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  1. You mean the one on the left? The one on the right I can't see his face at all but the one on the left I'd say his face definently looks like Revan's mask. Revan and the Exile perhaps? Now that would be an awesome little cameo.
  2. Gonna play as Jedi first, then Bounty Hunter, and finally Sith.
  3. That's only for PvP realms though, I think. In WoW, I was in a PvE realm and I had multiple Alliance and Horde characters all in the same realm.
  4. I think they will hold up, I think withdrawing from the cities is a good step towards finally pulling all U.S. soldiers from Iraq, although it may still take alot more time.
  5. From watching the E3 gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AevmEGsZH7E.
  6. At least TOR's combat is substantially better than Galaxies', its combat imo is straight crap lol.
  7. The most awesome trailer I have ever seen. I just wish bioware would give us a dang release date for the game now.
  8. Yea, that always did piss me off
  9. Same, I had no idea that what they were selling was actually the average-joe's inventions and not some random crap.
  10. And he did it to an entire planet's population.
  11. Let that be a message to you Kim Jong Il...
  12. Hmm not sure, I don't think it has anything to do with Vista but I may be wrong. You sure you typed EnableCheats=1 under [Game Options] without any typos or spaces?
  13. Hmm a real shame, RIP Mr. Mays. Your commercials were quite entertaining
  14. Not for me. I played SW:Galaxies first for about 6 months, then World of Warcraft for about 3 months. The monthly payments just stink
  15. The most pointless game of the year.
  16. ^I have a feeling that Darth Phobos' appearance will change in the 360 and PS3 download, or at least look much better.
  17. ^Not the children!!! Nope, just a quote from the book Watchmen (the quote is latin btw).
  18. The Dark Knight and Wall-E so far. I look foward to Valkyrie and Quantum of Solace .
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