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  1. actually, i think they already have their script. i remember reading about heroes on the newspaper awhile back. the creator was basically disscusing how lucky they are to have come before shows like lost and 24, which after some great seasons, were kinda reduced to go nowhere story plots; probably because they just totally ran out of ideas. the creator i think was talking about how they've planned ahead, and so they have enough script and surprises to last for some seasons.
  2. one word: tedious. imagine. you are the exile, and you're going about during the game, devoloping the story and chars, and then you decide to have a little chat with Bao dur. you talk a bit about the wa-FLASHBACK!!! you are in a random battle and for 7 minutes you fight with next to no story development. than, you're back. wait, uh, what was i doing again? oh, yeah, talking to bao dur. wait, what were we talking about? wow, that would be a CRAZY plot twist! yes, i agree. i suppose i also want to see some of the older characters. there are characters like mission vao which we haven't seen for like over 5 years by the time of KOTOR 3. when/if they bring old chars back, i don't want them to be the exact same as before, develop them a bit! make something happen to them over those 5 years that they were gone!
  3. no! i'm too late! ah well...happy belated birthday to both of you
  4. happy birthday star wars!!! star wars is the best sci-fi movie series EVER, and i'm glad to have known it.
  5. okay, yet another interesting point. i'd have to say otherwise again, though. okay, this is just a load of IMO, but i think it is decently backed just by the nature of diseases in general. you see, here's the thing. is there any evidence, any at all, that Revan might have this problem before the turning to the ds incident? not that i know of. what does that mean? that means that if this theory is in fact true, it must have happened at the last second for no particular reason (aka, spontaneous insanity and mental instability). this, i believe would be very highly improbable. correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think that diseases "just happen" and especially as quickly and spontaneously as that. i mean, for Anakin, you acctually see his gradual fall. you see him slip little by little. you don't see this with Revan. so, i still think Revan would be guily. Revan didn't turn away from the ds. it wasn't any mental problem. the war he/she started was a mistake and a ridiculous number of people were slaughtered for it. the extrenuating circumstances thing just doesn't work for me because he/she could've just turned away at any time. i also don't think any other party is to blame for either starting a part of the war or leading Revan to fall (on purpose or because of foolishness).
  6. Kavar's corner is great! i don't really post here much, but i just like checking through all of the threads and seeing what exactly is going on in our world and seeing what people think about these events. in fact, other than the news on TV (which i watch...sometimes), Kavar's corner is really my only way of figuring out what's going on in the outside world XD. it's great to see lots of diverse people sharing their opinions and views, quite simply because considering i don't really know anything about what's going on "outside" i have a mostly neutral opinions in lots of things like politics. it just helps me understand everything better, see what people believe in, and why they believe it. Kavar's corner rules!
  7. again, interesting IMO on this one, but i'll object. you know when you play KOTOR and you're at the final battle with Malak? he explains this function of the star forge, right? yeah, the way Malak talks to Revan, it seems very much that he's calling Revan a fool for not seeing all of the star forge's power. i don't think Revan didn't use that aspect of the star forge because he/she wasn't corrupted enough, TA, i think it was simply because Revan overlooked it. yeah i know. but that's kinda how it is in real life, right? it's harder to be good than bad, that's just how it is. yes. and that includes not killing the defenders of those planets. how are they hindering Revan from defending the planet? ahem? we're talking about warcraft 3 now, that was my most recent analogy. but yes, they are kinda parallel. and why exactly, is that the case? are they not very similar? we're talking about resources, ED. they're almost the exact same thing. tell me why i can't use this. actually, point. i just found one, so i'll re-reply to that. ED, here is when one very important point when considering analogies comes in: scale. okay, so it's a few rations. compared to billions of tons of fuel, it's nothing. but do you know where that fuel comes from ED? it comes from factories. it comes from thousands and thousands of factories on planets all over the galaxy. now, where do the rations come from? uh, like the dead bodies of soldiers and stuff. you see, ED, there are a lot more resources involved with the fuel, but there are also higher production rates, and more people to supply. i'll tell you, that little stack of rations is worth as much to those 10 soldiers as a million pounds of rations is to an army. so despite your claims otherwise, it is the same thing, ED. and i, too, have explained how my analogies are in fact relevant, how there are other options other than war, and how Revan could've asked the republic for funds rather than mercilessly slaughter them for it. you may think my analogies don't count because the scale is too small, but they're a lot more similar than you're willing to admit, ED.
