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  1. I posted my pics, did you see them?
  2. Yeah, I really like my saber, and hes right, it isnt magnificent for saber locks, but its ok, but for dueling etc its awesome.
  3. Berro Deboc LOL I like my name
  4. so, whos got theirs? just takin a poll lol........
  5. lol, im like 30 min- hour from West Palm.
  6. The lightech sabers seem to be made of metal or strong titanium, or aluminum, they are all made of the same thing. Mine is very durable, and seems to be like some type of metal, dont know the exact thing.
  7. You can detatch the blade from the hilt. And you also have an option, if you want, you could get the t3 for 90$, its pretty good deal for 90.
  8. An hour from Miami FL here. Its hard to explain the material of the wall, its.... a wall.
  9. The truth is the very first showing I believe is on may 12th, and it is a special charity event going on in the U.S, so the expensive tickets which are bought, a lot of money goes to charitable causes. So the real first showing is the 12th.
  10. Yeah its a white wall, just let me know if you ordered one, maybe we can duel some time...
  11. well, i dont like parks, since they both use the same blade, they are both the same amount of sturdyness, The lightech ones are virtually unbreakable, as I smacked it against my wall, and my wall chipped, and all the blade got was a little scratch. I love my lightech, i got the defender, it is cheaper then those parks, and I just think more time and effort go into lightech. And since multiple orders come in everyday, they just keep building em, so when you wanna order, it only takes a week in comparison to parks 9 weeks. Comparison: Lightech: Strong, fancy, look good in pictures and real life, fun to play with, My personel prefrence, and probably yours, blades last hella long keep comming out with new ideas Parks : Same strength, look terrible, the crappy red thing on the tip of the blade, have had bad expiereinces with parks making it no fun at all So my overall choice is lightech and I am not trying to start a war in any way, so dont flame me, just giving my 2 cents. And If you buy from lightech, tell him Ross from the Academy sent you. - Ross "JediSith999" Berger Jedi Academy Leader
  12. Well considering that these sabers rule and are so kick @$$, I just had to get one, ive wanted one for around 3 months , these things rule! and I am not I repeat NOT]/b] naked. - Ross "JediSith999" Berger Jedi Academy Leader
  13. i always have shorts or pants on lol, i just never wear a shirt for some reason lol - Ross "JediSith999" Berger Jedi Academy Leader
  14. ALL PICS ARE UNEDITED Rest of the pics: - Ross "JediSith999" Berger Jedi Academy Leader
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