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  1. Yeah, I can understand why they did it, but it would be nice to have some HUMAN perspective rather than American and a little bit Europen (that one guy on Noveria in the first one), one Indian guy in one glimpse (heavily steryotyped), and no Chinese people whatsoever.
  2. ((Alright, I'll be unavailable for the next week, until next Sunday; to all of you guys, just keep the story going while I'm gone, and hopefully it will be progressed by the time I'm back )) Revan nodded. "I see, Lord Kandor. It seems that I have made a lapse in judgement as to the strength of the Republic forces, and its will to fight us off. Well, as you can see, the war is already underway. We have completely taken Foerost, but only singly Republic base remains, and they are fighting well. I have relayed orders to the Captain in charge of the assault on that base, and she has given them term of surrender. Whether they surrender or die, Foerost is taken and Coruscan't lifeline is cut. Here is your next order, Lord-Marshall; if you return to the star Forge, you will find a fleet of Four Interdictor Class Capital ships, and the Dreadnought Deathreaver, a massive ship built off the Ravager, a great Republic ship lost at Malachor, which you may use as a flagship if you desire. You will also find five cruisers, six carriers, 26 frigates, and a total of about 5,000 fighter pilots. Take this mass of forces and lead an assault on the Republic world of Endethron IV. The Republic fleet their surpasse the one you will be leading in both firepower and numbers, but we have the will of the Force on our side. We will prevail. Take the fleet, and crush the Republic!"
  3. Hey, is anyone else bothered by the fact that nearly every human in the game is American? I know I'm being a pain, but come on, a small percentage of the human population is suddenly every single human outside Earth? It's really something I hope they fix for the third game, I mean what's the point of fighting for humanity when everyone in the Alliance sounds like they're all from one country?
  4. One thing I reall want to see in Mass Effect 3: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) A huge space battle between the Alliance and the Reapers over Earth. Like, you have to command the Alliance Dreadnoughts into position, and your tactics change the outcome of the battle, and the consequences. And I don't mean like a converstation wheel, like an actual battle map wehre you can move human dreadnoughts, cruisers, carriers, and fleets around in reference to Reaper ships. I would prefer if the Citadel is destroyed. It would show that Bioware isn't scared to make the tough decisions. Visiting the Turian homeworld would be pretty cool, too. Also, a Geth/Quarian war over the Quarian homeworld where you can decide who to side with would be aweseome.
  5. Yep. But your last two month post is going to have to go though . . . take some time to control taris ;), let the story and the character grow