  8. well, IMO, one thing everyone is forgetting a little: guys, it's Star Wars. in sw, redemption pwns everything else. would Revan be executed? psh, he/she wouldn't be executed if Revan we're pure ds and killed 400 times more people than he/she did. hm, looks like i'm one of the oddballs as well... i dunno, my IMO on the dark side is that Revan didn't have a choice on Mal V. Malachor V basically is a large piece of ds, which is why i don't blame Revan for falling in the first place. i heavily doubt that you can control it, in the sense of being perfectly ls or being fairly ls and still being able to stay that way in the gaping maw of Mal V. but i do believe that you can turn away from it. you aren't a slave to it; ds Revan is still Revan, and if people like Malak were incapable of turning away, then Revan's statement to Malak about it being his fault for staying ds is garbage. well, what is currently under debate is whether war was actually the best option. i just wonder if Revan could've done anything else, this bloodshed seems unnecesary, which is why i'm going for execution. i mean, could Revan have just helped the republic instead? maybe rally forces? because i think what you are saying was what Revan's objective was is to unite the republic against the sith threat. there are possibly other ways of rallying the republic without killing it. if so, then Revan has all that blood on her hands because the war was an unnecesary move.
  9. it's great to hear your opinion here, TA. that's an interesting view you have, although i'd have to say that i have some doubts in places. i'll speak from what we've disscussed in the thread; didn't Revan fall to the dark side in Mal V? because that's what Jediphile seems to think happened. i remember that somewhere in this thread he sited a KOTOR chronicles passage stating that Revan fell to the ds, so i'd think that Revan's intentions were warped a bit. IMO no doubt you've already seen in the thread, i don't exactly think Revan made a smart move in making war (aka the JCW) and had a few other options that are definitely less gory. IMO, if starting war wasn't the only option, then Revan should've explored those other options before rushing in to tear the republic apart. i've disscussed a few other possibilities, but my most recent is probably my warcraft 3 analogy. so yeah. very interesting about your hypothesis with the whole galaxy being united, though.
  10. yes, i guess you're right. i've been thinking about this all yesterday and today (and reading some 1/0 ) and i've kinda been thinking. NA, not all people that play KOTOR are evil y'know. and not all people that play Halo are evil. and yes, not even all the people that play Manhunt are evil. we do what we do in games because we know it isn't real (but of course, how real it is compared to us is something to think about) . NA, i know for a fact that you are above something as ridiculous as mass murder. as i'd bet a hell of a lot of money that SS001, Jediphile, ED, Jae, Stoffe, and all those other people are above mass murder too. i think you know that. so let's not accuse, we're all good people.
  11. *whistles* wow, that's deep. i can't believe i missed that thread. i don't know, should we be sentenced for videogame/book/movie/whatever cimes though? seems like a bit of a stretch. i mean, is it real? i don't think so. but it could be real. i don't know. but if that's the case, it looks like we're all going to the electric chair. hmm...
  12. well, i didn't get to choose whether my Revan was a mass murderer or not. second, it is just a game. aka some kind of simulation. i play games to get away from real life, and naturally, i'd maybe do things that i normally wouldn't in real life. if we were judged in real life based on games, be assured that there would be a lot less people in the world, and the selling of electric chairs, automatic weapons, and handcuffs would be a major part of the economy.
