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    I've been a huge Star Wars fan since I was very little. I have my own fan-site, the EU Cantina, and post frequently there and on the forums @ starwars.com. Favorite Video Game: Kotor
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    Starwars, Reading, Website Design
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    Knights of the Old Republic
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  1. This is true. However, being that it is Bioware who created that face with long brown hair, in that exact same style, for their game, I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's what the artist had in mind while doing it-- to make it canon or not. You can clearly see long brown hair in the style of the template used in Kotor, even without the face. Here is a nice shot of his head from behind. I think fans misinterpret what being "canon" does to something-- it simply makes it what the galaxy far, far away sees it as; if you don't want to do it that way, by all means, don't. However, if it's ever referenced again, which is what fans obviously want, they need a solid stance to take; gender, side, looks, etc. It's for editorial necessity, not to detract from your experience at all. Developers, writers, and the like want fans to have that immersion when they play the game. They just also must take into consideration that characters may be explored further. Case in point: Jaden Korr.
  2. It had been planned but recent rumors suggest it was canned. Also, the E3 demo I spoke of can be seen here. They point out the new force powers.
  3. The one I thought of, and can see the closest resemblance to the third throw, fourth down here: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060812184700/starwars/images/d/d3/Manyfacesofrevan.jpg Indeed, but now I feel like the "real" Revan when I use it.
  4. I saw the trailer and did truly enjoy it. I'm a firm believer that the start of the trailer is not the exact start of the game and will be fleshed out in the start of the actual game. If not, he was chained down, I suppose... I got the chance to see a demo played at E3 on Youtube and let me tell you: the new powers and targeting really works. They old powers look new, the new powers work well and look great, and the enemies are more meaningful to the place they are protecting. The physics work even better than in the first, now that they've had more time working with all three engines. Very excited for this game.
  5. I believe that it says: "But no one knew how fall Revan had already fallen" as it was leaving the Mandalorian Wars. That, to me, hints at the fact that what we already know from Kreia & the Kotor comic is true: Revan found Malachor V and its Trayus Academy before the end of the war and him meeting with the Sith Emperor sealed the deal. It also makes it very clear that Revan wanted to be his own man and had his own ambitions. He is already unique in the fact that he wanted to combine both the teachings of the Jedi and Sith to create something that just worked. His master-mind plan of getting the Republic ready for the "True Sith" still works-- he knew what to expect and he needed things ready.
  6. Well, first thing is first: Revan's head design matches one found in the original Knights of the Old Republic. This gives players the chance, if they so choose, to play as the "canon" Revan. Nothing contradicts it, though. Revan did go into the Unknown Regions to hunt down the enemy-- he just didn't know what he would find. He also did come back to prepare the Republic for invasion, which was the underlying hint since the first game. It works pretty well, actually. His fall started on Malachor V and ended on Dromund Kaas and his intentions are still his own. They both surprised and annoyed me a bit; Revan has always been seen using the regular grip. I don't want to try and make a story for it-- I'll just accept it as it was, for now.
  7. If we wanted to move on, we wouldn't be here But honestly, that Kotor 3 is dead; it's been dead since 2005, when Gamespot first reported that Lucasarts cut the team. They probably wouldn't have done it any justice anyway. However, Obsidian, even with TOR coming, still wants to take it and make it worth something. Just because it didn't work out one way doesn't mean it won't ever. At this point, I'd love to see Kotor III, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. It's a fun thing to hope and dream about and, perhaps, one day have fun with on a summer night, like Kotor II & II.
  8. I totally agree, but even Obsidian recently has said that they didn't take full advantage of the time they had. Granted, I think Lucasarts should have been more fair with the time, but that's another discussion. I'm thinking, and hoping, Lucasarts has seen that fans do think an MMO and single player together can work, if done right, and will be smart and finish the Kotor game series and start a whole new chapter with TOR.
  9. Having talked to Chris Avellone a few times now, knowing the passion he has for the story he wants to finish, I say let them finish the game series; give them the chance that BOTH parties botched, in a way, the first time around. Have Bioware MAKE the story in TOR work with it-- if money's all they care about, that's fine, just make it worth my money to care, buy, and enjoy both things. I'm sure the writers over at Bioware have a way to talk with Obsidian writers ; ) Let Obsidian know what they plan on doing and they can use it to give us a real Kotor III. Obsidian can do a third, real single player RPG Kotor III justice and can work with TOR, I feel. They just need to focus. Now, being given the opportunity is something totally different. I sadly don't think Lucasarts will say yes because they feel they can finish the story with TOR; I find that silly-- writers are paid to write well, right? Have them write well enough for both to work. So, basically: Obsidian SHOULD do a Kotor III based of what TOR gives them, but I doubt highly Lucasarts will let them. We shall see, however; we shall see...
  10. Mine point is that it (it being all those questions I stated) should be hinted at, given some story time, but not fully told. You want the answers to those questions, right? I know I do. It seems to me that the team writing TOR is interested in Revan and the Exile but are leaving out parts to be explored and answered, and this is my hope, by Obsidian in a single player Kotor 3.
  11. It was good enough--I try to be realistic about what one company can do with their first next-gen project and I came out happy
  12. This is a tricky topic-- It's obvious that The Old Republic isn't a direct follow-up to The Sith Lords; it has a different name, setting, and contract. However, it seems that the main storyline will follow that setup by Kotor and Kotor II. With that said, there is the possibility that this MMO and a Kotor 3 could work. How? Quite easily, actually. The writers can leave specific plot wholes to work to be specified in Kotor 3-- how did Revan die? The Exile? What happened in the Unknown Regions? To Rand? These things can be hinted at in the MMO and answered in Kotor 3. I can hope, anyway.
  13. It's very interesting, that's for sure. I'm not sure if you noticed, but ever Republic Commando novel as a Lucasarts logo on the back of it... Sev being a Lucasarts character certainly means they could make a RC 2 about his fate, which is awesome.
  14. Indeed, indeed. Mr. Avellone did a wonderful job with what he had and actually brought the side of SW that Lucas intended with the prequels (darker) to a video game. Yes, the music was darker, yes the coloring actually was darker, but it was still fun to a be a Jedi.
  15. Nope, it can't be. It's under a different name copyright taken out by Lucasfilm. While it can be in the Kotor era, it's not going to be part of the prior video game series.
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