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  1. I sold my PSVR, which was my only-ever VR device. But Rhombus of Ruin was fantastic. Adventure games can be done very well in VR!
  2. 18 years later and my account still works. Why the hell do I still read mixnmojo? It's a curse I think.
  3. I'd be interested in all-adventure insecticide.
  4. Oh weird when I replied I only saw the topic post...I think the rest of the discussion didn't load for me--- it made sense at the time man!
  5. Actually there's a Microsoft version of this contest I entered (called Dream Build Play), the deadline just passed. We needed to cut a trailer as part of the requirements and I thought I'd post it here, since we're all adventure-gamers anyway.
  6. Although I have to admit, compared to other Bible games an adventure game might actually be interesting-- if I were to make one I would cut wildly from one part to another (The game could be based off of the idea of opening the Bible to random pages and reading lines, maybe it could fit into the overall story), that way you could have like a micro-game setup (think warioware) except based on un-connected bible scenarios. And obviously you'd be solving puzzles and interacting instead of mashing buttons. That would be insane.
  7. I think you make a good point about the Tim Schafer system-tweaking, I never thought of the puzzles in those terms, but many of them do fit into that category: the system almost works, you just have to add that last touch to it. BTW: Worst cowboy voice ever man.
  8. If you just listen closely to CMI soundtrack songs you can hear a distinct difference between the (generally live-recorded) lead instrument and then the synthesized backing instruments. An example: Edward Van Helgen theme, the bassoon at the top of the mix is real while the the piratey string section is a synth. They really did a great job though blending the different sources...I think in Grim Fandango they moved to mostly recorded music, but even with synths CMI sounds amazing. ...as a side note, itunes says I've listened to the Edward Van Helgen theme 53 times. I have a wired at
  9. My first was Full Throttle on an old Mac-- I must have been 10 years old when first playing it through with my brother. We had a friend who had beaten it give us hints once in a while-- I can't believe that CMI and Grim came out so soon afterwards; in 97 and 98. Those first three LEC games I played will always be my favorites.
  10. Really nice work...my only complaints are the inability to have full screen, the painfully slow walk animation, and the inability to click through to the next area without having to watch the character walk across. I really liked it though.
  11. I'm sad its abandoning the art style. WW was the best Zelda of all time, and these graphics are a step backward. They're so damn simple....but this game isn't coming out until after next years E3 atleast, so it could improve.
  12. This "idle thumbs" website is making me realize terrible things about you Jake. Like that your British, and you like Halo. I mean Jesus, did it have to be both?! No I'm just kidding it looks quite good, but one thing you should remember, despite being fun, cursing really does make a site seem unproffesional and almost unpassionate about what it does. I mean, are you going to walk up to your mom and unload an expletive-laiden greeting when you see her? We, the fans, Jake, are like your mother. Treat us with some respect damn it! Anyway, make one of your retrospectives about Ma
  13. What does it matter?, it'll just be cancelled a few weeks later if its ever announced.
  14. No one really knows enough about Sam and Max 2 to really form an opinion about it, it seems too early in production. Thunderpeel: I am still sad that this game got the axe, even if it wasn't straight up adventure it was still the closest thing since EMI (which was alos a dissapointment). I was hoping maybe the visuals would be overcome by good gameplay. But you're right, a game bad enough to get cancelled this far into production is a strong signal that it was indeed very bad...that doesn't mean it couldn't improve though. I'm still sad to see it go.
  15. I don't understand how this Tom Sarris is tied into the production aspects of the game? Do they consult him or something? Or did he just call Lucasarts up one day and told them he thought the game sucked ass?
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