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  1. I've lived in the United States my entire life and have never been to any other countries before. However on Friday (March 20, 2009), I will be leaving the United States and going to Jonathanland (Jonathanland City, Region 1, Jonathanland). I am going there and am going stay with my uncle for a couple days (which is good, since I won't have to pay the taxes there if I am staying with him), he even gave me one of his two guest rooms. This is really exciting for me, it's my first visit to a country other than the United States. I will be returning to the United States on Saturday (March 21, 2009).
  2. I've played various RTS games, here is my take on them. It should be noted that this is in response to "Starcraft vs SupremeCommander vs Dawn of War.". StarCraft: Brood War Fantastic game and personally, my favorite video game. It combines all the elements needed to make a successful game. It's still got about 1 million active players who log onto Battle.net each day and is still sold wherever games are sold (even though it was released in 1998, over a decade ago). Multiplayer Use Map Settings is what really separates this gem from the rest of the games out there, Multiplayer Use Map Settings on Battle.net, along with stat tracking, ladder, tournaments, live tech support, channels, automatic patching, a anti-hacking/cheating system, ignore lists, forums, friends lists, etc. make Battle.net the most popular online gaming service ever (statistics show that Battle has 10 times more players than Xbox Live). Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Warcraft III is StarCraft, but 3D (and some hero units can hold items and level up). Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition Think of this as a pre-StarCraft form of StarCraft. For both races (including the Elves with the Humans), the Orcs and the Humans (which joined together with the Elves) are pretty much the same. There are however, a few small differences between the two races' units' statistics. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade A fun game, I played it on single player. I tried it on multiplayer, it's sort of a rip off of Battle.net, but then again, so is pretty much everything else since Battle.net was the first online gaming services to have chat rooms, friends lists, etc. However when I logged in, I couldn't play games, some sort of firewall problem, I tried to fix it but, StarCraft is better so I haven't really gotten around to fixing the problem yet. Star Wars: Force Commander This game got horrible reviews, but don't let that fool you, it's actually a fun game. The game is (unlike most RTS games) not based around resource gathering. In fact, you don't even gather resources, you capture enemy (and neutral) Command Bunkers and get command points to create units, structures, etc. The multiplayer for the game could use a little work, it relied almost solely on the Internet Gaming Zone, which is now pretty much defunct (the service exists in name only, no games actually work on it, but it is still a technically a corporeal entity). The game is considered by many to be the first 3D RTS game ever. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns Take Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and rename the units "Lando Calrissian", "Luke Skywalker", "Princess Leia", "Chewbacca", and "Han Solo" and you have Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 This game is alright. It is kind of a rip off of Command & Conquer though. The game is the "sequel" (more like spin-off) to G-NOME, which is a combination of a Mech Simulation, First-Person Shooter, and Third-Person Shooter. However, unlike G-NOME, this is a RTS. So you have the same four major factions (not including Sheridan Rebels, since they all died in G-NOME), these factions are the: Union (Human), Darken, Scorp, and the Bendian Mercenary Provisional Republic (Merc). The game is extremely glitchy and had several problems in development. One such problem was 7th Level (the developer and publisher of G-NOME and Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3) going defunct, as well as the company that picked up the title (Ion Storm not knowing how to make a game, just like the new publisher ( Eidos Interactive) didn't. Age of Empires Originally a good game, however, it needs better multiplayer. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings Age of Empires but with better graphics. Strifeshadow I've only played the demo of this, but it seemed like it had potential. It has a few problems though, there is absolutely no way of knowing what to do in the game (as there are no instructions), and nobody plays it. It has a system similar to Battle.net, however, unlike Battle.net, nobody is ever on Strifeshadow. Star Trek: Armada A fun game with a system similar to Battle.net (that system is called the World Opponent Network). Star Trek: Armada II Not as good as the first one. Star Trek: New Worlds Not worth buying, it doesn't even work (not right anyway) on Windows XP. Supreme Failure (I mean Commander) Chris Taylor forgot how to make a RTS and so he made a game that was worse than Cybernoid (don't download that game, if you do, you might kill yourself, but you have a better chance of killing yourself if you go on the official Supreme Commander forums). Unfortunately two forums modeled themselves after the official Supreme Commander forums, these forums are The Warcraft Occult (The Warcraft Occult isn't quite as bad however), Forum Sector (don't click the link to Forum Sector, it is a child pornography site [it used to be a StarCraft fansite, but then rustyslacker joined and started posting some stuff, including bad pictures]). Total Annihilation Extremely awesome, it's just like Battle.net, you can play for free on PhoeniX WorX. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Not as fun as the first one, but still fun, nonetheless. Golems Don't buy this. Majesty It's pretty fun, and different. Command & Conquer: Red Alert Fun. Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor Fun. Command & Conquer: Red Alert II: Yuri's Revenge Fun. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm Fun. Battallion Wars Thank god I'm done with the Command & Conquer games, now then, Battalion Wars. Battalion Wars is a console RTS game (for the Nintendo GameCube). It is fun. Dune 2000 A Dune game! But Frank Herbert's Dune Online is better. Age of Sail It is very slow paced. Shattered Galaxy A fun MMORTS game. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Where is the Battle.net? Theatre of War One of the oldest RTS games that is still on the market. This came out in like 1994 and you can still buy it. Shogun: Total War I haven't really had much experience with this game, so I can't say much about it.
  3. Please use the proper format when creating a character for American Revolutionary War, the proper format can be found [here.
  4. Are you being sarcastic (as in you know that I purposely took screenshot then as a joke?) but i did finally fix the problem and the game works again.
  5. lol, I purposely looked at that topic when I took screenshot, to make it funny.
  6. Should this say "girls", since most "guys" don't care about "Twilight"?
  7. I don't see Sandtrooper on there.........
  8. I keep getting this runtime error every time I run it, please help!
  9. Force Commander is definitely my favorite.
  10. Does anyone here want to play a game of Star Wars: Force Commander? I use version 1.0 (because version 1.1 is really glitchy and LucasArts and Ronin Entertainment haven't released a version 1.2 yet to fix the glitches and improve the game more). So if you want to play a game, please contact me or reply to this topic on my forum (or post a new topic or poll on the Star Wars: Force Commander forum on my message board).
  11. I have recently acquired high speed Internet (Cable), however now I can't host on StarCraft (no one can join my games anymore), I was able to host fine when I had dial-up (56k). I think it may have something to do with my router, please help.
  12. I bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on November 8, 2008 and first played it on November 9, 2009. I have been having trouble with the game, sometimes my character will "freeze" and not be able too move (unless I click on a action if one is near but after my character does the action it still won't be able too move. The only way to "unfreeze" your character is to exit the entire game program (you can't save it because it will just load messed up then, I think) and then launch the game again. This ussually happens near fog, the game will also lag considerably when the fog is in hte game. It only happens in a certain mission critical area in the game, though I don't know the name of the area. normal screenshot: http://kupax.com/files/4798_iaz88/frozenkotr2.bmp Xfire screenshot: http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/xgmx/ss_file-9cee887b39d41d7f05edf237a3bcf0a73b6e9f64.jpg DxDiag: http://files.filefront.com/DxDiagtxt/;12303444;/fileinfo.html
  13. I am the CEO & founder of a small video game developer and publisher, Reenactor Entertainment. We have released several massively multiplayer online games and a first-person shooter and I am curious as to if LucasArts would be interested in releasing a first-person shooter game called "Star Wars: Battle of Hoth" in which the game exclusively takes place during the Battle of Hoth however it expands upon it. If you do not decided to take up our offer, might I request permission for my studios to develop the game with your permission?
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