  13. it isn't a bad thing. this way, we can all be right at the same time! not unreasonable, but it's quite the stretch to say that no kids die in war, no? aw, sry if i made you think that, Jediphile . i hope you know i'm not trying to be condescending, i'm just heavily opinionated, especially with this disscussion. that's just how i am. when there's something i strongly believe in, i speak with determination and sometimes quite a bit strongly, but so you know, it's not against you. which is good, so we can actually be specific. ha, good luck with it then. i was trying to prove a point. hm? but we're debating. we're trying to prove something. you can't debate if you accept each other's argument. whoosh oops! there goes the fun... yes, and my opinion is that claiming that no children died during the JCW is baseless, too. so as long as we are within the limits of "fact", we're fine. there, problem solved. Jediphile, i hope you'll still directly answer to my post, though. it's hard to respond like this. ?...so you're talking about my Revan?
  14. which is exactly why there is even more reason to turn away from the dark side. but they wouldn't be able to kill Revan, would they? i don't know about you, but maybe Revan is a sith lord for a reason. yes, exactly! just like the dark side, or kinda. the point is that it's hard to turn away but it is in your power to do so. evidence? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_side#The_allure_of_the_dark_side yeah, so what i have here is that it is addictive and almost impossible to renounce. so by proving it's almost impossible, i've also proven that it's possible. and also, another quote that i have to take out every now and then to remind people: note the "chose". understand that i'm not claiming turning away to be easy, but it is possible through your power. O_o yes, um, good one. tell me Jediphile, what's 2+2? as you are looking at this post, are you using some kind of mechanical device? are you alive right now? did people die in the JCW? do nukes exist? is there such a thing as "children"? do you eat? are there people dying this moment of starvation? in star wars, is there such a thing as ds? what's the eqution of finding the area of a circle? if you've answered directly to any of these questions, then i'm sorry Jediphile, but you're not quite telling the truth. you can't say you don't deal in absolutes, we live absolutes! wait, what's the point you're trying to make with the second url? okay, good. yes i know, and we are currently debating whether the JCW was a mistake or not, and that action was whithin his/her control. if the JCW was a mistake, then all of those lives were lost unnecessarily. so...you're saying that if i killed a few toddlers, and i mutilated their bodies, so when the police come they somehow can't identify the bodies, then they can't find their names...it never happened? omg pls say no. and, unless you prove to me that there weren't any kids on the entire planet of telos when it was bombed, don't you even try telling me that no kids died. and that's exactly why we're debating whether the JCW was a mistake or not. if it was a mistake, then Revan is directly responsile for those lives. "If you can't name any, then you can't claim that any died." rofl rofl rofl ROFL! this, Jediphile, is nothing short of hysterical. i find it just hilarious that you are trying to prove that Revan never killed any children at all by making all this talk about name tags and identification, and then you turn right around later and try to prove that the republic and rebelion killed kids! Jediphile, can you name any of the kids that the mandos, jedi, republic, or rebellion killed? can you, uh, name those children? okay, look, Jediphile, i'm gonna admit that all those people you talked about did in fact probably kill children, but i also want no less than for you to also admit that Revan did in fact, cause the deaths of children too. not quite. if you haven't noticed yet, i'm not attempting to defend the republic, mandos, Bastila, or whoever. if they killed kids, sentence the ones guilty as well. but we're not talking about them, are we? if you've ever read the sw book, outbound flight, the Vaagri (i think that's how you spell it) put their prisoners in bubbles around their ships. does that mean you are evil if you destroy them? you have to, there's no choice. but did Revan have no other choice when he/she started the JCW? maybe Revan did. and never have i claimed otherwise except in the occasion where there was no other choice. Revan is still at fault for his/her share, though.
