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  1. actually, i think they already have their script. i remember reading about heroes on the newspaper awhile back. the creator was basically disscusing how lucky they are to have come before shows like lost and 24, which after some great seasons, were kinda reduced to go nowhere story plots; probably because they just totally ran out of ideas. the creator i think was talking about how they've planned ahead, and so they have enough script and surprises to last for some seasons.
  2. one word: tedious. imagine. you are the exile, and you're going about during the game, devoloping the story and chars, and then you decide to have a little chat with Bao dur. you talk a bit about the wa-FLASHBACK!!! you are in a random battle and for 7 minutes you fight with next to no story development. than, you're back. wait, uh, what was i doing again? oh, yeah, talking to bao dur. wait, what were we talking about? wow, that would be a CRAZY plot twist! yes, i agree. i suppose i also want to see some of the older characters. there are characters like mission vao which we haven't seen for like over 5 years by the time of KOTOR 3. when/if they bring old chars back, i don't want them to be the exact same as before, develop them a bit! make something happen to them over those 5 years that they were gone!
  3. no! i'm too late! ah well...happy belated birthday to both of you
  4. happy birthday star wars!!! star wars is the best sci-fi movie series EVER, and i'm glad to have known it.
  5. okay, yet another interesting point. i'd have to say otherwise again, though. okay, this is just a load of IMO, but i think it is decently backed just by the nature of diseases in general. you see, here's the thing. is there any evidence, any at all, that Revan might have this problem before the turning to the ds incident? not that i know of. what does that mean? that means that if this theory is in fact true, it must have happened at the last second for no particular reason (aka, spontaneous insanity and mental instability). this, i believe would be very highly improbable. correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think that diseases "just happen" and especially as quickly and spontaneously as that. i mean, for Anakin, you acctually see his gradual fall. you see him slip little by little. you don't see this with Revan. so, i still think Revan would be guily. Revan didn't turn away from the ds. it wasn't any mental problem. the war he/she started was a mistake and a ridiculous number of people were slaughtered for it. the extrenuating circumstances thing just doesn't work for me because he/she could've just turned away at any time. i also don't think any other party is to blame for either starting a part of the war or leading Revan to fall (on purpose or because of foolishness).
  6. Kavar's corner is great! i don't really post here much, but i just like checking through all of the threads and seeing what exactly is going on in our world and seeing what people think about these events. in fact, other than the news on TV (which i watch...sometimes), Kavar's corner is really my only way of figuring out what's going on in the outside world XD. it's great to see lots of diverse people sharing their opinions and views, quite simply because considering i don't really know anything about what's going on "outside" i have a mostly neutral opinions in lots of things like politics. it just helps me understand everything better, see what people believe in, and why they believe it. Kavar's corner rules!
  7. again, interesting IMO on this one, but i'll object. you know when you play KOTOR and you're at the final battle with Malak? he explains this function of the star forge, right? yeah, the way Malak talks to Revan, it seems very much that he's calling Revan a fool for not seeing all of the star forge's power. i don't think Revan didn't use that aspect of the star forge because he/she wasn't corrupted enough, TA, i think it was simply because Revan overlooked it. yeah i know. but that's kinda how it is in real life, right? it's harder to be good than bad, that's just how it is. yes. and that includes not killing the defenders of those planets. how are they hindering Revan from defending the planet? ahem? we're talking about warcraft 3 now, that was my most recent analogy. but yes, they are kinda parallel. and why exactly, is that the case? are they not very similar? we're talking about resources, ED. they're almost the exact same thing. tell me why i can't use this. actually, point. i just found one, so i'll re-reply to that. ED, here is when one very important point when considering analogies comes in: scale. okay, so it's a few rations. compared to billions of tons of fuel, it's nothing. but do you know where that fuel comes from ED? it comes from factories. it comes from thousands and thousands of factories on planets all over the galaxy. now, where do the rations come from? uh, like the dead bodies of soldiers and stuff. you see, ED, there are a lot more resources involved with the fuel, but there are also higher production rates, and more people to supply. i'll tell you, that little stack of rations is worth as much to those 10 soldiers as a million pounds of rations is to an army. so despite your claims otherwise, it is the same thing, ED. and i, too, have explained how my analogies are in fact relevant, how there are other options other than war, and how Revan could've asked the republic for funds rather than mercilessly slaughter them for it. you may think my analogies don't count because the scale is too small, but they're a lot more similar than you're willing to admit, ED.
  8. well, IMO, one thing everyone is forgetting a little: guys, it's Star Wars. in sw, redemption pwns everything else. would Revan be executed? psh, he/she wouldn't be executed if Revan we're pure ds and killed 400 times more people than he/she did. hm, looks like i'm one of the oddballs as well... i dunno, my IMO on the dark side is that Revan didn't have a choice on Mal V. Malachor V basically is a large piece of ds, which is why i don't blame Revan for falling in the first place. i heavily doubt that you can control it, in the sense of being perfectly ls or being fairly ls and still being able to stay that way in the gaping maw of Mal V. but i do believe that you can turn away from it. you aren't a slave to it; ds Revan is still Revan, and if people like Malak were incapable of turning away, then Revan's statement to Malak about it being his fault for staying ds is garbage. well, what is currently under debate is whether war was actually the best option. i just wonder if Revan could've done anything else, this bloodshed seems unnecesary, which is why i'm going for execution. i mean, could Revan have just helped the republic instead? maybe rally forces? because i think what you are saying was what Revan's objective was is to unite the republic against the sith threat. there are possibly other ways of rallying the republic without killing it. if so, then Revan has all that blood on her hands because the war was an unnecesary move.
