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  1. Oooh, so Sal is the MM! And Melany was beginning to... ahem, never mind. Thank you for the help! :D


    Hey if I leave... would you take over my character? I mean, if you want. :)

  2. Hey, Cyborg. How ya doing? :)

  3. I'm very sorry I haven't been on the RP, Tysy. In this August, I'll be going to college and be more focused on my career.


    Is it okay if I get a recap? :)

  4. Waiting for ya on Legacy, buddy. :^:

  5. With so many RP's I'm doing, I'm kinda full. :(


    I'll think on it though. ;)

  6. Awesome. :)


    So, what's the 1st seat?

  7. Thank you. :D I'll move the character sheet to your new thread. Plus, Saluna's waiting on your reply on Legacy. ;)

  8. Awesome. I'm doing all right. Actually... I'm having a good summer vacation. :^:

  9. The battle is on in Legacy RP! :D


    BTW, how are you, Cyborg? :)

  10. I'm sorry. I'm still working on my character.

  11. Where's Sethos, Betrayer? :(

  12. That's the beauty of it. But wait till you see what happens during the story. ;)


    But... are you really talking of me? I'm fine, don't worry. :hugs:

  13. Yep! She's one tough cookie.

  14. I'll send it through PM. :)

  15. I'll send it through PM. :)


    You read my last visitor message concerning Legacy RP?

  16. Hey, good idea! :) You got a Yahoo Messenger?

  17. Booze, eh? :lol: Yes, if that would happen.

  18. :lol:


    Yep! And this year, I'll be 19. :D

  19. Oh, okay. ^^


    I worry a lot, don't I? :p

  20. Oh. Thought everyone in Star Wars thinks Death sticks are terrible. All right then. :)


    So... I'm not being too harsh onthe RP?

  21. Yay! :D


    A death stick is a mild hallucigen. It's kinda like a colored drug that blocks the Force from a Force user a little.


    Oh! Was I too harsh on Onasi?

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