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  1. Anyone who watches the films and never reads the book is missing out on A LOT. I prefer the books by far.
  2. Anyone who watches the films and never reads the book is missing out on A LOT. I prefer the books by far.
  3. i'm shocked that you got rid of my indy sig skate boy...shocked.
  4. Ok Katarn..first the Miller sig is much better but keep the quote on one line like "blah blah blah blah" NOT "Blah Blah Blah" Second...if you can't find a decent Horvath quote...don't put one in...it just clutters the sig up anyway.
  5. why not mirror the gun image, move the close up to the right to cover the gap (try putting them all over a black background layer), then see where the text fits? Also keep the quote on one line and the same opacity or it looks dodgy.
  6. alternatively neko, you could just post a request in the sig request forum and someone will make you one anyway :/
  7. i love scratching the inside of my ears with kirby grips (those little metal hair grip things)...try it, you might like it (unless your under 18 in which case it's foolish and i don't reccomend it, nor does LF or it's affiliates. Thank you.)
  8. [anal retentive] sorry to piss on your chips katarn, but the quote is actually "Our objective IS TO win the war.", i believe [/anal retentive]
  9. very nice stuff! i need to brush up my sig making skills
  10. well, here it is....the main problem with making these things is the limited height...there's only so much you can put in before it all just gets cluttered up.
  11. that's more like it...i'll have to see about some colour tho
  12. a) they're poor quality images: you can hardly see what they are. b) it's generally not a good idea to mix artwork with photography...it just doesn't look right. Ideally i could do with some more paintings of dark elves etc, or detailed pencil drawings.
  13. well can u post links to actual images? the only pics i can see on those sites are concept art and pics of the models themselves...not much use really.
  14. i'll have a go at a sig for you matt
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