  6. ((Yeah, I am. That way, even he has more room to make his story and adventure as the two months goes on. Continue as you would ))
  7. Damn it, 28 hours is six days and I finally beat it. I can have a life again! To anyone playing, UPGRADE SHIP ARMOUR! It helps Way better than the first, in combat, story, graphics, and VARIETY OF PLANETS.
  8. ((Nah, he'll be back, so I've been told by a moderator that I'm not allowed to do that)) Revan walked the ashes of Telos as the Sith scoured its surface. So many dead, slaughtered. He looked up and saw that the saw was darkening, as toxins started to fill the air. He shook his head. This was his fault. It was in his name that this genocide was commited. But he could not stop. Not now, while they were on their way, while he was on his way to making sure this never happened again, not until the Sith Empire emerged from the dark corners of the galaxy. "Field Marshall!" he called out to his general. "Leave the planet; nothing is to be pillaged. We're leaving this place." _______________________________________________________________________ Nelniath swore under her breath. They were losing. She called to her communicator to a fellow captain; "We're under heavy fire! Seventh Battalion, move in on the left flank!"
  9. ((Mrcharlton, I'll let this one slide, but please, Revan was supposed to be on his way to Taris; let it be up to me to decide whether or not he decides to return to Telos)) Revan scanned the sight before, then looked ahead and saw Telos in flames. "Telos . . . Lord Kandor, I gave you direct orders to spare the planets surface! How could this catsotrophe had happened?" At that moment, he called upon his command of the force and lifted the two Lords in the air in an intense force crush. He dug through their minds, ripping their privacy and dignity to shreds, completely exposing them to his power. Then, he realized the truth. "Malak," he whispered. "Lord Malak, you have been stripped of your rank! You are now a renegade in my army, and I will have my soldiers shoot you on sight. "Here's my job for you; go to Taris in my stead, and go alone. You will infiltrate the Republic government incognito and try to rally support for our cause there. If you fail, I will force you to turn yourself in to Coruscant." He let Malak's unconcsious body crumple to the ground, though he knew that his apprentice had heard everything before he lost concsiousness. He released Kandor as well. "As for you," he continued, turning to Corsair. "You have alway proven yourself wise and cunning, but you have failed me in this instance. However, it was partly my mistake that I let Malak come here. "You have been promoted to the First Marshall of the Revanchist; you are now my second-in command until Malak proves himself on Taris. Now, we must act quickly. Our brethren on Foerost need help, and we need to clear this planet of our ships; there will be a powerful fleet from Corellia arriving soon. I will take Admiral Karath and we will leave to Foerost to intercept the Republic reinforcments. I would like to have you along." ((Mrcharlton, do you understand the new scenario? Do not change the entire plan of the story again please. Darth Betrayal, you have a choice to come with Revan to Foerost or to take another story path, since I know you won't completely skew it.))
  10. Hey guys, I know you haven't heard of this band, but that's the point of Rock, isn't it; who gives a flying f*ck about popularity if the music's good, right? Check out the band Blakc; it's from Mumbai, India, and is pretty much progressive metal/alternative rock/Grunge. Check out there facebook or something . . . it's impossible to get their CD outside India, but I bet it's on the internet somewhere. Hope you guys like it.
  11. Led Zeppelin Avenged Sevenfold Pink Floyd Muse Minus the Bear, Rebelution
  12. ((Alright, though we'll have to make it over a communicator, since Revan has left for Taris)) Revan got a noise from his communicator. Opening it, he heard his apprentice's voice. Before Malak could answer, Revan ordered, "Malak, you are ordered to pull out troops from Cathar and redirect your force to serve Lord Corsair Kandor over Telos; your invasion of Cathar proves that your position of the Second Lord of the Revanchist Empire must temporarily be given to Corsair, until you are to prove yourself loyal to me. I will say no more." _________________________________________________________________________ Nelniath stared at the base in front of her. It was well defended, as it was built into the mountain of a desert; however, they had more soldiers, and stronger soldiers; for the most part. "Take he base head-on," she ordered. "Leave no Republic Soldiers alive."
  13. It's alright if you're new to this; I'm sorry I had to get serious, I just wanted to get the message across.


    About cannon, everything will fit into place in time; for instance, Malak bombs Telos, but does it have to be immediately? Of course not. The point of this RP is to capture this intense moment in Galactic Politics and weave a story out of it, not rush through the cannon to end it. You will destroy Telos in the end, don't worry. ;)


    Well, I'll still need you to delete the posts that you've done before though, if you haven't already.


    Just enjoy it, man . . . is what I'm trying to say. With that in mind, I wanna continue this RP with a bang. :)



  14. Yeah man, any A7X fan will miss him; it's pretty cool that even here, on the forum of a sci-fi game, there are fans of the art that they created.


    I saw him live when they came here, and I was pretty damn lucky to do so. Anyway, glad to know there are people who knew him.


    To the Rev!

