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  1. Pfft, not even watched all episodes? I've watched them all 3 times over [/brag] Anyways, I didn't like the increased drama either. It was like a copy of BSG. Sure, I like BSG. I even like it more than Stargate. But Stargate is supposed to be.. stargate. A bit less drama and a bit more adventure/comedy/awesomeness. It doesn't feel like Stargate anymore
  2. "Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope" Now why would he say that if it was impossible?
  3. Hard one. HK-47 has killed loads of Jedi, but on the same time, Atton has too, so he probably know their weaknesses and how to avoid facing the same fate as them. Really depends on the battle. If it's face-on-face, Atton would probably win. Lightsaber>Blaster. If it's covert attacks and so on, HK would probably win. Filling his room with gas or sniping him from 120 km distance>Lightsaber.
  4. You could make a new script with the same name as the script that triggers credits. That script would teleport you to any planet you wish. However, I imagine the game would be pretty buggy
  5. Why, thank you :p

  6. We don't know what the Star Forge can do. Revan only used it as an armory and not even at full capacity to prevent himself from being corrupted like the Rakata. Malak wasn't the most brilliant one. ^^ And besides, the secrets of the star forge could've been buried along with the Rakata. What we saw as a ship factory could very well only be the shell to what was an extremly powerful dark side entitity. Something that could corrupt a whole species probably had a great connection to the force, and who knows how that could have been used. AND, the Star Forge was protected by an EM field/energy shield that POSSIBLY could be powerful enough to disable the Death Star and crash it into Lehon if it came close However, we can't know for sure as the largest thing we've seen it disable is Hammerhead class cruisers.
  7. If I am correct, it backfired when he tried sucking out the life of the Exile (He probably didn't know she was a wound in the force) and so he got weakened, and the trio could finish him off. Also, he didn't need to kill someone to suck the life out of them.
  8. They were able to defeat him because the exile was a force vampire, a "wound in the force", just like himself. When he tried sucking the life out of the exile, his most powerful and devastating attack, it backfired. So if the exile had been a normal human (That is, not a wound in the force) she would've died on that bridge in a matter of seconds. I believe that either team 5 or team 1 would win. The ancient sith team could whoop their asses, but Nihilus could suck the life out of them. Sion is immortal, no matter how many times you kill him, he will rise again. This could be used as a great meat shield while Nihilus is sucking the life out of everyone. Kreia.. well, she could make 3 lightsabers floating and chasing after everyone, creating panic
  9. Darth Hord: Interesting facts, but I do agree with Darth_Yuthura; Revan didn't use it to its full capacity. Also, it had to build ships pretty fast, otherwise it wouldn't need to drain power from a sun, and the Rakata wouldn't be calling it "Pride of the Infinite Empire". Also, you mention the 4000 years technology gap. The Star Forge was designed to build Rakatan ships. How can you know that the Rakatan ships weren't much stronger than the regular ships (Hammerhead and so on) at the time? And feeding it with blueprints for Star Destroyers shouldn't be to hard.
  10. The Death Star would win in a face-to-face (Or rather, space station-to-space station) battle, but the Star Forge would win in a war to conquest the galaxy. Death Star can blow things up, yes. It could probably blow the Star Forge up in a battle. But the Star Forge creates unlimited amount of ships, the Empire would be outnumbered within a few months/a year.
  11. "I got balls of steel" "Your face, your ass; what's the difference?" "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum" "Blow it out your ass" "I'll rip your head off and **** down your neck" "Eat **** and die" All from the same game, guess which one?
  12. Darth Venquis sounds very fitting for a sith lord You should take that
  13. Calo Nord was damn hard, at least on Tatooine. I died like 20 times before I realised I should place 30 mines before I enter the Krayt Dragon Cave xD
  14. Aww thank you for the gratulations in advance (6 months ^^)
  15. drag-race (Yeah, I know. I'm weird :S)
  16. ^Age of Empires > Never played Rise of Nations v If you would be given 10 million dollars to become emo, would you do it?
  17. A: The egg. It was a mutaded egg of another animal (I read that) Q: What's the best; Quick Reply or Advanced Reply?
  18. Admiral Ackbar - 9 Admiral Piett - 10 Anakin/Darth Vader - 12 Boba Fett - 11 C3-PO -10 Chewbacca -11 Darth Maul - 13 Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine - 13 Darth Tyranus - 10 General Grievous - 14 General Veers - 9 Grand Moff Tarkin - 9 Greedo - 9 Han Solo - 10 Jabba the Hutt - 6 Jango Fett - 11 Jar-Jar Binks - 8 Lando Calrissian - 10 Leia Organa - 10 Luke Skywalker - 9 (-) Mace Windu - 12 (+) Mon Mothma - 9 Obi-Wan Kenobi - 11 Padme Amidala - 9 Qui-Gonn Jinn - 12 R2-D2 - 12 Watto - 10 Wedge Antilles - 11 Wicket - 3 Yoda - 12
  19. ^ Egyptian > I like their mythology and architecture (spelling) and they were the first. v Stargate or Starwars?
  20. Darth Maul decided to sharpen bananas with his Ronco record vault, that he had been sharpening forks with till the Vietnam War was over. However, he then ran to the bathroom to get his fungus infested feet all nice and pretty for his mother's birthday because he was going to wear his nice new pair of black leather wing straps and chains. The only problem was they were lost in the big huge pile of garbage in the sink by the fridge. They opened the
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