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  1. Yes i know many will disagree or refuse it comes down to a choice...i have my personal reasons why i decided to do this one being its become very time consuming. But this is no different than people asking for donations really...and i still offer free stuff so it works out for both sides

  2. Xarwarz I don't think many would agree or even tolerate your choice to go Premium but I have always used your texture packs and thought they were of the best quality out there. I will help you and get a Lifetime Membership. Good luck!

  3. Not sure, just higher resolution I guess. I know there are a few mods out there that have done similar things to already made planets. Like this one for example,



    It was just a thought when I remembered that some people have done it in the past.

  4. What would you suggest in a reskinned skybox? Right now, all I improved to it was giving it a slightly pinker hue. Besides, it is Korriban, and that is Korriban's skybox.

  5. Hey TimBob. I have had a recent issue with one of you mods, Tatooine Job Office. I believe it has caused an error where Helena, Bastila's mother will not show up in the Cantina.

  6. Looking forward to the Enhancement Pack. Can't wait! :)

  7. hi everyone, it has been a long time, how is it going with you all, and how is the proccess of the mod?

  8. hi, how is it going with the mod?

  9. hi, please read the post on our social group The mod lines, we have decided what we will do and i officialy and proudly can say that we can start making the mod!

  10. It is, I've just been waiting for contributors to contribute. Since I've been very busy with other projects as of late I haven't been worried about it. But since you asked about it, I should probably call and ask around. I've mostly been trying to get TriggerGod to complete his Sith Sniper Rifle. However, I must ask you not to hassle any of the contributors (that's my job :D ). If you'd like to contribute, feel free (it'd be greatly appreciated).

  11. You probably get a lot of this but I was just wondering what was up with the Revan's Cape Fix mod you were making.

  12. Hey I was wondering if the KOTOR Weaponry Project was still in the works?

  13. Hey anything about the LotOR mod you were taking up? I was looking forward to it.

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