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  1. I sometimes overprice items if I see the only ones left have a couple of hours left on them. I do have a question about the ignore system in this game as I have been told different things How exactly does the ignore function work? For instance lets say I put Lynk on my ignore list does this mean he can't see me when I log in or I just can't see him and get messeges from him. Also if I was in the guild and it is the former where he can't see me then can he still see me in the guild when we are both online?
  2. will try to answer the crafting questions as best I can The exotic materials (ie. synthetic matrixes and molecular stabilizers etc.) only dropped at the end of ops. I am not sure if they still do or not. I haven't played a story mode Karaggas or Exsplosive Conflict or Eternity Vault in some time. I do know in hard mode I don't think they drop anymore. You can also get them in cartel packs from time getting 5 or 10 at a time. Other than those 2 places the gtn is about the only place. As far as reversve engineering items to get purples you can go from green to purple on all items up to level 49 if you don't have the exspansion. The dread guard you have to re the purple to get the schematic as well as the classic gear and the old rakata gear you can buy from the makeb vendor with planetary comms. I this helps and I hope I am right on this.
  3. Okay that picture tells me everything I needed to know about acc. Thank you Mav. And I thought Alacrity now affected cooldowns but I could have misread that somewhere as well, it may have been the global cooldown I was reading about. It may have been I wasn't casting it fast enough. In any case he was getting stacks quickly and I was constantly having to use it. I wil have to relook at that cause I don't remember if it is an instant cast or not.
  4. yeh the Makeb stuff is eating up my inventory as well I think in his guide he did mention the 2.0 curve in DR stats. Also mentions using crit but that he has heard 2 ways of since the 2.0 of some crit and then power and no crit and all power. Also mentioned he would check into this, which I am not too worried about, my commando has all power and does pretty good damage. Was mainly wondering about the acc and surge part. So when I hit C on my keyboard and my character screen comes up under Acc I want it to say 100% without hovering my mouse over it to see the bonus acc no matter what, and if I have full affection with my comp and anything higher is basically better? But shouldn't worry about putting points into it if it is over 110? If I am reading this correctly. Also, finally finished 2 lvl 55 HMFP's as a healer on my Sorc. Discovered my Alacrity of all things isn't where it needs to be. But we did Hammerstation and Mando Raiders. Hammer was the first one and the tank died on the first boss because my purge couldn't cooldown fast enough basically. But I did get him back up quickly and we didn't wipe. The tank we had was great as I hardly had to even touch the 2 dps with us with heals at all. Mando Raiders we got to the first boss again with the dogs and it was kinda all over the place. The dps did a good job of keeping the dogs away from me for the most part so I wasn't getting knocked around this time. Once again benefited from a great tank who knew how to keep agro from the dps so I only had to heal him. Only times we wiped were on the bonus boss on both FP's which none of us had ever done before. Took us a couple of tries before we finally got a rythem with both of them. Did try Athiss as well but the big dog kept getting us. Both Dps wasn't taking care of the adds. Hard for only one of them while the other kept trying to kill the boss. Tank left shortly thereafter as did the other dps.
  5. So, when you guys say 110% accuracy do you mean 100% and it winds up being 110% with your bonuses? Or is it 110% and 110%+ with the bonuses? Just curious cause I have almost 100% on my RDPS and a little over 100% on my Sent. Another I forgot about earlier, the Gunnery commando guide says (done by Jogelav sp?) say 110% accuracy and 600 surge. Not sure how I am susposed to do this. Is this with highest rated gear? I have close to 100 maybe 99.89% or something acc but only 300 surge. No crit rest power like 952 power I think. My ear and implants have accuracy and power and then I used accuracy enhancements to get that high but there doesn't seem to be enough to get surge that high. Just wondering Also just a gripe why can't you sell the Makeb rep items for credits but you can all the other rep items for Section X, Voss and others for credits?
  6. Looks like I will be doing the same
  7. thank you for clearing that up for me. I went with all the A lettered mods on all my toons and might rethink that now. Also clearing my one gun vs two guns of damage. I am glad you understood what I was talking about. So would the same apply to sages and the resolve mods? Would it be better to go with the unlettered? I noticed today that with a stim and the four buffs I had 3152 in willpower. While my heals seem to be great would they get better with unlettered mods? Basically is it the same formula for willpower as it is for cunning I guess?
