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  1. i may be late to the conversation, but all psp installments have been very disappointing to me. I still can't believe the fact they attempted a DS version. there's no way that would ever work.
  2. are you sure? i heard that from my mom who speaks german
  3. im mostly looking for the ones here when your rebels in space. and the lasy says stuff like: our spacestation has taken serious damage our long ranger has been scanner destroyed. reinforcements on route
  4. isnt there already a thread for this? and you mean just the "repuvlic" not the old republic, right?
  5. rebels. if you use home ones abilitys, it can take a star destroyer easily in one on one combat.
  6. the name btw, not vader himself ok! so vader (pronuced with a short a) in german means father... and darth sounds like dark... (who knows it could even mean dark in some other languge.) so there you go: dark - father. anyone know if this was intentionel, or just a complete coincidence?
  7. it says i dont have an inbox anymore! my space and stuff is still there, and i can get into messenger, but it say "you dont have an inbox... yet." should i just wait it out?
  8. sorry i havn't been on in so long, but today, the u of m( university of minnesota) has found a possible combatent (and someday cure) for HIV. it is a gel, found naturally in breat milk and used as a preservitive in ice cream. this gel can prevent the cells HIV infects (t-cells, i belive) from being infected. the reason aids wasn't curable before is that these t- cells alert the immune system that a virus is in the body, but since they got infected, they couldn't do so, and the immune system could do nothing about it. howeever, if the t-cells are untouchable, they will be able to alert the immune system (after vaccination.) finnaly, the battle of aids is possibly nearing an end. (um... it only works in monkeys now, but they are doing human tests soon.) sorry if any infos incorrect.
  9. theres a rumor that most pokemon mm0s are just giant viruses.
  10. tryb before the master system and orginal nintendo. im talking about those old, rather unkown ones. mine is the apf m1000. god, its rarev though. can't even find it on ebay, gbut i got 5 games for it. anyone know a good place to find one?
  11. if you think your background is awsome enough, post it up in albums... i would put this in normal general disscusion, cause im stubborn like that, but i need mkore then 1 actual post. ill get mine up in a sec.
  12. god that was so stupid. the first words said when the game were completed was "if there isent a sequal, im gonna kick someone in the balls." which there woult be. all that, through the whole game, going unanswered just plain pisses me off!
  13. list your thoughts here. everyone i know is republican, and when i said i wanted obama to win, i was yelled at the whole day. of course when obama won the next day i was yelling so guys... PRESIDENT obama! i rubbed it in for a day or two.
  14. i hope they dont, im one of the few sim haters
  15. those pictures i promised of star wars at the minnesota science museum are finnaly up. check out my albums.
  16. Buckle up, for Tomato Devil and his evil Mini-me promise to conquer the entire eastern African nation with giant spandex wearing barista giraffes. That's what happened when Hitler's Ghost arose from his deep grave and screamed, "Salt Jedi shall not be served with cooked mustard." So Tomato Devil decided to not serve Jedi his favorite food condiment, mustard, and instead gave them his new creation a new time. The Ranch condiment was everyone's favorite style of salad bar dressing. It tasted rather nasty to the Tomato Devil who then decided to feed it to noobs who exploded into a raging laughter after having hot, wild barbecue sauce that burned the hair on their itsy bitsy pinkie fingers. The Tomato jumped and said that he is stupid like your momma in a psychotic episode that lasted ten days. Tomato was owned by Rev and his pet the apricot, so he whined like a little kid. Suddenly, Judge Judy
  17. i had alot of problems so thats why thse were so delayed, but i finnaly got the pictures of the science museum from minneapolis, when it had star wars in, in my albums. go and have a look.
  18. i bought it a little while ago and i played it for about 1/2 hour until i got bored. i tried agian and died. i really wanna know reasons why people like it? then agian, i only played it for a combined 45 minutes.
  19. well, that version is missing all the good parts... they shortened it.
  20. im trying to make a movie, and when i use the unregistered hypercam, it flashes. alot. when im recording the games not flashing but the final product dose. i already tried uping the geaphics, nothin. any advice to stop this?
  21. try pressing r button if you havent already.
  22. its because well... look at this forum. small. meaning few mac users. on my vista there are always many many many games to join.
  23. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=182613 heres where you can p-ost thse... i know this is my thread lol
  24. lol. still if its bad on consel imagine how bad it will suck for iphone.
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