  9. it's great to hear your opinion here, TA. that's an interesting view you have, although i'd have to say that i have some doubts in places. i'll speak from what we've disscussed in the thread; didn't Revan fall to the dark side in Mal V? because that's what Jediphile seems to think happened. i remember that somewhere in this thread he sited a KOTOR chronicles passage stating that Revan fell to the ds, so i'd think that Revan's intentions were warped a bit. IMO no doubt you've already seen in the thread, i don't exactly think Revan made a smart move in making war (aka the JCW) and had a few other options that are definitely less gory. IMO, if starting war wasn't the only option, then Revan should've explored those other options before rushing in to tear the republic apart. i've disscussed a few other possibilities, but my most recent is probably my warcraft 3 analogy. so yeah. very interesting about your hypothesis with the whole galaxy being united, though.
  10. yes, i guess you're right. i've been thinking about this all yesterday and today (and reading some 1/0 ) and i've kinda been thinking. NA, not all people that play KOTOR are evil y'know. and not all people that play Halo are evil. and yes, not even all the people that play Manhunt are evil. we do what we do in games because we know it isn't real (but of course, how real it is compared to us is something to think about) . NA, i know for a fact that you are above something as ridiculous as mass murder. as i'd bet a hell of a lot of money that SS001, Jediphile, ED, Jae, Stoffe, and all those other people are above mass murder too. i think you know that. so let's not accuse, we're all good people.
  11. *whistles* wow, that's deep. i can't believe i missed that thread. i don't know, should we be sentenced for videogame/book/movie/whatever cimes though? seems like a bit of a stretch. i mean, is it real? i don't think so. but it could be real. i don't know. but if that's the case, it looks like we're all going to the electric chair. hmm...
  12. well, i didn't get to choose whether my Revan was a mass murderer or not. second, it is just a game. aka some kind of simulation. i play games to get away from real life, and naturally, i'd maybe do things that i normally wouldn't in real life. if we were judged in real life based on games, be assured that there would be a lot less people in the world, and the selling of electric chairs, automatic weapons, and handcuffs would be a major part of the economy.
  13. it isn't a bad thing. this way, we can all be right at the same time! not unreasonable, but it's quite the stretch to say that no kids die in war, no? aw, sry if i made you think that, Jediphile . i hope you know i'm not trying to be condescending, i'm just heavily opinionated, especially with this disscussion. that's just how i am. when there's something i strongly believe in, i speak with determination and sometimes quite a bit strongly, but so you know, it's not against you. which is good, so we can actually be specific. ha, good luck with it then. i was trying to prove a point. hm? but we're debating. we're trying to prove something. you can't debate if you accept each other's argument. whoosh oops! there goes the fun... yes, and my opinion is that claiming that no children died during the JCW is baseless, too. so as long as we are within the limits of "fact", we're fine. there, problem solved. Jediphile, i hope you'll still directly answer to my post, though. it's hard to respond like this. ?...so you're talking about my Revan?
  14. which is exactly why there is even more reason to turn away from the dark side. but they wouldn't be able to kill Revan, would they? i don't know about you, but maybe Revan is a sith lord for a reason. yes, exactly! just like the dark side, or kinda. the point is that it's hard to turn away but it is in your power to do so. evidence? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_side#The_allure_of_the_dark_side yeah, so what i have here is that it is addictive and almost impossible to renounce. so by proving it's almost impossible, i've also proven that it's possible. and also, another quote that i have to take out every now and then to remind people: note the "chose". understand that i'm not claiming turning away to be easy, but it is possible through your power. O_o yes, um, good one. tell me Jediphile, what's 2+2? as you are looking at this post, are you using some kind of mechanical device? are you alive right now? did people die in the JCW? do nukes exist? is there such a thing as "children"? do you eat? are there people dying this moment of starvation? in star wars, is there such a thing as ds? what's the eqution of finding the area of a circle? if you've answered directly to any of these questions, then i'm sorry Jediphile, but you're not quite telling the truth. you can't say you don't deal in absolutes, we live absolutes! wait, what's the point you're trying to make with the second url? okay, good. yes i know, and we are currently debating whether the JCW was a mistake or not, and that action was whithin his/her control. if the JCW was a mistake, then all of those lives were lost unnecessarily. so...you're saying that if i killed a few toddlers, and i mutilated their bodies, so when the police come they somehow can't identify the bodies, then they can't find their names...it never happened? omg pls say no. and, unless you prove to me that there weren't any kids on the entire planet of telos when it was bombed, don't you even try telling me that no kids died. and that's exactly why we're debating whether the JCW was a mistake or not. if it was a mistake, then Revan is directly responsile for those lives. "If you can't name any, then you can't claim that any died." rofl rofl rofl ROFL! this, Jediphile, is nothing short of hysterical. i find it just hilarious that you are trying to prove that Revan never killed any children at all by making all this talk about name tags and identification, and then you turn right around later and try to prove that the republic and rebelion killed kids! Jediphile, can you name any of the kids that the mandos, jedi, republic, or rebellion killed? can you, uh, name those children? okay, look, Jediphile, i'm gonna admit that all those people you talked about did in fact probably kill children, but i also want no less than for you to also admit that Revan did in fact, cause the deaths of children too. not quite. if you haven't noticed yet, i'm not attempting to defend the republic, mandos, Bastila, or whoever. if they killed kids, sentence the ones guilty as well. but we're not talking about them, are we? if you've ever read the sw book, outbound flight, the Vaagri (i think that's how you spell it) put their prisoners in bubbles around their ships. does that mean you are evil if you destroy them? you have to, there's no choice. but did Revan have no other choice when he/she started the JCW? maybe Revan did. and never have i claimed otherwise except in the occasion where there was no other choice. Revan is still at fault for his/her share, though.
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