  15. okay, then we can suspend this argument. i always felt that any person that just wants it enough could be able to turn away from the dark side. okay, you could say that it wasn't them or they werent in control, but when Revan became ds, did Revan become a 100% complete ds monster thing? no, Revan is Revan, even if ds. ds is hard to resist, but are you going to use that as a crutch and an excuse to say that you couldn't turn back? very briefly, i'm gonna link this back to my ages old smoking analogy. people know that it's hard to quit, and sometimes they just think that it's okay to keep on smoking because it's too hard to stop (assume that the person wants to stop, though). is it okay? sure Jediphile, you could say that it's not a big deal, i mean, it's only one life so it's not important, but you're hurting yourself! and you are doing it and if you want to stop, it is in your ability. okay, so they killed people to further their good natured goals. you're forgeting something. did they kill people unnecessarily? as far as i know none of these people killed someone for no reason, every innocent life was important. whether Revan killed anyone needlessly is currently in debate between me and ED, and if the JCW was a mistake, then Revan is quite quilty. you see, you're assuming that Revan did 100% the best thing, and nothing better could be done, but we're still debating on that. BTW, for the Babylon 5 example, what show/movie/book/game is that from? yes it can be argued that way. although i'd think that the ds corruption would have screwed with Revan's intentions a bit. and you tell me why killing people unnecessarily is exusable. if you kill someone and what's worst, killing someone and nothing good coming out of it, how can that be excused? Telos during the JCW. you definitely can't tell me that there were no children on the entire planet when it was bombed. and why do you need their names? isn't knowing that they died enough? if i don't tell you their names does it mean that they never died? they still died! yes, children die in war. what we're determining is now whether the entire JCW was a mistake or not, which will ultimately influence this part of the debate. in debate. and we're also debating whether Revan could've turned back or not. ED: (about anything that has to do with fuel and resources) do you like analogies, ED? okay, does anyone here play Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Rise of Nations, or mostly any other RTS(real time strategy game)? because i'm making my analogy on Warcraft 3. it's gonna be long, so grab some chips before you start reading. okay, so we have the oh so wonderful human race (Revan), allied with the Night Elves (republic), facing off against some really hardcore undead player (sith). now considering how hardcore the undead player is, you'd think that the humans and night elves would have lost already, but for some reason this player seems perfectly content to hoard just about every gold mine and tree cluster and just sit there and watch the other two players while minding his/her own business. now this game has dragged on for some time, but somehow the night elves, STILL haven't even seen the enemy yet, because it never bothers to send scouts out. even still, they are perfectly happy because they have their prprecious gold mine with infinite gold (but can only be harvested at a certain rate), and a clump of trees. considering that the night elves harvest from trees but the trees never get cut down, it will last forever, although again it can only be harvested at a certain rate (these represent republic planets generating resources). so let's say that the NE has 100,000 gold and wood. lastly, the night elves have a rather semi-pathetic defence, consisting of 5 defence towers and 8 units patroling the area, plus about 3 jedi hero units. meanwhile Rev-er, the humans have already gotten all the gold in their mine and have cut down all of their trees. they can still create units (star forge) but basically nothing else. let's also pretend that units also consume resources over time, to keep ED's upkeep idea satisfied. now let's all pretend that we're in the human's place. you have a ridiculous amount of units, let's say, 50, plus you have Revan (level 10 hero, ftw!) and a limited supply of gold and wood, let's say, 500 gold and wood (not a lot in warcraft) that is draining fast because of upkeep. finally, you look over your shoulder and see those cursed prosperous night elves with their infinite resources and rather weak defences and military. finally, you look and you can see far in the