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  1. This is awesome! I come back after a few months away to check on my favourite scam and its all released. All 1gb of original game material and 300mb of viruses! Unfortunately every single little follower now has a computer transmitting login details, websites or something similar to Tim no doubts. If its not affecting peoples computer's directly but disables the firewall its something silent but deadly. Tim has indeed created a cult. A cult of people who are too blind to turn away the mod and so will have his files adulterating all sorts of stuff on their computer. You gotta hand it to him.
  2. I dont think someone with an attitude like Tim's is worried about embarassment when the donations keep trickling in and as he proberably aint using his real name his friends wont even know its him. Aint the Internet a great thing!
  3. ...and he said it would be released in march and in 2006 several times. It aint gonna be released.
  4. I wouldn't say the donations are illegal as they are donations and so are not linked to the project legally. People get around drink license and the such by asking for donations for drinks to cover costs at events. I do agree that it is dispicable though.
  5. I would agree if he wasn't taking loads of donations. If he's just ironing out bugs he shouldn't need donations so he really should put up an anouncement that he will no longer be taking donations as he doesn't need them. If he's serious about modding (which from his trailers it looks like he could be if he wanted to be - although I seriously question how much strain he puts on the game engine with that many npcs) he would never have taken a whole year doing bug fixes.
  6. Seige could have been developed more but the really cool things that could have happened (like huge battles of bots with the players playing as heros - Geonosis ) couldn't happen because the engine lags badly after so many npcs. I recon an advancement of JKA (like JK4) should make it easier to play in large arenas like in battlefront. A combination of JKA saber and gun controls with battlefront map sizes...
  7. Other - Knights of the Force is a scam. I can't catergorise it as a hoax because 'Tim' has taken loads of money from people as donations for KOTF and it is never coming out. A hoax sounds more like something that was a silly joke not a scam where he takes money from people for nothing. Its also illegal in the code hacking department. I continue to campaign that threads like this shouldn't be started and talk of KOTF should be banned.
  8. This is true but who wants flies in your honey? To be honest if people are fickle enough to run to religion just because they dont like the publicity of atheism who are they really cheating? In the end I see religion as more like honey - who knows how it was made and where it came from but it looks sweet and nice until you get stuck and you cant get out of it. Surely people choose what they want to believe in and aren't swayed by how a religion is though of. Religions or atheism isn't just about attracting 'fans' as a football club would but about showing a belief and trying to make people better.
  9. What is "it"? Also what is your point of argument? Are you arguing against theism, atheism or for theism or atheism? You have been arguing for quite a while with random directions in your agument. Try padding out your posts with points not just opinions. Sos if this seems a bit harsh but the thread was really breaking down into random arguments about almost nothing.
  10. We proberably think the same thing but from different points of view. I think you're saying the game is good for what it is - that the saber combat is good - and i'm saying that the storyline is a bit boring although the game has a good engine. I dont play multiplayer much so i surpose that's why I think this. One point about the saber combat is that it has become easier by the introduction of special moves. JO didn't have the moves but promoted skills by timing and some people think that the earlier Jedi Knight games are better for the skill needed in them.
  11. Is it just me or did I say nothing about hating religion. I specifically said that I just live my life as it comes and avoid people who are total nutters. I really dont care what religion people believe in so long as they dont come to me telling me I'm going to hell and I'm a bad person when they dont even know me. Live and let live. Also if I hear one more person say "hearts and minds" I might saw my head off with a rusty pen. I have no power over anyone - I can't win hearts and minds. The way for politicians and armies to win "hearts and minds" is to make life better for them - a thing that hasn't happened in Iraq.
  12. All games need a story. Halo for an example is great not just because of the gameplay but because of the storyline. If it was just a normal shooter people would stop before they had to buy a whole new console. A story is essential as it makes the game enjoyable and so makes it sell making the designer money. Win win. The only reason JA sold is coz the rest of the Jedi Knight series had such good storylines. Yes the saber fighting was amazing but lasted all of a month before wearing off on me. Plus what were the designers doing after they'd made the engine.
  13. Because all religions are created by people and follow the basic instincts of people to explain all sorts of stuff they cant explain. With the advancement of science more and more people see no need for these questions to be answered. Like it or not religions are all man made and have little if no input from their God.
  14. I'm curious. Secular people's opinion of people who are opposed to religion is that they are opinionated. Theists believe they are opinionated. Extremists believe all secular people are immoral and nothing will change that. You can't win, people either think you're good or bad and most people will get to know you before they decide. I've always thought that if someone judges you before getting to know you they aren't worth knowing. What is the point your trying to make?
  15. Surely anyone can believe in any God in anyway they seem fit!?
  16. You haven't followed the argument. From the definition of atheism everone is born atheist - they have no knowledge of God - as atheism is simply the absence of a belief in God then they are atheist. As brainwashing is imposing beliefs on a person that goes against their prior knowledge then religious people have to brainwash. I copied this from another thread I was posting in coz it was virtually identical topic the immoral bit isn't relevant. I have no idea where you got that idea from. The links on this thread are crazy and i'd never back any of them up.