  15. Revan looked on as Corsair exited the room. "Very well!" he said. "Foerost will be taken soon, and Telos will be under our control. That will be the first step into our power-struggle. Now, I would like to be clear; we shed as much blood as we need to, no more and no less. The moment our forces are stronger than the Republic's, we will put forward my plan in which we lay siege to Coruscant and take it with a surrender." "Now, he continued. "The battle of Foerost is going well, and we will have taken it soon. The soldiers there are loyal to me, as are all of you; they will die before they fall." He knew this well. He was extremely powerful; only the Jedi of the Council could defeat him, and even that would soon change, even thoug hhe was only in his early thirties. His soldiers worshipped him as a hero, a man sent from the Force to make the Galaxy right. And they were right. "I will take a ship to Taris to try and make diplomatic agreements there; the planet has been scarred by the war, and the Republic did not help them much; we will give them what they could not!" There was cheering in the hall. "If I cannot persuade Taris to join us, I will not attack it, because it is not as crucial to the war effort; I will show the honour of the Sith. We kill when we must, we pillage when it gives us power, but we WILL RESTORE THE GREATNESS OF THE GALAXY! It is through our resolve, not only our military strength that we will prevail. "We are not brutes, and let us show them that. I will go to Taris and leave the council in control of the Star Forge." There were more cheers as he left the hall. His soldiers were loyal to him, and would die for him. The only thing that worried him was the loyalty driving them mad. _________________________________________________________________ Nelniath laughed as she chopped the head off a Republic soldier. She ran through their lines, feeling a surge of happiness as she chopped them down and the men cowered at her with fear. She was no Dark Jedi; only a human with incredible strength and speed, and unmatched brutality. She broke their lines, and around her lay twenty dead Republic Soldiers; men, women, human and alien, all were dead and mutilated at her feet, some decapitated and others dying slowly and painfully, their faces sliced off. At the sight of ten timid enemies pointing guns at her, she ran to a turret and tried to rip it off. It was too secure. Instead, she rained fire on the enemies with the turret, watching them scream and crumble as she did so. Once all thirty-so soldiers were dead, all by her hand, she walked across the carnage, putting her foot on dying men, making their death all the more painfull. She removed her cap and her black hair flowed in the sunlight as she looked down; there was a large battle going on, and she was at the top of the Republic factory, and saw that the Sith were winning. "Zataan?" she said. Her brother replied, "I'm here! Things are going pretty well. Are you alright up there?" She chuckled. "There were one or two Republic guards who spotted me, but I just about managed to kill them. And don't worry, I didn't slaughter them to death; I totally believe in the support of the Republic." She waited for the response. "Uhh . . . alright; I'll move my troops into the factory, then." The communicator turned off. She laughed hysterically. Even her own brother was so easily manipulated by her. It was alright; she just made sure that he would not be harmed; there was no one to harm him, anyway. She heard footsteps behind her and felt an arm grab itself around her shoulder, and a knife pressed against her neck. "I'll kill you for what you did here, scum!" said a man's voice. "You ripped off my brother's face and left him to die painfully! Do you have no honour!" he rasped. "Don't worry," she said softly. "His death will be nothing but a comfortable experience compared to what I'll do to you." She grabbed his arm and twisted him over, taking the knife from his hand and taking out her pistol, shooting him in the knees. She then took out the knife and ripped open his body, tossing his bare muscle into the air, exposing his organs. She then carved the symbol of the Revanchist on his face as he died. "May all Republic Soldiers know this; they will pay for betraying the man who saved us all. "This is for Revan!" were the last words that poor man heard.
  16. ((I have sent a message to Mrcharlton detailing that he must delete his story posts and start again if he wishes, else a report is made and a moderator involved. To anyone wanting to take part in this RP, please ignore his posts before this point so that we can have a consistent storyline. Sorry to get so serious, but this is what's needed to get this back on track))
  17. Corsair is not your character, you may not kill him off.


    I agree Revan is an important character, but he is mine, not yours, and Malak is important as well.


    You will delete your last two story posts and replace them with ones that respect the line of the story; there is a ground battle at Foerost, as well as a fleet moving to secure Telos, while REvan is debriefing his lords on the Star Forge, sending Corsair to lead the subjugation of Telos.


    You will change your last two story posts before a moderator has to be involved and things get worse. Please delete your story posts and replace them with Malak anywhere in the Galaxy THAT DOES NOT COMPROMISE THE CURRENT STORYLINE THAT THE OTHER CONTRIBUTORS OF THE RP HAVE PUT INTO PLACE.

