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  1. Which one do you think is best? IMO 360 is better-especially for Spider Man 3 and Halo 3
  2. I agree. Tons of people flying around in friggin jetpacks!
  3. I thoguht it would be better and for more systems. It looks dissapointing. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefrontrenegadesquadron/ When you are at the site click play trailer.
  4. This also isn't a tip. I was playing on kashyyk (srry if i spelled that wrong) and I was Jango Fett. I was killing Clones when I heard a clone say this: "Jango Fett!!!............Can I have your autograph? I just killed him laughing Oh and another stupid thing. Sometimes I hear Grievous saying ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its pretty stupid. Some other stuff. Somerimes the Republic say "Damn the CIS scored!" on CTF When I was in a Y-Wing I heard Imperial voices and rebel voices
  5. car362


    My guide might not be the best but I usually win when I use it. First get in a gunship and fly to the left side of the spire. Take down the spider walker so the ATTE won't lose much health while moving to the Techno Union Ships. If you are a Jet Trooper fly through the hole in the wall of the spire. If you are a different trooper, land then run to the spire. After capturing the spire take either the west or the east bunker. After you take the bunker you are in take the other bunker. The CIS reinforcements will start to thin out. Capture the Derelect if it is captured but if it isn't just take a trooper and blast the heck out of the remaining droids. Hope this helped
  6. I just remembered a tip. Well it isn't really a tip but it's something cool I found out. First do Mos Eisley assault and be Count Dooku. Jump on top of the circle surrounding the heroes command post on the brown ship. If you look around you should see a grey thing sticking up from the ground. Jump to the top of it. When you're on top of it force jump as high as you can. When you are in the air hold down the attack button so you can do Count Dooku's jump attack. The result for me was that the screen turned all weird colors untill I hit the ground. OH and ty for the comment Machinecult
  7. A tip I remember: Be a jedi forever: You may already know this but just in case some people don't, to be a jedi forever in instant action all you have to do is go to options,set Points to 1 and Jedi Respawn or something (it's at the bottom) to Always. When you play kill one enemy or capture a CP and you can be a hero foverver in the match.
  8. Jet trooper:I would say the jet trooper isn't that good but if you reallly want to be him here is some tips. A lot of people say that EMP should only be used for Droidekas,vehicles ect. but sometime you can get lots of kills by using it on other enemies (Highest I got without dying was 23 on ROTE) Dark Trooper: IMO dark trooper is way better because of the Electric Gun he has. A good technique is to keep shooting with the Electric Gun untill you run out of ammo. Fly behind some cover and reload. Repeat untill you are out of ammo fly to a Ammo droid or pick up some health and repeat the process again. I hope this helped.
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