  8. So another question I guess this would be for Mav since he did the gunslinger guide on the website. In the guide you mention there has been talk of going no crit and all power by people even tho you still suggested using crit and gave good reasons for it. As a gunslinger compared to a sniper would it be better going more power since you are doing more damage per second with 2 guns as opposed to a sniper who takes one shot at a time? I would think a sniper would benefit from the crit more since he has the one shot at a time on most of his/her shots and the slinger would benefit from more power since he/her is firing multiple shots at a time. For one shot at time I would think you are hoping it would crit. I don't know if on the slinger if it goes by you fired so this is the damage or if it goes by how many shots actually hit and that does the damage per shot. For instance snipe fires one shot for the sniper but twin fire fires multiple shots for the slinger. If it is confusing I will try to explain better. Also you mention going with unlettered mods and enhancements. I know the 28A mods give you more cunning and less power where the unlettered ones give you less cunning and more power. Is it a math thing where the main stat bonus doesn't give you as much oomph as just overall power in that scenario?
  9. While you could do Makeb with the tionese stuff I would do the Black Hole and Section X Dailies, and maybe even throw in the Ilum dailies to get classic comms and bump him up to campaign gear. You can do the regular FP instead of the HM flashpoints as they drop the same gear only difference is 1 classic comm per drop as compared to 2. But even the lvl 50 HM flashpoints are doable in tionese gear as a dps. Make sure you get stuff based with cunning, and check out the The Walking Carpets website for their guide for the sharpshooter Gunslinger if you are going far left tree on your sniper. They are the same thing for your sniper just different names. But it will give you an idea of how much power, crit and surge you want as well as good rotation to use. With Ilum and Black Hole dailies you only get classic comms unless you do the weekly Black Hole but with Section X you also get Basic comms which will be the next level of gear after the campaign stuff. Or if you have enough credits you could just buy the basic level gear mods armor and enhancements. (Anything with a 28 after it) They are pretty cheap on the gtn, at least on the Shadowlands server they are. If you have a good cybertech person you could even make the armor and mods yourself but I found almost just as easy and cheaper to buy the stuff. Edit. On a side note. If you do try Makeb right from the get go, You could get some good blue gear from armor to earpieces and implants. Makeb does have some really decent drops but also has drop for like lvl 47 to 49 for some reason. If you do the droid seeker missions you could get somre green 28 gear. But by the time you can get the droid seeker missions you should already be better geared from other drops. Personally I went the daily plus some FP's route with my Sentinel and reached lvl 55 and got better gear before even starting Makeb. Even did some warzones with her and got some pvp relics and implants for her. Edit again: Another thing to consider is if you have a lot of planetary comms you can go to the makeb vendor on fleet and buy rakata mods and armor and enhancements which is pretty much between tionese and campaign gear. I think it is basically rakata stuff. Gives you a little more to work with. I basically tho used those to gear out my comp starting out. I used the healer Dr. Lokin and then gave him my old stuff as I upgraded since both use cunning.
  10. Well I have noticed that in groups for heroics or big groups for world bosses and such I can get flagged or flag people, but in FP's it doesn't seem to happen. I don't know for sure about OP's like TFB or S&V or KP and others. Another question. Before 2.0 I had all the datacrons. Every planet I went to and searched and found them even got the +10 cron. When 2.0 came out I went to Makeb and got those crons. However on Alderaan it all of a sudden says 5 of 7 datacrons found. Are there 2 more datacrons on Alderaan now or is this just a glitch?