distance the undead player massing for an attack. what are you gonna do? okay, everybody, before continuing on, think about a plan that you have to save yourselves and possibly the night elves. everyone have some kind of plan/idea? good. now everyone knows what Revan did. i'm not going to waste my time talking about it as of right now. but i'll tell you what i did. okay, here, the INGENIOUS PLAN! i...Revan...am going to... ...i'm going to ASK FOR SOME RESOURCES! HA! the ingenious plan! ASK. ask the dumb night elves for some gold and wood. are the night elves going to be stingy? of course they could be. but they'll realize that you're someone in need with quite a large army that's ready to serve you, and sure, they'll give you something. and as the undead come charging in, you couldn't be in better shape, with 5 defence towers, 58 units, and enough resources to survive for a while (in which case, when you run out, you can ask for some more, and the NE, being decent people and knowing that you just saved their lives would give you some more.) so to recap, before the sith attack we have: 5 defence towers 58 units 100,500 gold amoungst both allies Revan (level 10) and 3 other random jedi heroes now, let's see what Revan did. in infinite wisdom, he/she decides to tear the NE to shreds in a desperate hunger for resources, twisted good will, and a bit of ds lust for power. but does the battle last for 30 seconds? no. does it last for 2 minutes? no. it lasts for a few hours. the undead, apparently seeing this feud decides to just sit back and laugh. do the humans win? no, the NE does. somehow, the NE takes down Revan (level 10 hero, ftw!), mind controls him/her, and uses Revan against his/her own troops. so yeah, they win. but what do we have left? well, uh...let's see. the NE defence system is torn to peices, we have, uh, oh, lookie there! one tower was actually left standing! wow! but, it's on fire and looks kinda beat up...oh, look over there, wow, we have actual NE survivors! but of the 8 units before, there are only 2 left, and there's only 1 jedi left. and Revan's army? even more beat up. out of the 50 units before...about maybe 10 units, and they all get taken to prison camp. finally, the humans plundered a large amount of the NE's resources, and the NE had to use a lot to win the war. Revan is still alive, and finally decides that he/she is uber enough (level 10 hero! woot!) to just run of and kill the undead him/herself. so we have: 1 defence tower that's on fire, 2 units and 10 units in some prison somewhere substantially less than 100,500 gold amoungst both "allies" Revan, who ran away and 1 jedi out of the 3 before and you know what? i'll be really nice, too. let's say that the humans win and they take minimal casualties, aka Revan's ideal situation. so we have: 47 units somewhat less than 100,500 gold amoungst both "allies" Revan, and 2 converted jedi now, how exactly is 47 units better than 58? how is having 5 gaurd towers worse than none? how is having less than 100,500 gold better than having exactly 100,500 gold? how is 2 jedi better than 3? someone pls enlighten me and tell me how this is better then the first example. and why exactly, can Revan not help defend these planets? refer to the analogy. cite this. and even still, you'd think that they'ed have a fair amount of resources considering that we're talking about planets instead of cities now. ask for resources ED. actually, wait. i already know what your counter argument will be, so let me answer it now. do you think, ED, that during war you can expect to have a perfect economy? yes, but that's talking about pretty long term there. if you build a bridge, how long does it take until the total repair costs equal construction costs? quite a while is my estimate. at any rate, Revan already has a large fleet so that should save a lot of money. again, if they can't tell some years in the future, how can they tell now? in tsl, they blame what Malak did to Dantoine on the jedi, i think. someone check this for me pls? ED, there is a big difference between being popular with the masses, soldiers, generals, and even a few politicians for saving the galaxy, and being popular with the masses for being good at acting. and where did i say this? i quite clearly remember myself saying the the star forge is just one of some other keys for saving the republic. the reason why i'm only talking about this instance is because that's where the disscusion is going, and don't you think for a second that it's for any other reason. i'm not really getting you. this seems like a pretty rhetorical question, too.
