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  1. I don't think that new jedis should have that robe. And I don't think that quest is released. Elder Robes for Elders.
  2. I know, but hte offer is for all the accoutns? ALL?
  3. All the accounts have been reactivated with that promotion that u announce in the HOMEpage of SWG.net? I mean if ALL the innactive accounts are up for this promotion. I odn't want to chech it because if I do the promotion will start and I want to wait some days so I may catch some time of CHapter 7.
  4. Hello! Well, I am waiting to see a good change to SWG a big content adding to subcribe again, I really like this game, but now, I have nothing to do... I need content to play, I know that in chapter 7 some exciting news will come and I will subscribe surely but..a new expansion, new planet, new races, maybe new calss, maybe an hero one, maybe some other crafting proffessions, other items, new houses, etc etc... Waht do you think? I will surely buy it.
  5. I think that another Star Wars mmorpg will give LA lots of money...today SWG isn't played by many people. ANd a new generation MMORPG would bring back the Star Wars saga to the MMORPG's World. 95% of the explayers of SWG will try it and surely enjoy it. ANd all the poeple that is so bored of so many orcs, swords, trolls, elves and castles.( eq2, vanguard, lotro, wow, war, conan...) And if Bioware develops it with lucyas arts without SOE it wil be a great succes.!!
  6. Hello! I am Awoha of Radiant server, and I will use my free 21 days to get back to the game when Chapter 6 is released. I would like to ask you, developers, some little questions: 1st- I would love to get some new content for mid lvl 45-70 to get levels quickly because it makes a little boring level up at this levels. I think that hunting groups in some hivh level planets like Dantooine would help a lot this game. 2nd - Content for high end, a difficult instance in Danthomir or Talus like Geonosian Lab or DWB were. Or a new theme parck like Gungan underwater city or a thing like Aurillian Village ( I loved that quests, they were so original) It is something like that going to be added soon? 3rd - I would like to see cities like Theed or Coronet full of people again, now Mos Esley is the most populated but there are lots and lots of people that stay out of the cities because there is no reason to go there and I think that the community that SWG had was the best I have ever seen, and it will be amazing to see lots of people another time. 4th - Will , we, the players who are not subscribed at the moment get our houses completly removed from the game when chapter 6 releases?? I think that getting them at the datapad would be great.
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