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    escape from yavin is deffinantly a great mod. But the one who are right by saying the KOTF mod isn't coming out are quite right. what a waste of time stringing people along to give them nothing in the end. oh well though. at least there are dedicated people out there who put out mods.
  2. The mysteries of the Sith mod teams needs help. check out the website. i for one am looking forward to this as with the jeid knight 2 mod. if you can help out let them know. http://z15.invisionfree.com/MOTS_Mod/index.php?
  3. Are you planning to release a demo or release it all at once?
  4. So how are you guys doing with this mod? i saw your screen shots on your page and it looks very promising. Will you guys post your progress on this forum?
  5. well maybe one day someone will pick up that mod. i've been wanting to get into modding and such but with the move and all its been slow. hopefully soon though
  6. ok cool. i'll have to give it a shot once i get my comp back up. just got done moving so have to put it back together. luckly i have the net at work so i can play all day so to speak. but the other mod i was talking about was the Jedi knight retexture pack. basicly form what little shots are on there he is reworking the levels to give them an updated look. thats what i meant by cleaner. that was the word that poped into my head anyway. its being done by Zwier Zak. though he hasn't posted much since April. but i have to say when i found out that Shred was redo the original JK i excited. he may have left a few things out but the mod is still a damn good one though. has anyone for JKHUB talked about doing a MOTSE that you have heard of?
  7. you know if he just released it maybe he would get more responses on it. word travels faster once a product is out. i have been waiting for that mod to come out for a very long time. and i think right now he is just toying with people.
  8. well i'll have to give this a shot then. how do i go about using the mod for MOTS? so do i pretty much follow the read me for JKE and just install the patch in the MOTS folder? then rename the GOB file? thats a shame that shred is not going to work on a total conversion for MOTS, he did a awesome job with JK. i would like to see that one done though. i do love playing those two games. i saw on JKHUB that someone was updating the levels of JK to make them cleaner. that looks promising too. has anyone heard anything more on it?
  9. I love this mod for JK!!! i have always loved DFJK and with the new graphics done by shred it just makes me want to play the game more. I have one question though. has anyone tried the renaming the gob to goo files and seen how it works/looks with MOTS? interested in seeing if it totally transfers over or if some models are left out and are still the orginals? let me know
  10. So has there been a turnover once Darth_Linux completes the second demo? i'm really hoping for this mod to be completly finished one day. i remember playing the demo and being blown away by how clean it was, and the feeling of being a kid playing the original for the first time.(i'm 25 now). Good luck to the next group who takes this mod on. i hope their passion is as great as the guys who first started this.
  11. Do you guys have anyone lined up to take over the work you guys began?
  12. well there is no doubt that arguemtns are inevitable. But it shouldn't really matter. with everyone doing 1 mod at a time. things would progress faster with more people. i think there are enough people who are behind the DF mod to keep it alive and going. Its just bring all the other modders together to get it done faster.
  13. i know i'm not the only one who wants this mod to come out complete. with all the mods that are being done for JA, from mysteries of the sith, DF2 jedi knight, and shadows of the empire. maybe each group could come together and do 1 mod at a time. with the number of each people per mod all working on 1 mod at a time i would think things would go faster. I loved the DF mod! everthing about it was awesome and it would be a shame if it didn't come out completed. this is just a thought though
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