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  1. I don't know about the shooting thing but it could be done very easy by increasing the players hp to like 100000000 and increasing the players strenght to 100000000. Then you would even kill Malak with one strike from either fist or meele weapon.
  2. I've seen your post but what is this hidden dialog? Who do I have to speak to? What does it say?
  3. What hidden dialog? What have I missed?
  4. Who the heck is Deralia?
  5. Yesterday Sekan asked me about this and since then it has bugged me a lot. Did Kreias and the Exiles bond "break" when Kreia left for Trayus? Because the Exile kills Kreia on Malachor and still lives. I mean, the force bond should kill the exile.
  6. That would be somewhat impossible SpN since you must disable forcepowers and such to make yourself a mandalore. The thing that the team (Temporarily called team firaxa) are working at will be apart of our storyline mod. You will have different "flashbacks" trough the mod that you will have to play trough.
  7. I know Fred's inactive but here comes my request: Fred, if you see this, could you make an unlimited feature to the merchants inventory? So that I can make the merchants items unlimited.
  8. A modder that doesn't test his mods? Shame on you glovemaster. What's the script that you used for opening doors?
  9. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3: Hidden Threath
  10. One of the old sith masters, like Naga Sadow. They would give both Revan and the Exile some serious asswhooping.
  11. It works. But it is illegal. Or wait, is it illegal to port from one game to another if you own both games and just do it for you, not distrubting on the internet?
  12. I never use my lightsaber there. I use storm lighting and always run away. Malak is a guardian, I am a consular.
  13. I know it is Sleheyron. First of all, look at the background. We all know it is Sleheyrons. And the background looks like the area and fits to the area. Look at all the building, exactly the same in the area and in the background. Lucasarts told us that Sleheyron would look something like that. Not trough words but trough the game, like when Yuthura talks about it. I think that is an early screenshot that BioWare took to show how kotor was going to look like. But when lucasart pushed them and told them the release date should be earlier they deleted the planet. So now nothing is left of it. My next proof is that I know Sleheyron had a sun very close to the planet.
  14. Revan did not destroy Malachor. It was the msg (Mass Shadow Generator) And Revan didn't build it, Bao-Dur did. Revan didn't even gave the order to activate it, the Jedi Exile did. So you can't really say that Revan destroyed Malachor.. EDIT: Nihilus didn't destroy Katarr with his fleet, he destroyed it with his bare hands. Revan was a tactican, not a lifesucking supervillian.
  15. It's Sleheyron, 100%. But why would BioWare want to delete the module? It looked nice. Maybe it is still there in the game, hidden somewhere.
  16. Does anyone know when Kotor: the movie part 2 is going to be released? I have been waiting for 2 years now.
  17. Wait. You mean force choke or hand choke? I think it would be extremly hard to make a hand choke since the exile doesn't have the animations neither does the NPCs.
  18. Well... then I guess I could help you do that. It wouldn't be to hard I guess, only some dialog editing. But I can't help you in the nearest 30 days because I am going to Ukraine tomorrow. But I could help you when I get back, that's for sure.
  19. That would be editing every single dialog file in the game. It would at least take a year to do. (Or a couple of months if you have to much free time) I could help (Notice the word help) you do it if you gathered a team large enough to make it under 3 months.
  20. I had this problem before. I just waited for about 3 min. Then it worked again.
  21. Download the nevest patch. Or go to a savegame before this happend.
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