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    I have Bf1 and 2 for PS2
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  1. yea i no but sometimes i accidently hit the quote button instead of the reply to thread button and is the rest of the thread going to be about how i made a mistake and hit the wrong button
  2. Which do u think is the best
  3. microsoft has helped make some games for ds so thats a good possiblity that they were going to have a halo ds
  4. they probably make a better version of SWBF2 for ds
  5. wait its not coming out for pc i could have swore it was coming out for pc if its not o well
  6. wat does anyone think of oblivion
  7. i get gameinformer every week and it doesnt look like its coming out for anything other than xbox 360 ps3 and pc. which im getting a new pc so ill be able to get it but the graphics probably won't be as good but dont get ur hopes up on getting it for the wii
  8. my best would hero- luke villian- maul fav hero- obi wan villain- anakin from the order 66 level hes got a freakin robe
  9. precission pistol is awesome im close to getting legendary with it but when i play online i beat everyone on the course with it
  10. i like the fact that in halo 3 there bringing bak the assult rifle that was my favorite gun in halo 1
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