  18. As some of you may know, this is a sad day in music; Jimmy Sullivan, better known for his stage name The Rev, the drummer of the alternative metal band Avenged Sevenfold died over the holidays. Now I know a lot of people think Avenged Sevenfold are two rockish and heavy, while others think that they have become too pop-ish and money-grabbing. Whatever you think of the band, any musician will be saddened at his passing. He may not have been the biggest role model, but from what we've seen of him in videos and interviews, he seemed like a fun and great guy who just had fun. We will miss him; especially people like me, who have seen him in person at a concert. We will miss you and only hope Avenged Sevenfold will continue making awesome music.
  19. ((Mcharlton, I like where you're going with the storyline, but the cannon story is that Revan and Malak made dealings with the Rakata before discovering the Star Forge; now, I don't want to let cannon get in the way of storytelling, but my character Revan is currently debriefing the Lords on the Star Forge; I think you may have to edit your last post, sorry about that but I just want to keep the story on track)) Revan pondered Lord Kandor's assertment; it did not fit in directly with his plans, but the Lord had a valid point; Revan realised he was leaving a bit too much to chance. "Very well," he proclaimed. "Lord Corsair Kandor, you are given lead to lead a fleet to surround Telos; however, I give you strict orders, and you would do well to listen to them; you are not to attack the surface, and you are to relay to the Republic the terms of this conquest; we will continue to allow trade in and out of the planet, and any form of transportation; however, Republic and TLF forces will be forced to stay on the planet. "If Republic ships attack you, fight them off; your fleet is more than enough for Telos' garrison, which is small for now. However, keep your cannons focused on the planet; when the Republic fleet from Coruscant arrives, threaten to bombard the planet, but do not do so! If the Republics attack, then there will be too many of them for your fleet to fight off, and if you destroy the planet you lose your leverage, and most of all we lose the support of the Republic people; simply retreat. "Now, I know this may be a boring procedure of a Lord of your stature; you can send Malak or Admiral Karath in your place if you so wish, and you can oversee it yourself; this I will let you choose."
  20. Captain Nelniath Navarus stood on top of a large ship factory as she overlooked thousands of Sith Soldiers rallying around on the ground, and hundreds more dropping from the sky. On about twenty formerly-Republic bases around the planet, the same was happeneing; however, over fifteen more were still guarded by the Republic. Nelniath swore. The Republic had more resources than they had; it was all about the element of surprise, and now there were people in the Republic bases relaxing and practicing at firing ranges, waiting for them to come. She reached for her communicator and pressed it against her mouth. "1st Lietenant Zataan Navarus," she spoke artificially into the speaker. Seconds later, Zataan - her brother and Lietenant - picked up the communicator. "Nelniath?" the voice came from the speaker. "Rally the troops," she ordered. "We make for the base about twenty miles from here immediately." "What about the Republic prisoners at this base?" Nelniath thought for a moment. "Kill them," she said simply. "What?" came the shoced reply from her brother. "We don't have time to secure the base. Trap the prisoners inside, set the charges, and when we are at a safe distance activate them. We will reply to Republic incompetence with Sith brutality," she said coldly. "No!" asserted Zataan from the other end. "That's an order!" "The Republics learned how to deal with brutality against the Mandalorians; this will only make them fight us harder!" he cried. Nelniath paused before continuing, "I am your commanding officer and this is an order. Set the charges and leave." __________________________________________________________________________________ Revan was about to continue when a Sith Lord cut him off. "Revan," she said, "we are recieving a message from Lord Malak." "Patch him through"
