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  1. I don't know, but I'm having problems downloading it. HEY, DARTHLINUX! I can't download the extras file, because it says: "Connection to server has been reset" or something like that. Could you fix it? Or someone fix it?
  2. I'm sure someone will take over this mod and finish it. Maybe. I would like to help, but I don't have much skills. I'm good at scripting, but not as good at the rest.
  3. I've got the same problem. Will wait, too.
  4. That would be cool. I just lost my CD of Jedi Academy, so a standalone would be great.
  5. 1. Level music is playing in the cutscenes. Probably it's EAX. I haven't checked. 2. When skipping a cutscene (in the testbase when moving the bridge) it goes to an error message.
  6. Mkem


    This is kinda off-topic (it's not about Dark Forces) Well Darth_Linux... I know about other project that you have made/joined to.... It's Transfusion. Will that be done one day... because it's cool!
  7. Mkem

    So sad...

    Well. I don't have PS.
  8. Mkem

    So sad...

    Well...At least not all is lost. There is still The Matrix: Unleashed...
  9. Mkem

    So sad...

    I've got a suggestion! What about making every single level and all, but you will give the 6 level demo download only...For full version the one who wants the full version will have to send you his darkforc folder by email to get the full version. Is that acceptable?
  10. Mkem

    So sad...

    Oh and when you will be releasing the assets...Will there be Darktroopers???
  11. Mkem

    So sad...

    I'm so sad, that the 6 level demo will end the mod...You know I have original darkforces and the problem is: I can start it but when I try to play any level it shows an error. That means i don't have chance to play it complete again...Isn't there a way out (like needing to purchase the mod)?
  12. Mkem

    Czech Text

    And the *.fontdat file? What program?
  13. Mkem

    Czech Text

    OK. Where can I get that program?
  14. Mkem

    Czech Text

    I looked on the Polish translation, then at the polish font *.tga file and it was completly white and there was some "polish.fontdat" file. How can i make a *.fontdat file?
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