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  1. i only want to show you this programm, to make you own advenutres... you can use it or not... to make monkey island is very easy with this program or another game....
  2. ...we say in germany ...20€ its not the world... and the most features you can use without the fullversion... in the shareware you can test everything. ...mh its only your opinion
  3. Hi, or Guden (we would say in germany) iam german and not the best one in english, please forgive me my mistakes now the point. maybe you want to make your own story of monkey island or you own adventure. and iam not sure if someone of you hear name "Visionaire" its (in my opinion) the beste adventure maker, for games like Monkey Island 1-3, Idiana Jones 3-4, Zak, D.o.t.T. or Simon the S. (in germany the games have the same name) the link is http://www.visionaire-online.de/ the programm is easy to learn and an english forum exist allready. okay thats sounds all like an bad Advertisement, but see it as an speech from the captain to the crew Ahoi! greetz Phil
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