no nonsense jumping over a specific height. In FFA, players will use the free mouse look to set a direction and W / S to move there. III. Sword fighting By introducing sidesteps triggered by pressing A or D twice, it becomes possible to use these buttons to direct the sword to the left and the right while moving forward or backward and to block accordingly. Yes, blocking will (of course) be manual. There will be no automatic blocking. But let’s get into the details: There will be four means of combat in «Combat Evolved»: Melee, evading, attacking and blocking. Melee: Players will be able to perform fundamental punches, kicks and throws while the saber remains activated to make blocking possible. Throws require extremely precise timing and can be used to counteract melee and sword attacks. Evading: Avoid being hit by anything and everything through ducking and jumping. Jumps are divided into a normal leap and one enhanced by the Force to jump over the enemy. Attacking while ducking will not be possible. Attacking: «Combat Evolved» provides classic body target zones (1 - head, 2 - left arm, 3 - right arm, 4 - back, 5 - left leg, 6 - right leg). There will be two forms of attacking with a lightsaber: Shii-Cho: The first form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat is wild, raw, and deadly, requiring much emotional heat. The Shii-Cho practitioner moves step by step and performs single strong hits. Form I enables the player to block every slash easily, but also leaves them unprotected after striking into space. Makashi: The second form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat relies on timing, accuracy, and skill, rather than strength. It offers fast footwork and a quick, fluent and elegant fighting style. Blocking is difficult because it requires very accurate timing. Switching the combat form during the game will not be possible. Combos for both styles are taken into consideration. Initially further forms (III – VII) will not be included, because Shii-Cho and Makashi are wonderfully controversial and sum up the other forms. Blocking: To block a lightsaber attack, it is necessary to switch into the blocking mode (e.g. right mouse button) and move the saber into the attack’s direction using W, A, S and D. An attack from the right can only be blocked by blocking to the right and so on. All attacks aiming at the body target zones 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 can be blocked using both Shii-Cho and Makashi. IV. Overall Enhancements Of course game mechanics, menus, graphics and sounds will be tweaked as well as minor issues. Mechanics: There will be one hit kills. If you don’t block an attack and get hit by your opponent’s sword you will die. Full stop. According to the body target zone that was being hit you will lose an arm, a leg or your head. If you are being hit slightly, you will lose an immense amount of health points and start vanishing, say losing health points constantly. Possibly there will be longer sword contacts as we know them from the movies if you block a very strong Shii-Cho attack. Graphics: Lightsabers will not have trails. All models and levels are extremely detailed. Animations are much more realistic, introducing vivid opening and ground stances for both Shii-Cho and Makashi. There will be no blood or anything similar. Effects of colliding swords are not as over-exaggerated as in JA. Sound: Unlike JA, «Combat Evolved» will make the lightsaber whir continuously. All sounds will fit to the movements the player performs with the lightsaber and be taken directly from the movies. Hope to here from you
  13. Ty for the info therer I have try you 0.0.9 version it is a awesome mod but i like the way i can move the saber in mb2 so as i ask becours is that the animaston they have use to set it liek that or is it the code's they have but in to make the saber move like that ? can you plz post link to where you have make a list of how to make the saber system source right ? i got errors when i try to set it in right
  14. Is this the same saber code they use to Mb2 ? i like to know how that works.. have the make it manual in the code to do does movement or is that in the animasion?
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