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  1. Yes! Finally now we can experience game breaking bugs together! I have always loved The Elder Scrolls, so much that i'm actually playing Morrowind again (my personal favourite) though i won't be getting this, i'm not a fan of translating a successful single player franchise into an MMO i just don't think it works.
  2. I know theres a few here but if anyone has these i would really appreciate a link to the following (all for kotor) thought i had them but must have deleted them Deleted Echani Mercenary on Manaan restored Slaughter the Council Evil Temple Shores of Death Deadeye-Duncan on Manaan (by Seamhainn) Iriaz on Dantooine Jolee's Hut Upari Wookie Amulet (lightsaber crystal) by Cate Kroft Thanks in advance
  3. Neat! Two derbies to look forward to. City were impressive last night, can't wait for United's clash with the boys in blue, may the best team win! What was with Wenger anyway? The guy has always been a sore loser.
  4. Suppose you've never come across this mod on Kotorfiles then.
  5. Actually, The Pirate Bay is still running regardless of this. I'm not against p2p websites like this (they are useful for reasons other than stealing digital content, like sharing family photo albums etc.), i think it's unfair for the admins to get sued for people misusing their services by distributing copyrighted material. But, i guess that's just the nature of the beast, someone has to be held accountable for it.
  6. Yeah, good points but it really is just a film (well the original, i don't class the remake as a film, more as a waste). A film doesn't necessarily have to be completely accurate, just as long as it's enjoyable & provides a good depth of escapism, just my 2 cents like!
  7. Yeah, no problems running JA, clean base and specs more then meet the requirements by a lot. I realise the final build never got out of Beta, but i thought as much i'd have to use the Chapter Menu to proceed. I've completed the mod before; just find the loading freeze thing annoying sometimes. Thanks anyway!
  8. Hey peeps! No one would happen to know how to fix the little dilemma i posted? (see first post on this thread).
  9. Very sorry to hear your loss, LadyRevan. I also lost someone very special to me recently, i know how hard it is to take in. Please accept my sincerest sympathies. -GK
  10. Hey there. First of all, if this has been brought up then i apologise. There exists a problem in certain levels where once load a save game after a certain point the game just freezes and you have to progress through the chapter's menu. For me this always happens after blowing the ION Cannon on Level 1_outside. Now i realise the final version was still in beta but I was just wondering if there was any quick fix or workaround for this by editing some of the files in the .pk3 or is this unfixable? Thanks.
  11. I think it may make an appearance, but only a slight one (a wreckage for example), to pay homage to the earlier games.
  12. I think the game is still heavily in development and is bound to make numerous changes before it's release. Personally, i'm not expecting a release till late 2010/early 2011 at the very earliest.
  13. Oh no, not another one....... The children's TV presenter, with works such as Playbox & Titch & Quackers has died at the age of 83. I hope this year isn't turning into last year with this sort of thing. Link
  14. Well seeming how the original kicked the farce that was The Godfather game right in it's teeth, i expect the second Mafia game to do the same to the latter's sequel (IMHO). I mean how can any Godfather game be as good as the movie, especially if it hasn't got the backing of both Francis Ford Coppola and Al Pacino.
  15. Sir John Mortimer, mastermind of the awesome Rumpole Of The Bailey, has died. Link.
  16. Yeah, like OJP, Escape: Yavin IV etc. etc. FORGET ABOUT THIS "MOD". Follow Chronicles instead, same idea as KOTF, except that that mod is actually legit, unlike KOTF.
  17. Mmm.... Usually, 3DS Max is the way to go, though i can't see there being too many differences between this and lightwave. I do think that picture on Wookiepedia is the only one available, so imagination would be key here i'm afraid.
  18. Yeah, give it a go. Oh, the tool you will need to put your maps into the game is KAurora Editor, you can find it HERE, if you can make the model atleast, i'm sure modders around Holowan Labs will be happy to put the maps into the game and populate it with NPCs, quests etc.
  19. Nice one, watching Man U v Wigan right now, Rooney scored in the first 54 seconds so it's 1 nil to man u! ;)

  20. Y'know, i've always thought about this myself, would certainly give Taris a bit more playability, maybe even the Taris Jedi Academy could be done but to do this effectively it would require to model new areas which is a lot of work, even with the know-how and required tools. Still, this would be cool.
  21. Here's mine folks, found it on google images a while back, and customized it myself in Photoshop:
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