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  1. Yep! Already sent it to you. :^:

  2. Hey, Tysy? Did you get my PM I sent you?

  3. Totally understand. Thanks! :D

  4. I know. But thank you anyway, for helping me. :^: Also, once Sethos escapes, the Sith will be overjoyed that Lyna's dead (they think she is ;) ) because Lyna's mom, Sasha, before she died by Sethos, prophesized to him that Lyna would stop Sethos' empire.


    And you're very welcome. Do you still want to play the role of Sethos in the next chapter or do you want me to? It doesn't matter. :)

  5. Finally! Everyone posted on the Legacy rp. Now would probably be a good time for Cade to get into one of his moods. :sweat:

  6. That was a brilliant post, MA! The last part where Sethos says he was like Lyna before touched me. :) After a few more posts, like when Sethos escapes back to his throne world of Coruscant, we'll start the new chapter/thread. Sounds good?

  7. Oh no. I'm not killing Lyna off. Trust me. I have a surprise for you guys. Make sure you post though. :D


    And yeah, I'll try to make a new RP of the chapter. Thanks! ^^

  8. I posted on the Legacy RP. Plus, I did a timeskip so nobody would have to wait around. Syana (my character, the former Sith girl) asked Atrila something and is helping her. Hey, they might even become friends. :D

  9. I posted on the Legacy RP. I also did a timeskip, where Sethos can now impale Lyna through her back and Force push her off the cliff, into the jungle. Plus, Phantom Knight is still waiting for you (as Slate) to answer his question. Thanks.



  10. I'm doing great! How 'bout you? :)

  11. Awww!! Thank you, Chev! And I'll try to have a good B-Day! ^^


    Oh, don't worry. Halana, the chieftess of the Ysanna, is going to ask you for your help anyway. :)

  12. Thank you! :hugs: How's everything going?

  13. Still in Legacy RP? I got a surprise coming up. Hint: Something's going to happen to Lyna. :cry6:

  14. I understand. And thanks. :)


    And yes, I definitely still want to do the RP. ^^

  15. I know you're probably tired of hearing me say this but... you still up for the Sethos deal? If not, I can do it. I don't mind. :)

  16. Happy Be-lated Birthday!


    Yeah, I know. I'm late. Hope you had a great B-Day though! :^:

  17. Ah, cool! That's great! I pray that you stay safe. I'm so glad to see ya too. ^^


    I also missed you! *hugs and cries* :^:

  18. Sorry I haven't responded, logan. Been really busy with school and all. :(

  19. Waiting on Slate and Sethos on Legacy RP, MA. :)

  20. Hey, Cyborg! :^:


    How ya doing?

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