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  1. Just as an update for everyone, things have been busy for us with school finals and the holidays. So needless to say work has been slower than normal. Thanks for being patient and understanding.
  2. Check your PM's and lets try to set up a time.
  3. Just wondering if you are going to update the website. I still roll over there every couple of days and still check the forums. maybe you could post this on the site as well. your last update was April of 07.
  4. So the MOTS TC has moved to a new forum host. Come on by if you want to see what we are doing. http://z13.invisionfree.com/motsmod/index.php?act=idx *EDIT on Jan 8, 09* also here some work that is being done ATM.
  5. I'll shoot you a pm. I know DSM has been swamped with school, so he has been pretty busy with that. I can't say the same for shamus though. I know of him and his work on the DF2JK mod and thats it. So I'm not sure where he has been.
  6. Yeah i've been having some issues with the scripting but i finally got it over the weekend. so there are some small issues that i'm finishing up with and hopefully this map can be finished up.
  7. Just as a small update...... THE SHUTTLE MOVES!!!!!
  8. Great job! I love JK and with this and JKE it makes it that much more enjoyable.
  9. Here's an update from Vader's ship front. All the textures have been applied, NPC routes placed as well as the enemies placed. Things left. Scripting of the supply shuttle movement,, and tie fighter sequence. Dark trooper Phase 2 needs to be added in a few locations. Some relighting and enemy scripting. Look for some screens to placed over on the blog site and possibly here as well.
  10. indeed i'll have to watch this. however since ole Dick can not tell the difference between man and beast I may tend to steer clear of him all together:) Just cause papa doesn't approve doesn't mean son can't do. Lol. However I do remember hearing that W wanted to be remembered at the man who took down Saddam. I can't verify nor does it justify. well thats all good to look at but I might be wrong, but do we not get a majority of our black gold(Texas tea) from Canada? but that is also asking why are we there as well. Indeed it has been a great discussion. Its always nice to learn new things and hear how regular people feel about the issue.
  11. Absolutly it should be there. Trends show that as Iraq calms, Afghanistan gets worse. as I said there are many things I don't agree with, and your point about going to Iraq after 2 years in term is taken. IMO son wanted to finish what dad started. But what do I know. Politics will do that. There are many places we should be, however the first one should be our own country. Maybe we should help ourselfs before we help others. but that could be rather selfish in the eyes of others if you feel that way of course. In my own ignorance I have to admit defeat on this cause I don't know what that is. BUT if I did, I would not ask you ignore any thought or idea. I was merely going off the first post about driving in the streets of Iraq and saying how someone should put theirselves in the Military's shoes while their out there. Blackwater or a company of the same equivalent no doubt. thats upsetting to see because they go off their own "rules" and pretty much do what they want. all that does is defeat what others have worked hard to try fix out there.
  12. Let me ask this. How would you feel if Bush said, "Saddam is mass killing his people and it needs to stop. Thats why were going in." Would you feel different? I'm not defending the reason why we were over there in the first place by any means. There is alot that I don't agree with about the war in Iraq. But after seeing a grave of about 100 thousand bodies many children with bullet holes in there head, how big his palaces were and the poverty of the surrounding villages were. In some way it was justified going over there. But again when you find no WOMD then its a tainted mission so to speak. My thought is you see videos of the military bumping cars, which is crazy in its self due to the vehicle IED threat, but you never know out there. and I wouldn't want to be the next military guy to be captured and beheaded. You don't have to thank me for anything:) I've enjoyed my time as a marine and I have no regrets. I havn't been back there for two years and i hear its calmed down alot since I was there. But I've seen alot there that no one here ever sees or hears about. (go media) I'm just one man with his own opinion. but I enjoy healthy conversations about it. It keeps you sane
  13. That all depends on you I suppose. Everyone has their own opinions about it. I have mine, and you have yours. Not to beat on my chest but I've spent almost two years in many different areas of that country. I've driven on almost every road from Basra to Baghdad. And I've seen the positive changes in area's where I've lived for months.
  14. You would have an understanding of why we drive the way we do out there for one.
  15. I wonder if anyone here has been out there and actually lived a day in the life of an american out there. Its all good to have your opinions and say what you feel is wrong with the war. But honestly before you can say how someone should do something over there try being there first. It will give you a perspective you don't have now.
  16. I think that if you are going to do any games on the classic characters it should be in the form of the expanded universe. Just me though.
  17. aaaaaaawesome. I do feel I will have to jump back over to the forums as well then.
  18. maybe you could post the news on the web site?
  19. I agree with Zerimar Nyliram that JO was the best. It all just made sense and everything just felt right about it. DF was great in the fact that it was running and gunning against the empire. That just rocked me to the core! JK was great too and I love the volume that it has. The worlds are hugh and it makes you believe they are worlds that your in. Same with MOTS. Ultimately IMO it would be as follows Jedi Outcast Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Jedi Academy I feel that DF should be set in its own catagory, granted its Kyle's story but in the end it is a different type of game.
  20. to my knowledge there is not. That doesn't mean it still can't happen though. anything is possible
  21. ah those furry little fur balls. lol
  22. Just to piggy back off what DSM said. I received the the MOTS assests from jedispy awhile back, and there are no levels in there, only some menu's and a kyle and Mare skin/model. just to let you know.
  23. yeah there is always a chance of that happening but if email them and keep a copy and included that in your finish product then it shouldn't really matter. But hey some people are weird like that.
  24. if you have his file, there should be a readme file with his email. send an email to him asking for his permission and copy yourself on it and save the email to included in your work. Give it a few weeks and if you havn't heard from him then at least you have proof you tried to get his permission. then continue on with what you are trying to do. if you can't get ahold of the person you still have the proof that you tried to contact him or her. this is just what i've seen on different forums that had the same question. don't take it for gospel. however that is what i would do. : )
  25. no worries mate! i do that to some people sometimes
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