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  1. Awesome! I'm gonna check it out right not! :D

  2. Shana!! Whazzup?! :D

  3. I got an idea. Later on in the story, the clone of Lyna can duel Sethos, while he's surprised that the clone of Lyna is actually alive. Someone, a Sith spy, told Sethos that Lyna was "back from the dead". So he sent assassins to kill the new Lyna, one of the assassins being Cyborg's character. But when he faces the female clone, he might be surprised. However you want him to react. :p What'cha think?

  4. I know... but sometimes, no one replies to my PM's or VM's. But It won't happen again. Thank you. :)

  5. I'm really sorry about not PMing Tysy.

  6. *grins mischieviously* Sure! Let's do it. :3

  7. Thanks! Hope everything goes well with ya too! :D

  8. Ah, okay! I'll be on the look out for your rp. ;)

  9. Finally! I mean, thank you! :D

  10. Hey, you wanna join my Fighting for Peace RP?

  11. Hey, Tysy? Um... can I post on Check and Mate now?

  12. Aww, I know how ya feel... Great to see you again though. :hugs:


    I've been doing all right. In college now, finding a job, hangin' out with family... a little busy too. Other than that, I'm good. ^^

  13. AAAAAAAAHH!!!! *glomps* CQ! We missed you!!

  14. I also posted the RP for Star Wars: Fighting for Peace.

  15. Darn! Ah well. Thanks! :)

  16. Hey, um... where do you want me to meet you guys in Check and Mate?

  17. Hey Hunger! I'm starting another RP, based on a Monster world. Would you like to join?

  18. Hey, you still wanna do the RP?

  19. All righty. You're welcome. ^^

  20. Finally made the new Casting call thread for the second chapter, MA. :D

  21. Awesome! Take your time, my friend. Look forward to seeing your CS. :D

  22. Did you get the PM?

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