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  1. GTA:SWcity pointed this out in a thread over on the TOR forums, but does anyone else think the statue on the right in front of the building looks like Revan? It's realllly hard to see, but it looks somewhat like his mask. It's a bit more noticeable if you watch it enlarged on YT. It's at 0:40-0:45.


    You mean the one on the left? The one on the right I can't see his face at all but the one on the left I'd say his face definently looks like Revan's mask. Revan and the Exile perhaps? Now that would be an awesome little cameo.

  2. I wonder if the people who want a main in both the republic and empire camps realise that like most MMo out there you will probably need 2 accounts and 2 subs to do this. The reason for this is to stop what is known as cross-realming. Which is where one side farms the other for gear/exp/whatever with the others consent which gives one side an unfair advantage.


    That's only for PvP realms though, I think. In WoW, I was in a PvE realm and I had multiple Alliance and Horde characters all in the same realm.

  3. I didn't like Billy much a few months ago, but Pitchmen gave me a good perspective on him.


    Same, I had no idea that what they were selling was actually the average-joe's inventions and not some random crap.

  4. 1 - Immortal Zombie, Sith Lord who can control everyone's perceptions and wield three lightsabers with telekinesis, and an aggressive Force Vampire that is Star Wars' most powerful known entity...how can they not win? The Triumvirate, had it stuck together, would have destroyed the Galaxy.


    Couldn't agree more.

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