  21. The communications room of the Star Forge was very large; it was about thirty metres in length, with the same dark grey walls and air of the dark side surging through the area. This place was powerful, very powerful indeed. At the centre of the hall was a large holographic projector, and around the projector were twelve Sith Lords seated; these Sith Lords were the Commanders of the Revanchist Military. At the helm of these seats was none other than Lord Revan himself, castin a dominating presence on the room. In the seats above were the Colonels and Generals and Admirals and Commodores of the Sith Military, at least those not currently in battle. Revan stood, his aura hanging over the room. "Where is Lord Malak?" No one answered. Revan shrugged. "Well, we continue." He turned on the hologram, and itshowed a map of the Galaxy, with markings all over it. He pointed at the one closest to the centre of the galaxy. He continued, "the Naval battle at Foerost was a crushing victory; we sent the Republic ships in dissarray. However, we are encountering unexpected Resistance from the ground. "Foerost is an impregnable fortress if defended correctly, but it is only a fortress once we control the surface bases. While our soldiers will eventually rout out the Republic lines, all they have to do is hold long enough for a reinforcement fleet from Dantooine to come in and wipe us out. Whatever happens, we must take Foerost." One of the Sith Lords piped up, "Lord Revan; I have a different proposition. Telos is currently the most lightly guarded Republic Planet. If we sent in a fleet to decimate the surface, it will send a strong statement to Coruscant." "It will send the wrong statement," said Revan. "What is the point of conquering something that is completely destroyed? Our objective is to force the Republic into defeat with as little damage as possible, so as to make it easier for our new order upon the Galaxy. Destroying Telos will only strengthen the already-hardened Republic's resolve." ((Alright; so, let's start the story!))
  22. Alright, I guess it's time to start this RP.
  23. MY CHARACTERS: I get Revan, but it counts as one of my three. 1 Name: Revan Gender: Male Age: 31 Appearance: 6'2, Dark brown hair, golden-colour skin. Speicies: HUTT!! . . . No, human. Side: Sith Rank: Emperor of the Revanchist Sith Order; Chairman of the New Sith Council; Lord of the Revanchist Military; Current Dark Lord of the Sith Equipment: That cool black armour thing - default from the KotOR games. Bio: Derelian mother, Onderonian father, both of whom were killed when he was young; taken to Coruscant for training; becomes Knighted, joins Mandalorian Wars, then wins . . . I don't want to put anything about his personality in . . . I want you guys to find out my perspective of Revan through my entries. 2 Name: Nelniath Navarus Gender: Female Age: 27 Appearance: Tall, little under six feet. She has black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and her hair is long enough to flow, but short enough to be tied in battle. She is lean, fit and muscular, though relying on speed and finesse rather than brute strength. Species: Human Side: Sith Rank: Army, Captain Equipment: Trandoshan sword equipped with poison that gives the wounded enemy a slow and painful death unless treated. She also has dual-qielding Zabrak Pistols. Bio: Nelniath eagerly joined the Republic Army when the Mandalorian War started, along with her brother Zataan, who was two years younger. Throughout the war, as she saw her friends butchered by Mandalorian bloodlust, she grew colder and more reclusive, until on the Battle of Malachor V she became seemingly heartless, though in secret guarding those close to her as well as her morals fiercely. Throughout the war, she showed undying loyalty to Revan, and when he went into the unknown regions and started the Sith, she was eager to serve him; after all, he had saved the Republic, and he was about to do it again. 3 Name: Zataan Navarus Gender: Male Age: 25 Appearance: Much like his sister; he is 6'1, with sleek place hair and pale skin. He has grey eyes and also focuses on speed and finesse. He is not as muscular as the average Sith Soldiers. Species: Human Side: Sith Rank: Army, 1st Lietenant Equipment: Two short vibroblades, as well as a wrist-grenade launcher which also acts as a powerful sniping pistol. Bio: Zataan and his sister joined the army to fight the Mandalorians, but unlike his sister, he managed to maintain his warmth of personality throughout the war. He was always optimistic, and gave those around him hope; he forms connections with people easily, and is charismatic on a personal level, earning loyal friends. Though he is extremely loyal to Revan, he sometimes questions the morality of attacking the Republic; but he decides that if Revan gives him the order, he should gladly fulfill it. . He and his sister are fighting to secure Foerost