  16. i'm not awknoledging it much because Revan made a conscious decision to kill all the people he/she killed. if Revan killed someone accidentaly, of course there's redemption, it was a mistake. but Revan made that decision to go to war and end countless lives. if: 1. the decision was made only by you (no major events pressuring you to made a certain decision e.g. gun to your head, hostage deal, etc. and no, the dark side isn't an excuse) 2. had bad intent 3. you kill people unnecesarily if these or most of these are fulfilled, then the person is in fact, guilty (although keep in mind that the list might not be complete/foolproof. as you say best: "you can't apply the rules without considering the circumstances on a case-by-case basis.") Revan definitely goes in 1 and 3, maybe 2. not even mentioning how many people Revan killed and how he/she killed them. ack, those poor jedi...so Revan is guilty. i don't care that "oh, Revan helps this person" and "Revan looks out for Wookie rights" i don't care. Revan is a murderer. Revan chose to murderer through his/her own will because he/she had the ability to break out of the ds. Revan killed a lot of little kids and innocent families. Revan is guilty. yes i won't awknowledge it, or at least, not as much as you do. you know why? you looked at any little kids lately, Jediphile? you know how many of those Revan killed? i don't even know. but i know that a damn lot were killed because of this bone headed war that Revan raged, and through the bombing of telos, other cities, other worlds, i find Revan to be completely guilty. did the agent know that he/she was killing an innocent person? no. did Revan know he/she was killing many innocent people? yes. how many people did the agent kill? 1. how many people did Revan kill? [insert stupidly large number here]. is the agent guilty? no. is Revan guilty? yup. i am considering the case, Jediphile. just because i don't agree with you doesn't mean i'm ignorant or don't look at the big picture. i'm looking at Revan's case, and i really, really don't like the decisions that Revan made.
  17. if i was a jedi? okay: tied for second: Exile and Aayla Secura both of these jedi are awesome. but what's even 17 times more important than power is their personality. they're both not too pushing, and seem pretty understanding. they're also nice and (for my exile) noble, and i like those kind of people, no matter how un-noble i myself am. first: Atton Rand yes, atton! why? because he's just laid back most of the time. when i'm around him, i don't feel like i have to prove something to him, and just trying is more than enough. what is also very important is his past, umm, experiences. yes, he's turned away from the dark side, and through his time as a, um, special ops trooper, he has gone through some times of great emotion. despite his laid back attitude, i feel like i can still talk about something serious with him. finally, when i'm sick and tired of training all the time, we can just stop and play some pazzack. i'd like to teach him dejarik, too...
  18. as i said before, it's not revenge. of couse, justice and revenge are pretty much two sides of the same coin, but by saying revenge you seem to be mixing up my intentions. okay then, Jediphile, so let's say that we have someone that has murdered 40 people. we bring him/her to court, and the person gets sentenced to death. is that revenge? are we all of a sudden ds and evil incarnate because we stopped a killer? same thing with Revan. but we don't need laws to be absolute, Jediphile. non absolute laws doesn't stop Revan from being a killer, so it doesn't stop Revan from being guilty. hm, i don't think i've killed anyone in my lifetime... it would be revenge? so killing a killer is revenge now? i wonder how many innocent people Revan killed when he/she started the JCW. Telos, no doubt had quite a few innocents on it. power is irrelevant. we've already said that some pages before on this thread. a weak Revan deserves the same sentence as an uber Revan.
  19. we aren't mass murderers, Jediphile, nor do we torture people. it's a very big difference. you need to understand that. we are killing a mass murderer, while the mass murderer you've compared myslef to has killed an almost stupid amount of innocent people. if you can't see that difference, then Mission Vao might as well be hanged for being a petty theif. it is justice, Jediphile. letting mass murderers live is what isn't justice. plus, i'm a third party, so i don't actually feel any hatred to Revan, therefore, you can't go around claiming i want revenge. 100% justice, Jediphile.
  20. of course i want adventure! but that's not what being a jedi is about. it's about being perfect and always helping people. Mace Windu would tell you that if you don't agree then the jedi won't train you. lololol!!! i wonder what would happen if you said that to the jedi masters! especially Vrook... yes, but who'd train you? you'd have to get some training and most force users are either jedi or sith. in the end, you'd have to choose one, and then perhaps leave (aka screw them over) later.
