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  1. Glad to see Filefront will remain online after all. I just saw the news this morning over on the Bethesda forums while doing my daily checkup on a few Oblivion mods. Best news I've read all week.
  2. These posts are classic. I don't have anything liek that, but during the time I was trying to make my saber work, after I had stopped for the day (or the hour, whatever)I kept clicking on the mod folder or my toolks folder instead of what I would mean to go to (like I'd be opening my mod folder instead of my music folder, etc.). Insanity.
  3. That second link has some really cool stuff...wonder where one could download some of those textures....
  4. I never said President Batista was better. Neither one has exactly broken their backs trying to help their people. Both just wanted power, plain and simple. Castro just held that power a lot longer. Maybe Raul Castro will actually be open to listening to others about how to fix their country; if your citizens are making less than $20 a month, something is wrong, particularly when they have the capability to do much better. You have a point...look what happened to the Russians when they tried to become a democratic captialist economy overnight. Their economy hasn't fared so well.
  5. I'm really looking forward to this. Kinda hope its done before I get ot Tatooine. In the meantime, i'll have to remember not ot kill Juhani and to kill Xor...mwahahaha!
  6. If you have an image program (Paint.net is free and is pretty good), you can edit them yourself, as well. I made all the red sabers in the game a much deeper red (looked more like Vader's in Return of the Jedi). I can't remember exactly which file to extract (its been a while since I did it, and I'm not sure if I have my modded version anymore), but it isn't that hard.
  7. Its about time. Maybe now they can start getting people in power who are actually interested in improveing the lives of their people. And maybe someone the U.S. can conduct business with. Before Castro, we had a fairly healthy trade and toruist business going on between the two, if I recall correctly.
  8. I'm looking at possibly getting this in the coming months, maybe during the summer game drought and especially if TSLRP isn't out yet. The demo for The Witcher did intrigue me, but I haven't spent much time with it....
  9. I haven't played NWN, so be default, what little I've done in Oblivion and Morrwind would win.
  10. Indeed, I still haven't gotten around to playing Jade Empire, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion got put on the backburner because I'm going back through K1 to play Brotherhood of Shadow. Still, nice knowing another good (I hope) game will be on the PC. Now if we only knew if The Force Unleashed is getting a PC release or not (same for GTA4). At least Mercenaries 2 is coming soon.
  11. I don't believe so...I think the newest patch included all the previous fixes. I've never installed anything but the newest patch for both Kotor 1 and TSL, anyways...
  12. Thats not true. Games have been canonized for ages; look at Dark Forces (Kyle Katarn even appears in the newer novels now). And the comics (most of them, especially the pre-Clone Wars ones) are pretty much canon as well. KotOR has been canonized as well as the events that take place after The Greast Sith War with Exar Kun. The upcoming game The Force Unleashed is already officially canon as well; it details the events between Episode 3 & 4 and is authorized by Lucas.
  13. Yeah, the main trick is to patch the resolution with the height thats closest to the resolution you'll actually be using, it seems. I just wish I could shrink the UI in TSL to be smaller; it feels odd having it so large after it being so small in KotOR. Its not a big deal, though.
  14. I've gotten TSL working fine under DX10 in Vista, but haven't tried KotOR 1. Try this though....right-click the KotOR executable (not the launcher.exe), goto Properties, and under the second (?) tab, click XP Service Pack 2 Compatibility Mode, and check Run as Administrator. Apply these, and try again. If that doesn't work, right click the Kotor executable again and see if there is an option for "Play in DX9" (Crysis has this option; maybe other games do too). If *that* doesn't work, try this: 1. Cancel installation if it automatically starts. Open the CD. get to properties on setup.exe: * Set compability with WinXP service pack2 * Run as admin. 2. Run setup.exe, install as normal 3. Install cd 2,3,4 normally. 4. Patch! - KotOR (v1.03) / KotOR2 (1.0b) 5. Set proprieties on the swkotor.exe (or swkotor2.exe) * Set compability with WinXP service pack2 * Run as admin. 6. Download a new mss32.dll (search google) [Note: I didn't have to do this, but you may. Try running the game first; if it doesn't work, look for it on Google, or ask me and I can tell you where I got mine] 7. Replace the old one in the kotor (or kotor2, if playing that game) directory (or make a bakup of the org.) 8. Run the game If *that* doesn't work, it might be SecuROM giving you trouble (like it did me in XP). There's only one way to make it work if thats the case (as far as I know)...
  15. I got lucky; conversations are completely visual, and the bottom part of the UI isn't in them iddle of the screen (it actually sits about 20 px from the bottom
  16. I don't really think it'd take *that* long; you see a lot of mods like this for Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and I've been seeing quite a few for Doom 3 that add in modern shaders and parallax support. Maybe KotOR's engine isn't as friendly... *shrug*
  17. Did you get KotOR with the Star Wars collection that includes Battlefront, Empire at War, etc.?
  18. I'm looking for a mod for a mod for KotOR 1 and/or TSL that improves the graphics quality. I see these all the time on FileFront for Doom 3 and other older games (introducing stuff like better bump-mapping, parrallax mapping, new shaders, or just better looking textures) and was wondering if anything exists like this for either of the KotOR games.
  19. I've been having the same problem on my new rig. Its SecuROM causing the problems. I know of a fix, but I doubt board rules would permit me in saying what it is (similar to how I don't think I can say how I got widescreen working on TSL 1.0b. *shrugs* But yeah, it seems to be secuROM...though the odd thing is the first time I installed KotOR 1 on my new rig, it worked fine, and later it wouldn't load up, and reinstalling didn't help. I had fully patched it and everything.
  20. 1680x1050 works, at least for me, for both games. For KotOR 1, use the 1280x1024 patch, as it'll put the UI as close to a normal place as possible. For TSL...I *did* figure out a way to get it to work with 1.0b, but I'm not 100% sure I can mention it here. I didn't hack anything, and what I did is completely legal since I do own the game, but still...I ain't getting banned for it. lol But it *can* work. Only problem is the UI still looks huge, but if memory serves me right, it does that at all resolutuions in TSL anyways...
  21. In that particular example, you can still get DS points by threatening the man : I did several LS options when doing darkide...to raise false hope in the poor um and to get in more fights, then scare the living daylights out of him (or extort him)
  22. And HK-47 has to be there too! It isn't KotOR without HK and T3...they're like KotOR's version of C-3PO and R2-D2.
  23. I wished it used one too. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to install mods that don't use the patcher first, then install ones that do use the patcher. For conflicts with .2da files from mods that don't use the patcher, you'll have to either manually edit the 2da files with KotOR Tool or with stoffe's 2da Plugin for MS Excel. I don't have the links for these handy; just search a bit, you'll find 'em (for stoffe's plugin, the link is in her sig). Tutorials can also be found here on these forums. Your other alternative between editing 2da's is just choosing to use one or the other.
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