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  1. Sorry, guys, I meant to give you all a link, but I can't on my phone. Google in "Cryptic Yume". Feedbacks and critiques are welcomed. I say this because this is my first webcomic I'm practicing on to become a good comic book artist in the future. Thanks! :)

  2. ((Sorry I took long to reply. Finals are coming next week and I've been crazy busy. :cry8: ))


    "Yeah..." he said doubtfully. "I'm sure he will."


    Lyna smiled after Cade left. She too went to her quarters to get her things. When Cyan jumped on the bed, Lyna sighed sadly. "I'll just go with my nickname: Midnight. What'cha think, girl?"


    Cyan snorted, disagreeing. "Oh, c'mon. Cade said he need time with this. And... he knew the old Lyna than anyone else. I'm gonna stick with Midnight for now. 'Kay?" The little binjinphant sighed and jumped on Lyna's shoulder, licking her cheek.


    "Ha ha. Thanks, Cyan. C'mon." The young woman and her little friend went out the room and towards the entry ramp.




    Saluna and Tino smiled. "No problem!" they both said. What they didn't know was that Xan was only using them to capture Lyna's clone and bring her to Sethos.

  3. "For the moment alright," Takeda replied switching to the cold emotionless tone. He mentally scolded himself and let out a sigh. "A few of Akagi's men were going to train with me, you are more than welcome to join us," he added in, his tone much softer than before.


    Asuka looked at Takeda sadly and looked down. Then she had an idea. "If I say yes, maybe this'll be a chance to win his heart back..." She looked back up and quietly replied with a smile, "Yes. Yes, I'd like that very much."


    "Asuka..." He said with a smile. "It is good to see you again."


    "Akagi!" She hugged him with a smile. "Good to see you again." After that, she smiled at the two and the samurai.

  4. "Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control, this is the Justice on approach and requesting permission to land?" Cade spoke into the comm unit.


    They waited for their response.


    "...Well?" Cade pressed on to Lyna, while waiting for a responce from control. "Why are we looking for a Hutt named Vedo in a place like Nal Hutta?"


    Lyna turned to Cade and smiled sheepishly. "Oh! I forgot to answer your question. Sorry. Well, I contacted Vedo and asked him if his information brokers could bring up Sethos' whereabouts and where I can find him. We'll meet up with him and see what he's got so far."


    Finally, the intercom came through. "Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control to Justice, you have permission. Please land in Docking Bay 44."


    "Thank you," Lyna replied, and landing in the Docking Bay 44. She then looked at Cade. "Don't worry, Cade. I'm sure Vedo will be glad to finally meet us."




    Saluna and Tino began to search for Lyna's presence in the Galaxy. Their grandmother taught them this special Force technique ever since they were both little. So, they were pretty skilled with it.


    Finally, they both shot their eyes open. "Nal Hutta," they both replied, and looked at Xan and the others.

  5. "Alright gang, its showtime. Tino, I need you to come over here. You and Saluna have to find this Lyna clone through the force. We need to get to her before Sethos does," Xan said.


    Saluna and Tino nodded with a bright smile. "We'll do our best," Saluna replied.




    "So we're after a Hutt named... Vedo was it?" Cade recalled. "What exactly are we extracting from him? Keeping in mind that entirely depends on what sort of reputation he holds as a Hutt. They are understandably one of the most paranoid species in the galaxy."


    Lyna chuckled as they went through the atmosphere of Nal Hutta. "That's very true. One time, I met Queen Jools, the Hutt you guys use to see at her cantina. At first, she didn't believe that I was the clone of Lyna. But after I told her my story and took off my goggles, she was totally surprised."


    She looked for a landing pad to land the ship near the Hutt Palace.

  6. Asuka stood up and walked away from her spot. As she walked, she spotted Takeda and Akagi. She desperately wanted Kaneda to know that she never really abandoned him. However it was going to turn out, she'd still keep trying.


    The young girl breathed calmly with eyes closed. "I can do this. I can do this..." She opened her eyes and walked towards them. She then stood a few feet from Takeda and Akagi.


    "Hey, guys," Asuka said, smiling sheepishly, "How are you guys doing?"

  7. As Lyna sat there looking at the view, Cade came in and sat on the co-pilot's seat.


    "How did you get this ship, if you dont mind me asking..."


    The young woman smiled. "Well... Master Tapps, an old friend of Lemia's, gave it to me. He's the Kaminoan that created me. I'm really grateful that he gave me this ship. I call her Justice."


    Suddenly, the red light blinked. "Oh! Nal Hutta, finally." She turned off the hyperspace, and Nal Hutta came into view. "Well... here we are." She looked over at Cade and smiled.

  8. Asuka was meditating by a tree with legs crossed. As she meditated, she started to think about Takeda. All that they've been through and all the adventures they had. Deep down, he knew that she still loved her. And that she loved him. He probably didn't want to admit it.


