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  1. Hey, that's cool! Maybe someday I'll see your artworks! Just keep up the good work. :)

  2. Mmm... Maybe. But when I get to that college, I'm gonna try out for Comic Art. The best thing is, you can publish your works to Darkhorse. :D

  3. Hey, that's cool! For me, I graduate in 2010. I also plan on going to this awesome Art College called MCAD. ;)

  4. Oooh. I'm sorry to hear that. Ya know what'll cheer you up? Watching your favorite Star Wars movies! :) Nah, just kiddin'...

  5. Somewhere in November. After that, we get report cards. Yeah... that's basically it. Hopefully, during our holidays, we can post here! :)

  6. Oh... Look on the bright side though! Maybe you'll have enough time to be here again when the holidays come. Would that count as good?

  7. Aww, don't worry, PK. I started to get use to this too, so... you're not the only one. :p

  8. Hey, that's good news though! As for me, I've been doing good too. But it's good to have you again, Shan. :)

  9. Sheesh! Tell me about it...

  10. Aw man... that's crazy! Being sick and make up for all homework? Woah...

  11. Man... that's crazy!

  12. Good to see you again, Shan! Yeah, Junior year can be tough. I've got enough homework as it is too! Man... anyway, don't feel bad. You're not the only one. :lol:

  13. Man, don't you guys have any fun during summer vacations? I mean, not to sound hysterical or anything. Sorry...

  14. Wow. All that to do? *whistles* I'm already in an AP school, and I have to check my schedule to see what kind of classes I'm taking. Yeah, everybody's getting ready for school. Blast!

  15. Aw yeah! My friend is totally a fan of it! She even got the wallpapers of Lawliet on her computer. :lol:

  16. Oh, it's a great comic book series! I already have #1-26 now. :D

  17. Hey, that's great news! By the way, did you ever hear of the Star Wars Legacy comic series?

  18. Oh, I see. Anyway, it's good to hear from you again, Shan. We all missed you! ^_^

  19. Oh, cool! Friends from other places! :)

  20. Aww man! Sorry to hear that. But don't worry. I'm sure you guys will see each other when you get back to school. :)

  21. I've been doing okay lately. I had a chance to hangout with my friends, which was good. But I agree too. I'm more like a School person than a Summer Vacation person! It's like you get in more trouble in Summer Vacation than you do in School days! Not that I was getting into any trouble... :lol:

  22. It sure has! How ya been? :)

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