  11. Actually my HK's gun and shiv do have two stats on them as they have an aim barrel and cunning mod on them. Tho why a Shiv uses a barrel and not a handle I've never been able to figure out. As for reapplying skills I always refer to the TWC website and see what they say. They have a lot of intelligent people who have played way more than I have and give reasons why you want certain skill points in certain skills. I remembered my other questions. 1. I first thought of this during the Gree event and kept forgetting to ask. But if I am flagged pvp and in a group and heal someone outside of my group just to be nice do they get flagged? I ask this because my group was doing the heroic 4 Primary something or the other where you fight the big robot 3 times and the set of 3 robots 6 times. While we were fighting the big robot another group of 3 people using a very obviously poorly geared comp healer was doing the 3 robot thing and losing badly. So while I was healing my group I would toss the random circle in their direction to heal them as well and they wouldn't get flagged. I was afraid if I actually popped a bubble on them or used a direct heal on a certain member I would flag them pvp and some people get upset when they get flagged by something that is not their fault. I did whisper the tank after all the battles were over and said I was trying to help out without getting them flagged and he said he noticed and appreciated it and I just made 3 peoples friend list, also said he was impressed no one died from either group and that I was able to toss heals to both groups. Was a proud moment for Synfal my sorc healer. 2. This question is from more recent events. How do you figure out which way to go with the seeker droids? I get the green ring and solid bar on part of it. I move in the direction of the bar a few feet and drop the droid again and then bar points in a completely different direction. I move that way and get another direction. Then I get a red circle and can't find a green again until I am in a different area. Meanwhile my buddy gets the same thing on his bar is telling him to go in a different direction than mine and we are grouped up. Is there a secret to figuring out how this works? And for whatever reason the triangulation you can take doesn't seem to help out either.
  12. So a few questions As a healer I like using HK51 with me. HK has 2 primary stats in Aim and Cunning. Since molecular stabilizers dropped to like 10k on the gtn I have been buying them up and had my cybertech person build the assassin droid armor for him. However that armor is primarly aim and no cunning. So my question or questions is/are does his aim and cunning stack together or separate? Should I concentrate on getting everything into aim for him for max dps or is using a combo of the 2 the same? His original armor I think is all aim but his gun and shiv and implants and ear are all cunning. I have made him a better ear with aim and gave him a 28 aim barrel. He did just fine with me soloing End of Torvix even tho it took forever. Anyways was just wondering about his 2 primary stats where all other comps have just one. Another one is M14X or however you spell his name. I made him the mando armor droid set. It is all defense and absorb. The only power he has is from his BH gun I bought him with comms for a tank but he still does 1k damage with it. If I were to aug him should I go with Aim his primary stat or power for more damage or give him some absorb and defense augs? I haven't tried to solo Chasing the Shadow yet with him but I did use him once as a tank when our group couldn't find a fourth for it. And for the life of me I can't remember what my other two questions I had were.
  13. Yeh but my Sorc is a healer not dps I just read the updated version for the seer tho from the TWC site. Currently my sorc has 330 crit and around 450 surge with about 450 power but from theupdated version he says to get crit to around 200 or below and stack power now so I pretty much have my answer for a straight healer and non dps. However what you said does help me on my slinger, commando and sniper.
  14. So I finished Makeb with my gunslinger and ran the staged weekly and some of the dailies. Mob after mob after mob. My Commando still needs to finish Makeb and I need to start with my other toons. But gearwise I have noticed my cybertech can make the 28 gear. Yet the mods you get from the gear in the basic comms are different. IE you can get Adept mod 28 but your cyber only gets a schem for 28A which is more towards you main stat and less for power or crit. (I can't remember which it is for Adept off the top of head). It seems the gear you get with the basic comms is more towards endurance than main stat. Should I still be stacking main stat above everything else even if it means sacrificing power and crit. Like for my sorc I made a bunch of resolve armor 28's purple and the 2 mods that give you power or crit but the mods you get from the basic gear vendor when you buy the gear give you less willpower by like 20 but more power or crit by like 20. Would it be better to use the mods they give you instead of swapping out and using augments to replace the willpower you could have gotten?
  15. I am the same way, I will take responsibilty for a wipe even if I think something is not my fault. And it was the first boss in Mando Raiders, the guy with the 2 Akk dogs. As for guild I dropped out of my guild a while back when I realized they were more pvp oriented than OP oriented. My usual running buddy I do these things with is having computer issues so I am running solo right now trying to do what I can. I will read the dulfy bit. thanks for the link.
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