    "Why don't you just end your life...?" a demon said to her, that was in a black mist form. "He will never love you like he did before. Why waste your time? Time and life doesn't matter anymore..."


    Asuka glared with her eyes closed still. "Go back to the shadows of the abyss, demon. I will hear nothing that you have to say to me. I found my peace. I will find a way to be with Takeda again. Even if he doesn't love me anymore..."


    "You poor, misguided child. Takeda has given up on you. Face the facts. You know this to be true. Until we meet again..."


    The demon laughed, and faded away. Asuka opened her eyes, sitting still with tears streaming down her blinded, angry eyes. "He still loves me. I know it..."

  9. Cyan squealed, and licked Cade's cheek. She then went back to the cockpit where Lyna was.


    Lyna continued to rest in the cockpit, waiting for the signal to go off for Zeltros' approach. All of a sudden, she felt something jump on her lap. She woke up surprised and saw Cyan. "Hey girl. You saw Cade?" Lyna asked, petting her head.


    The little binjinphant smiled and purred.




    Tino looked at Quaver, after he said 'Ow'! He then smiled when he saw he was okay. "It's great meeting ya too!"


    Saluna smiled and held on to the seat handle. "Holding on, captain! Whoo!"

  10. The young girl helped the villagers, seeing if they needed anything. She felt bad that she left the Leaf village, but she had to calm that hurtful spirit. Was it worth it?


    Two days later...


    Asuka played a flute while sitting on a tree branch. She figured if Karela or the others needed her, she'd be sitting on the branch playing her flute. This was one of the methods the monks told her about: playing a flute to calm herself.

  11. Lyna nodded at Cade with a smile. Then she put the ship in auto-pilot. She sat on her pilot chair to rest. The binjinphant, Cyan, went towards Cade. When she got to him, she jumped on his shoulder and sqeaked happily. It's been a long time since she saw her "frenemy".




    Tino smiled at Quaver brightly. "Nice to meet you! I'm Tino."


    Once they got on Xan's ship, the man began to arrange where everyone might be. After he told Saluna that she might sit on the chair with him, she grinned. "I don't mind."

  12. "Do you have an idea on what we should do Asuka?" Takeda asked her.


    Asuka glanced back, looking at Takeda. She came back, only to have an upset expression on her face. "You know what, Takeda? Before I answer your question, I have something really important to tell you. I know you still don't want to talk to me after the Shinobi incident, but that's fine. I have no reason to feel guilty. You know why? Because I sent a letter to you, saying that I was going to visit the monks to help me find inner peace with myself and that I would come back to the village. But you never wrote back. I was upset and stayed in that temple until I was free from my split personality side. I thought something terrible happened to you that day! I still love you, even if you hate me.


    And that previous question you asked about what we should do? We should have all our family and friends back together. That's what we should do!" And with that, she stormed off, and sat by a river, looking down with tears streaming down.

  13. ((Still in! Been hectic and busy... >< ))


    Asuka stood there, ashamed and saddened. Now Takeda hated her. It was her fault. All her fault...


    "No! I will not let negativity get to me. But I know what I must do." She turned to walk away, away from the others. She knew that everything changed. Even her friends and Takeda. They just didn't see that she had peace within her now.


    "What happened? I mean I meditated and finally found peace within myself. But... why can't I just make things right?" She sighed and continued to walk.

  14. "Hey cutie, thanks for helping us out back there. You too little man. When we get to the ship I'm gonna need you guys to try to contact Lyna through the Force."


    Saluna nodded with a smile. "Sure thing. And you're welcome. You must forgive my family. Ever since Lyna's death, they have been grievance and trusted no outsiders. I also sense the Dark Side trying to take over the Ysanna. But Tino and I keep them together, as we keep ourselves in the Light Side of the Force."


    Tino smiled, and nodded his head happily. He looked at Quaver. Perhaps he could speak to him and get to know him. Family or not, Tino loved to make new friends.




    "I'm back. Whats available for accomodation?"


    Going back to reality, Lyna looked up at Cade and smiled. "Oh, hello. Um... you can rest in one of the passenger quarters. Number 3 is open." She began to set course for Nal Hutta. "We'll also be in Nal Hutta shortly. Make yourself at home." And with that, the engines of the Justice came on and the ship lifted off the ground of the docking bay.

  15. Asuka stood there, listening to their conversation. She then looked over at Takeda. She felt ashamed for leaving him behind. If only she could talk to him and explain herself. But even if she did... would he listen? This is one of the main reasons she didn't want to come back.


    "Um, guys? I... I don't think you need me. I mean... I finally found inner peace. And... I don't want to be a burden to you all. I mean... there are some people who might not want me back," Asuka said, looking at Takeda sadly. "I mean... if you guys want me to, I can help anyway I can." The young girl looked down quietly.

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