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  1. You might want to consider uploading it as well. Not as your own work of course.... but so that other's can have access to it.
  2. You probably have the TSL version which needs to be converted over to KotOR.
  3. I'm not sure if this would be a texture edit, or a model edit but would it be possibly for someone to alter the Star Forge Robes and their Darth Revan counterpart robes so that it cuts/splits open at the legs so they look more like a cloak and less like a dress/skirt. The hooded and masked Revan robes AKA the original robes already had this opening but the extra piece of Red Cloth covers it up. It's always bothered me that the Dark Lord of the Sith or the Prodigal Knight would attempt to fight Darth Malak in such a movement restraining item of clothing like a dress REGARDLESS of sex.
  4. The mod was finished but it appears QDJ removed the links. He had some weird stick up his ass as you can see with ANY of his posts. I remember there being a second version.
  5. Xarwarz I don't think many would agree or even tolerate your choice to go Premium but I have always used your texture packs and thought they were of the best quality out there. I will help you and get a Lifetime Membership. Good luck!

  6. I had a request. I'm not sure how feasible it is but it is in regards to the final boss fight with Malak in KotOR. I hoping a mod could be made where instead of having to chase Malak around the room, while he goes draining the captured Jedi it could instead work like this. - You and Malak converse then engage as vanilla KotOR would. - You bring Malak down to his min amount of health, you converse again but this time instead of Malak using Drain on only one Jedi he uses Death Field on all the captured Jedi in the room. - You engage Malak again in a longer and more dangerous fight until you defeat him and the game continues as vanilla KotOR would with the ending dialogue between the PC and Malak so on and so forth. I know that you can instead run around the room and drain or release the Jedi yourself in order to save time but I find this extremely anti-climatic and tedious. The two most powerful characters in the story shouldn't need to do that in my opinion. I was thinking if it was possible he could match the PC in stats but I think that was a mechanic introduced in TSL. NOW onto my question... This my be a "touchy" one and I'm only asking it in the theoretical sense. Hell for all I know someone has done it but of course not released it for obvious reasons. It should be possible to transfer all of KotOR's modules, characters, scripts, etc over to TSL so that you can essentially play KotOR using TSL's engine? I understand that this is porting and hence why I am only asking about it theoretically. I have neither the time or the modding experience to do it myself. And finally would it still be considered porting if someone made this in a way that it required the user to have both KotOR and TSL installed on their computer and that it would transfer files FROM KotOR over to TSL? I know similar mods for this game and other games have worked off of this method in the past to avoid trouble.
  7. Personally I really like the new additions to Battlefield (from Bad Company 2 all the way up to Battlefield 4) and I know they've said this isn't going to be a Star Wars version of Battlefield but I think the influence alone could create a pretty good Star Wars game.
  8. Original and Prequel on Release, with Sequel trilogy as DLC corresponding with each movie as it's released.
  9. I always envisioned it as Jedi were the only ones with a strong enough connection to the Force for them to use the force to "weight" the blade as well as their focus.
  10. You might need to remove the light saber proficiency prerequisite from the lightsabers for this to work or give the characters the feat using the save game editor.
  11. A lightsaber's stat's and model is pretty much dependent on the color crystal. So one custom crystal will only produce a custom model if its supposed to. You won't be able to keep the model and switch the crystals in and out.
  12. Was able to fix the appearance.2da file. It was only the male and female soldiers that were replaced so I pretty much just needed to copy/paste PFBBL and PMBBL a number of times. Hopefully we can find a fix for the Bandon problem as well as I saw another thread with people having the same issue.
  13. I recently installed a mod that altered the appearance of the default clothing for the starting classes in KotOR 1. For example it changed the soldier class to use the standard Republic red and yellow/orange outfit. I was hoping to revert this back to the re-textured armor that SpaceAlex included in his Enhancement Pack. Any help? I'm guessing this is a simple .2da edit. Also. Not sure what mod it was. I think it was SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement Pack but there are two Darth Bandons on the Endar Spire during his intro sequence. Was hoping to fix this too.
  14. Interesting idea. I'm not sure if it's possible thought to split existing forcepower trees into separate things like splitting Force Storm off of Force Lightning.
  15. These are some great ideas but this isn't even something experienced modders undertake.
  16. If they released the SDK for the two games it would be much easier. But that's not gonna happen AFAIK.
  17. ^I don't think they'd include it in the New Ultimate Saber Mod since it's used by a character quite some time after TSL. Still a cool saber and I second the request.
  18. There are many ways you could go about it. Keep in mind that KotOR surrounds the idea of placing an identity within a body so it would be ironic for Revan to reprogram some body with the Prisoner's mind.
  19. I was about to say the same. I'm still not over the fact that ToR pretty much meant the death of the KotOR series....
  20. I'm just surprised that no one else has done something with it yet. So much could be done there especially after we've seen what Silveredge conjured up with BoS:SR.
  21. I believe 1 and 2 are done in either TSLRCM or HotOR.
  22. I'm surprised no one has made a mod surrounding this yet especially after BoS:SR was released. I always have wanted to be able to save the nameless Rakatan in the Mysterious Box that you are suppose to deliver to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine. Basically it would just be editing existing quests. It would require going into the Mysterious Box though instead of delivering it to Motta without hesitation. You keep the box until you go to the Unknown World and either The One or Ll'awa the researcher (Ll'awa will only help you after you've completed his side-quest) will help you free the prisoner. Here's where the options come in and are up to whomever wants to do this if anyone is interested. Freeing the prisoner could mean several different things. Obviously he will not be made one with his old body since that body is long gone. So either freeing can simply mean, finally letting the prisoner die painlessly (Lightside) Letting the prisoner die painfully (Darkside) or Transferring the prisoner's soul/mind into a living prisoner at either camp (Elder Camp or the One's Camp) and this would be neutral since it's sort of killing the living prisoner's soul/mind. The scope of this mod is ultimately up to any modder who wants to play with the idea. I just thought I post this for the hell of it. This mod could be rather small or even big depending on how much story/action/etc you'd want to add to it.
  23. Check the bottom of the second post. I included a link.
  24. I've just gotten to the point where you've found the third Star Map and have been captured by the Leviathan. It plays the cutscene of the Ebon Hawk being drifted through space towards the Leviathan as normal... BUT THEN this weird image appears of what I think is a "space + stars" texture with some other texture to the far right and then Bastila declares "This isn't finished Malak!" Clearly none of this is supposed to happen or at least not yet. Next I'm in the Ebon Hawk with all the party members in their proper position for the dialogue about who will infiltrate the Leviathan and free the rest of the party except there is no dialogue. All the party members are just standing there. I've tried talking to each of them to try and trigger the dialogue but that doesn't seem to be working. Strangely enough Canderous and Juhani have new dialogue that I don't think I ever seen before. I figured some script files got corrupted/deleted/etc or whatever but I'm not sure which ones. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! In case anyone else is having a similar problem, I found this thread and roughly followed the same directions which seemed to have fixed my problem.
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