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  1. i wonder if it was Shred18 over at JKHUB. he replaced alot of the models an what not in the original game. i think his Raildet weapon was pretty sweet. Any idea when you think the DF2 demo may come out. I must say with the map screen shots you have up it looks very impressive. looking forward to it.
  2. have you guys decided when you will update the website? i also had a question about the weapons. have you considered talking with the guy who updated the orginial game to see if you could use his weapon models?
  3. When i play JA. is some levels where its dark i have lighting problems. i get these bright quick flashes of light. does anyone know what causes this or what i can do to fix it. i have the graphics set on high too if this helps
  4. not sure if this would be considered a bug or not. but when i bring up the menu(tab key) at the bottom there is nothing that tells me which tab is which, when you move the cursor and then the highlight turns red. i've figured out which is which but are they supposed to be labeled? also at the end of level 2 are you supposed to fight alora? i made it to the landing bay and beat the few enimies that were there but i didn't see a "boss" so to speak. wasn't sure if there was one. i have only played the first two levels so far but i'll continue on tonight after work.
  5. dude you need to chill out and take a breather. corrections take time and when an A**hole like you makes some BS comment like this people tend not to listen. So chill out and relax. And just cause you don't like the lights or the rocks doesn't mean they are going to take them out. Chances are they were there in the original game and hence that is why they are there now. ALSO, DARTH_LINUX HERE, HE'S COMPLAINING ABOUT A EXTRA VERSION OF A MAP THAT'S NOT EVEN PART OF THE DEMO (RAMSES HED)!!
  6. Jedispy, which levels have been created for MOTS?
  7. well at least its still available for that. i'm just begining with skinning/mapping. if i get any good at it i'll send you some work and maybe i can give you a hand or something.
  8. has anyone heard if this mod is still on? the site has been down for some time now
  9. are you still going to use the original cut scenes from DF2?
  10. is this skin pack still out there?
  11. If anyone has read the Thrawn trilogy, you would know that Luke was cloned. here is the link to That skin. enjoy http://files.filefront.com/luukezip/;9137324;/fileinfo.html
  12. Got it to work!!! i guess it was the patch, which makes sense now since they released the new patch for MOTS. i feel kinda better now....HOWEVER, i still think someone needs to replace the models. if i were good at doing stuff like that i would gladly try it but i'm not so i guess i need to resort to begging. lol
  13. no i tried that and it didn't work. its only on a few models. the rail det, e-11 blaster rifle, and the atst are the only models that come out looking weird. maybe i'll try it again and see whats up. we'll see what happens though
  14. thats cool. looking forward to the seeing the progress.
  15. that would be a grad dream come true, lol. has any of your models come out looking different when you play as kyle with the mots? i posted on the hub about it. but was wondering if maybe you had run into the same thing. but maybe we can convince shred or someone to finish doing the models in MOTS. i think that, and with the new saber mod that is out it will be pretty sweet.
  16. well that sucks. is there anyway around this? maybe this could be something to help convice Shred to redo the models for MOTS. hmmmm maybe, that would be nice though
  17. Are you guys going to update your site?
  18. . ok somthing weird happened while i was playing MOTS last night. has this happened to anyone else? i got through the levels with kyle, and when i switched to mara, all the weapons models except the bowcaster were the originals. the people, droids, enimies, pickups were all replaced except the weapons. not sure what that means.
  19. heres another gem in case anyone reading this doesn't believe that he swindled money from folks. check out past updates, date 07-06-2006. the last comment is his. talking about reaching his money goal so he can get a new computer. talk about a mf-ing scam! lol poor people indeed. oh well time to stop wasting life on this and move on to honest folks.
  20. to my knowledge this skin has never been released. and from what i have read, SOTE is coming along very slowly. i have seen very good models of him though and i'm looking forward to these very much
  21. lol. and soon there will be another reason why it didn't go out tonight, tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. maybe he can make his March 1 dead line in 2008! lol
  22. i can't even post on that forum! lol! this dude is a tool, straight up! what can you do though you know. i say go and give support to the guys who are doing honest mods. they truly deserve it because they do it for the love of the game and don't ask anything in return except for what people think. and they take the critizim that people give them.
  23. ROTFL!! well october is almost over boys and it doesn't look as though this mod will be making yet "ANOTHER" release date. lol
  24. i agree. all these "dates" it was going to be released then for 1 reason or another it doesn't come out! such a waste when there are so many other mods that could be done and put out.
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