  21. yup, i agree with you 100% NA. personally i'd love to have force powers and a lightsaber and whatever, but to put it very simply, i don't think that i am morally good enough to be a jedi. when i think of a jedi, i basically think of a group of people that are always doing good, help those that can't help themselves, and die for the light side. basically, saints, monks, and martyrs. i am none of these. there is a great weight on your shoulder if you're a jedi, you must have a dedication to the light side, and you can just about never be wrong, or you've failed your duty. it's just too much for me to handle. i can't stand the guilt of being sith, and am not good enough to be a jedi. at the very most, i'd be a grey jedi, but i'd be perfectly alright with being an average star wars smuggler/petty thief/scoundrel class person. and i like droids, too.
  22. i can't help but agree with this; seriously, Revan would tear those poor republic soldiers to shreds. well maybe Revan should've used her brain before she decided that she'd just love to kill all of those people. Revan is just, well, evil. she stole the lives, hopes, and dreams of all those people that she killed. btw, that's a lot of people, to say the least. i don't get how you think that sentencing her harshly means we're barbaric. in fact, i could argue that letting mass murderers live is rather barbaric as well. if you've lost your family, and the person that killed them just walks around in your face, that's worse torture than anything i could think of right now.
  23. 5 or 6 IMO. i've already said previously why i feel that way about it, so i won't bore anyone with my talks about how evil Revan is again. not gleefully, no. it's a rather grim, but sadly accurate comparison for me to make. and i play the games because that's exactly what it is, a game. it's not real, and that's why i can bear it. i don't hate Revan in the game, he/she is a good person. but, Revan killed just so many people. the numbers are probably high enough to make us average citizens of the world die of shock. another similarity is genocide. Revan enacted genocide on the jedi, attempting to destroy that entire group of people. library.thinkquest.org/13915/gather/glossary.htm oh. wow, i've never seen that before. so wait, what does this mean? it's against internet policy or something? i don't get it. yeah, okay, so i'm sry if anybody got offended or anything...am i supposed to apologise? i'm not sure. but there is a counter argument i'd like to make to this. my comparison is not a hyperbole (over exagerated or over the top). in fact, it is quite similar, with the exeption of the mindwipe at the last second. if the comparisons aren't hyperbole then it is valid, isn't it? i mean, Revan is a mass murderer and genocides jedi.
  24. *sigh* you really don't get it at all then. we are not completely relying on the enemy for all of the resources. they will provide them after skirmishes. now, if what you said before holds true, they will have a considerable number of resources on board. but in addition, Revan will have to partially rely on resources from the republic. of course, they won't need too much because they already have the star forge to make ships, and the creation of them is probably what takes the most resources, as opposed to just maintaining them. so we are relying on both the republic and looting the enemy, see? since we are looting rations, etc from the enemy, the republic will have to provide substantially less than what it would've had to contribute otherwise. yes you can. you know what you're right. during war you'll have to split forces, create flanking maneuvers, retreat, push attacks, and so on. and who says that the enemy won't be doin the same thing? they're not fools. and if they're going to be doing that, and that requires a lot of fuel, then how are they going to do it? it means that they too must have a lot of fuel. and if they have a lot of fuel then Revan can loot that fuel. so when we loot their cargo holds they're going to have nothing in them? what, you think that just because the enemy has to eat means that every fleet Revan loots is going to be out of fuel and on the verge of starving to death? is that what you think, ED? you think the true sith are boneheads? no, if they're going to fight a war, they're going to be properly prepared. that means lots of fuel, food, etc. and that means lots of loot for Revan. the republic will also provide some. and Revan won't go on needless battles. they'll take it from battles that are fought normally. again, the republic will provide some. and you've also helped me prove my point that the true sith fleets will have many resources on board. the republic is helping supply some resources, ED. then bring the ships and captured ships to the drydocks, ED. so easy. no, they can't. to the republic they're all jedi. have you visited Dantoine when playing tsl lately? talk to a few people there. finally, i'll let Atton do the rest of the talking for me. if they can't tell the difference some years into the future, how can they now? HERO, ED. it's not the exact same. and heroes usually hold some weight with people, whoever they are.
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