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  1. not to mention the exile is canonically female....
  2. darth malak was actually pretty easy. i said rancor (would've said Jolee, if he was up there)
  3. i'm sue it could be done... but you'd have to rework the temple dialog alot, which might not turn out too great.
  4. Now that you mention it, space Jesus does soung like a cool hero.
  5. Well, I obviously think jolee's a role model. And for some strange reason, I actually agree with you on the mass murdering crazy robot. What he's doing is only wrong if he choses to see it thst way.
  6. never! you could probably just mod it so you ge mir no matter what, come to think of it. doubt it would be that hard.
  7. i wasn't talking about that. it just doesn't make sense for you to have to b ea lightsider to be an exotic dancer
  8. that works, i guess. but still, evil players don't get mira.
  9. pretty cool stuff. don't know if i'd use all of it, thogh.
  10. oh yeah, forgot about that. been a while since i've played tsl. but would it still work since he doesn't want it to replace the dancers outfit?
  11. some problems. you might not have mira females don't get handmaiden (normally) the suit shows alot of skin, and since you can only make onskintone for it (probably) it might look weird on alot of the heads
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