  24. The Mandalorian Wars have been over for over two years, and the Republic is still rebuilding. However, these efforts are halted as the Lord Revan builds a massive Empire using the power of the Star Forge. He builds a Sith Order, a New Sith Order, to conquer the Republic. While the Republic is in a weakened state and is only a shadow of their former glory, their military might greatly exceeds that of Revan's Empire, which is, as of now, made up only of seven fleets, 700,000 ground soldiers, and 1,000 Dark Jedi. The Republic has twenty-four fleets stationed across the galaxy, 3.5 million ground soldiers (over five times that of Revan's Army) and 3,000 Jedi. However, 3.5 Million was 8 Million before the war, and their armies were extremely spread in an attempt to bring order back to the Republic. But Revan has an ingenious plan: many believe that Coruscant is the Republic planet that is closest to the centre of the Galaxy, but in truth it is the second. There is a single habitable system in the Deep Core (Beyond the Inner Core, where Coruscant and Corellia lie) - That is Foerost, and it is the largest Naval Base and Factory in the Republic. Since the Hyperspace War, it has served as the last line of defence for Coruscant, and if it is taken, then Coruscant's lifeline is lost, as is the most strategic place in the Galaxy. But in the wake of the Mandalore Wars, Foerost is less heavily guarded, as the fleet is spread out across the Galaxy. Revan amasses the full power of his Armada and launches an attack on Foerost. Taken by shock, the Republic mounts a fierce and bloody space battle, not knowing who they were fighting, but in the end they lost and Foerost was taken; this was when Revan revealed himself and his new Empire. Now, Revan is sending ground soldiers to secure the surface of Foerost, while at the same time trying to relay the message to the senate; this is an official declaration of war, not an attack by a rogue fleet. As of now, there is an entire fleet pointed at Coruscant, though Revan knows that it would be foolish to attack the great Republic Capital, for the amount of military power on Coruscant is greater than that of his entire Empire; for now. He plans to firstly establish this as a war, and secondly make himself look as a hero of the Mandalorian Wars who simply wanted to change the Republic Government to strengthen it, rather than a power-hungry conquerer who wants to rule the Galaxy; this way, he will get more troops on his side, enough to lay siege on Coruscant, forcing a surrender without causing catastrophic destruction for the galaxy he was going to re-shape once in control. He is now attacking the Naval Base/Space Station of Jedethrem in the Outer-Rim; he is evenly matched in terms of firepower, but he is beating the Republic there. So, here is the setting of this RP. You can choose Republic, Revan (Sith), or Mercanary in this delicate period of power struggle; if you are a soldier, say whether you are Naval or Ground; ground warfare is taking place on Foerost's surface, and space battle is on Jedethrem Station. Rules: 1) 3 Characters each 2) If you do something outside the main storyline above, make sure I approve that it contributes to the RP and is an interesting addition before you go ahead with it. 3) No killing other people's characters . . . blah blah . . . that kind of stuff . . . 4) Well . . . Enjoy! CHARACTER TEMPLATE: Name: (Simple Enough) Appearance: (How they look like) Species: (Is there any other way to put it?) Side: (Republic, Sith, Mercanary) Rank: (Navy or Army, and rank in that faction. For mercanaries, put your mercanary's reputation) Equipment: (They flash of your character's substance ) Bio: (Describe your deep and engaging character)
  25. Adam Lambert is totally justified to do whatever he wants on stage. Now, some people have said that parents should control what their children see on television, and I for one disagree; if you block a child from what is really in the world; including the fact that there are gay people, then you're not 'shielding' them from the 'bad influences' - its called the real world. It's no better than racism (something that I, someone who is in an extremely international society, experience quite a bit). It's born out of the ignorance inflicted on children from the over-protectiveness of their parents. How can the child think for themselves if their parents don't let them? If the parent puts homosexuality as somethng that should be cenored, the child becomes ignorant and sees it as something bad
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