  17. Not if there was a good hook to the chase - like you decided where you were looking for tavion or you had several levels trying to stop tavion from reaching Korriban in space battles and boarding. My main problem is you were taken from the pen-ultimate level and then ten minutes later you had killed tavion. You needed more chasing in the end levels not just a message from Luke saying "get here tavion is attacking". I agree in wandering around the temple but building in training would be hard as the whole point of the game is you are supposed to practise your controls to become good with your sabre. I didn't like the level choice as I thought it was a bit silly that you chose and you weren't told to do levels by luke or kyle. Surely you would be sent on the most urgent mission I recon having more diplomacy would have been good. After all part of the jedi training is to solve problems with words. The missions should have been open ended in how to solve them so you could use violence or talking. You could also have more of an option to go to a certain planet even if it wasn't part of your story line - a bit like obi wan goes looking for kamino even though he doesn't know theres the clones there - bit more like detecting. I agree though it wasn't bulked out enough from JO and once i'd played through the game as a blur of sabre flashes I never went back to a level... ...oh except the swoop bike level which was fun for a while. But I can still play the atst level in Outcast, the yavin final level, the bespin level etc
  18. No. Saying something is a lie is implying that they know the truth. An untruth is more general as it is just something that isn't true. Of all the beliefs of a religion at least one must be wrong and so is an untruth, even though they do not know it is wrong. They aren't representing a nonbelief of God but are representing a belief that no God's exist. There is a subtle difference between passively believing that there isn't a deity and actively believing that no God's exist. If you passively think this then you have decided, for whatever reason, that God's cannot exist. You do not run you're life by this concept, much like the young child has no idea of God and so cannot run their life by this concept. If you actively think this then you try to bring religion down and pick holes in it at whatever oppertunity. You would treat people who are religious as stupid because they believe in something they think is blatently stupid.
  19. Sos that was a bit out of order. My point should have been that atheism doesn't inherrently spread untruths about things by itself. Theism does, whether deliberate and malicious or accidental and through honest belief in a system. However small the untruth is there will be one in each religion (there just will be) and unfortunately this divides the world into religions (plus secularism). These divides are the major problems in the 21st century. Whereas when cultures first met there was the problem of racism dividing people, now religion divides people.
  20. All people are born atheists as they do not believe in deities - they have had no exposure to the idea of a God or Gods. From this we can show that most religions are infact brainwashing as most religions at first exposure tell a child to start believing in a deity and so tell them to stop believing in their belief and start believing in the religions. RELIGION = BRAINWASHING
  21. Two facts: Many atheists think religion is brainwashing. Many religious people think atheists are immoral. From these sources we can deduce two things. Firstly that all people are born atheists as they do not believe in deities - they have had no exposure to the idea of a God or Gods. From this we can show that most religions are infact brainwashing as most religions at first exposure tell a child to start believing in a deity and so tell them to stop believing in their belief and start believing in the religions. We can also deduce that atheists aren't immoral as the belief in atheism is simply the absence of a belief in deities and so has no impact on how immoral the individual is - this comes from other life experiences. From this I can conclude that atheists aren't immoral beings. Also I can conclude that religious people are stereotypical, brainwashing liars.
  22. JO was so immersing because it had one complete mission built into the story. Its a bit like the SW films; they show the most memorable parts of what is a very long story. Much like the life of a Jedi wouldn't all be battling Sith and duelling JA shows many different missions that aren't all related. JO is only a short part of Kyle's life and centers around chasing Desaan and the final battle with Desaan. All the sub plots in JA just made the game feel like you were living a normal, boring life and then at the end you fought a battle. There is no urgency to the earlier levels and they feel like a warm up for the last level, which, in truth, should be a story of eight or so levels chasing tavion around the galaxy. This would add some drama to the game. I feel a mod coming on...
  23. Dark power can never be true, it is made from lies. Lies can never last, they will destroy themselves. Through destroying themselves they meet death. In death darkness can never find union with the force. Without union with the force darkness can never be powerful. Without power darkness is nothing. Therefore light is the only truth and power.
  24. No it doesn't put the big CHEATED sign on nor do you need the mod but it is pretty clumsy as you need to drop down the console (SHIFT+¬). Then you type "helpusobi 1" to enable cheats, then "sabercolor [1-2] [colour1] [colour2]". The colour is red and the two colours are for dual sabers. The 1-2 is choosing which saber is affected by the colour change. This gives you a saber but is pretty clumsy. If you want to start with another colour saber and then pick up a new saber when you meet the sith then bring down the console and type "helpusobi 1" to enable cheats and then type "g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers 1" as this will enable picking up other people's sabers. To get a saber selectable from the new game menu download the mod from above and put the pk3 file in the data folder. If it stil doesnt work you need to rename it with a z at the beginning so that it is unpacked last - the packs are unpacked in alphabetical order.
  25. Actually with the mod from the link above you can. So yes but only with the mod.
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