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  1. HK has killed force users before. But Nihilus would probably use destroy droid or force push on HK.
  2. I'll sort them. The one I like the most is the first one. And so on. 1.Dialog pack by Allronix 2.Ord Mandell 3.Force lightning anyone 4.Recruit Mindtwister (Although it is not completed yet, I like the beta) 5.Tomb of Exar Kun 6.Mottas secret lovestory 7.Kill Gorton 8.Manaan door relief
  3. Revan is a great tactican. Nihilus is a great force sucker. In the cut content Sion couldn't even get close to Nihilus. Yes, you would probably say "But Sion is nothing compared to Revan." But Nihilus wiped out a planet, killed all of the jedi.. Nihilus could have beaten every jedi and sith, even yoda and Anakin. He would have sucked out their force before they even got close. The only reason the exile won against Nihilus was because the exile was a wound in the force. Nihilus only power, that could devestate worlds, was useless against a wound in the force. It wouldn't work. And Nihilus isn't the best in lightsaber combat. The exile sucks, he would have been beaten by Revan in two sec, but Nihilus just couldn't use his power on him. Nihilus would beat Revan by sucking out his force. Revan is a great strategist. He would probably lure Nihilus to a world with a lot of jedi and sith because Nihilus is a slave to his hunger. Then, when Nihilus would be on that world, Revan would orbital bombard it. Nihilus would die. And in space combat Nihilus would die to. Revan is the perfect strategist. So, face to face, Nihilus would beat the crap out of Revan. Long distance, Revan would beat the crap out of Nihilus.
  4. Possible, but illegal. Obsidian made K2 and Bioware made K1.
  5. I would like to see Bao-Dur in the game. There is actually a chance that he will be there. Kreia said she could not see his future. And obsidian has said that they are asking Lucasarts if they can make the third game. Maybe this whole "Kreia could not see into his future"-thing is because Obsidian didn't want to spoil anything for the third game.
  6. For K1: When Malak tortures Bastila. When Taris is orbital bombed. When you see Malak without his Jaw-thing. When Malak gives order to bomb Taris. When Darth Bandon steps in to the bridge and kills some sith troopers. The Revelation. When Bastila fights Revan. (All the visions) The starmap visions. Aproaching Star Forge. Space fight outside Star Forge. (Only LS, all of the scenes) Yeah, that's a loot. If I have to choose one I'll choose the Space fights outside Star Forge. TSL: The cut one where Nihilus beats the crap out of Sion. It beats everything! Kreia gets some asswhooping by Sion. Burn the witch!
  7. How did you find out about the kotor games, both of them? I found out about them when I walked in a gamestore to look for republic commando. I saw a game named "SWKOTOR 2". I thought "what a geeky name." In the end, when I couldn't find republic commando I bought this "SWKOTOR 2" because I thought "well.. It is starwars so I'll try it out." It was wonderful. This was about two years ago.
  8. The hutt might not have any animation to move, but it still *can* move. It just looks like it's sitting while it's moving.
  9. Sounds like a great idea! And it shouldn't be to hard to make it either. Visas can get three floating lightsaber. Atton could get a hutt. The PC could get a jedi that you find on Peragus.
  10. I know. A jedi academy and a sith academy If you go to the jedi academy you can do light side missions for them like protecting from waves of sith troopers attacking the academy. If you go to the sith academy you can help them destroy the jedi academy.
  11. Nice thought. Maybe I'll do it when I have more time.
  12. I don't know if it exists, but if it doesn't, could someone make it for me? What I want is a cloning armband, that make clones of yourself.
  13. If you were thinking a planet in holowan spire style that would be great! Users here in the forums can create their own characters with dialogs and send it to someone with the modules. And the person with the modules would put the character in the planet. Then I would want my character to be a champion in the arena If you just meant an ordinary planet with ordinary commoners and stuff that would be fun to. I love new planets
  14. Taris was smoking ruins until around 1 ABY. Unless the game doesn't take place 4000 years after the previous two games, you would only be walking on burning ruins.
  15. Would someone be kind enough and make me a little script? I want to warp to another location instead of playing the credits when the game ends. I want a script for K1 and TSL. So that would be two scripts
  16. Someone should inform tls restoration project to put this scene back.
  17. Edit: Found out that this is cut from the game.
  18. I was just wondering where the "I am broken, so very very broken" came from?
  19. When I kill one of my party members with the "force lightning anyone mod" while on Ebon Hawk, something very strange happens when I get to choose my party members. Take a look: I kill Bastila At the party selection screen
  20. I've got an idea! When you finish your training at Dantooine master Vandar will tell you that the republic ship "Nighteye" will follow the Ebon Hawk. So the Ebon Hawk will still be there, but on the galaxy map you can go to the "Nighteye". The "Nighteye" will be filled with republic troopers, jedis and sidequests. And if possible you can tell any trooper or jedi to come with you. They will be your "puppet". If they die, they won't respawn.
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