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  1. Well... I was convinced that i cant fix the problem and deleted SWJA! I downloaded SW jedi outcast =SAME PROBLEM I went to nvidia .com downloaded driver and The game runs! I am currently searching for the jedi academy cds
  2. I have xp 256mb ram! What do you mean by vga cards?! Like nvidia?I have nvidia 2 and jedi academy runned on it before!Its just that i broke the cd !!! (thanks for the replyes!)
  3. I cant start the game!When I click on jasp or jamp there is a black screen and than when the little window showes it says GLW_StartOpenGL ()-could not load OpenGl subsystem! Do you need all the yellow text? Im a noob so pls tell me what to do to start the game! When I read the requirements I think maby some of this is the problem : Graphics: 32Mb OpenGL 1.4 compatible PCI or AGP 3D Accelerator card Help pls! Thanks in advance!
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