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  1. Xarwarz I don't think many would agree or even tolerate your choice to go Premium but I have always used your texture packs and thought they were of the best quality out there. I will help you and get a Lifetime Membership. Good luck!

  2. Not sure, just higher resolution I guess. I know there are a few mods out there that have done similar things to already made planets. Like this one for example,



    It was just a thought when I remembered that some people have done it in the past.

  3. Hey TimBob. I have had a recent issue with one of you mods, Tatooine Job Office. I believe it has caused an error where Helena, Bastila's mother will not show up in the Cantina.

  4. Looking forward to the Enhancement Pack. Can't wait! :)

  5. You probably get a lot of this but I was just wondering what was up with the Revan's Cape Fix mod you were making.

  6. Hey I was wondering if the KOTOR Weaponry Project was still in the works?

  7. Hey anything about the LotOR mod you were taking up? I was looking forward to it.

  8. Hey I have not been on these forums for a LONG time. I just wanted to see how the work on your awesome mod was going. I can see work has been slow but thats ok.

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