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  1. I recently finished this game and found it to be amazing. I heard there was a novel on the game somewhere? If so, whats it called? Thanks.
  2. Ok, so I start up SMI in ScummVM, and everytime I do, some message comes up saying "wait! before you begin, lets have a quick history quiz. press enter to begin...." so I click it and then some random pirate guy comes up and it asks me when he was hanged in... say, nebraska. I obviously have no idea, so I just type in a random date. This happens 3 times in a row, and then after I get all 3 wrong, the window closes itself. What is going on!!!
  3. In the Blue Casket. Its so funny when Manny trys to be a stand-up at the microphone. "So, anyone try that airline food? Its uh... not that good." And the way the beatniks are so paranoid like when you show them Sals letter... "Salvador Limones is a spook! A fairy-tale that the man tells the masses as he puts them to sleep..." Oh yes I can't forget this one... Manny: Yup, that Velasco is one salty old bag of rope. Velasco: You should see his wife. And I also laughed when Manny got locked in the vault in Year 3, and he said "Ooooh... Raoul. I'm so very sorry."
  4. About how long does it take to finish this game? And what genre is it under (platformer, adventure)? Thanks.
  5. Eh... Casablanca isn't overrated a whole lot, because it actually lives up to the hype people give it (well, some people). But Citizen Kane is overrated, totally. Its a good movie and all but... people make it out to be the best movie ever which it isn't. Besides, just because somethings overrated doesn't, by any means, make it a bad movie.
  6. oooh yes I guess it is the second one. Ok I'll hold off CMI. Now I have to find LeChucks Revenge... ooooh nevermind its already on my computer. I forgot.
  7. Yeah try Carla. "Shes hot."? lol Oh yeah Thrik I finally understand what your avatar is. I always thought it was 2 worms until I finished Secret of Monkey Island the other day... haha. Yeah. I just felt that needed to be said.
  8. .... and although there was very little sound (it only played sometimes) I can say without a doubt its one of the best adventure games ever made. Its my first entry to the MI series and now I have to play CMI. Wow... it was amazing. Is this the best game in the series, or are some of them better?
  9. One of the best movies ever made, from the directing to the storyline. I own it on DVD (what kind of GF fan would I be if I didnt?)
  10. Those are wicked man!!! I can't get over how good you are at drawing. How do you, like visualize how they looked with skin so well?
  11. I got the demo and everytime I try to install it it says I need to configure my sound card. I can config it with digital sound to work, but with regular sound, nothing works. Help?
  12. That Eva one is unique.. good idea for it. Nice drawings!!! Especially liked Velasco and Chepito.... not to mention the Gatekeeper. And you got Bolsley exactly how he is in the game... a nervous wreck. Great job.
  13. Man just looking at these makes me wanna install GF again..... which I think I'll do.
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