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    On my command ship
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    Sports , Gaming , Remodeling my house
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    PCT , husband ,father
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    TFU , TFU2
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  1. Go for it (if you haven't already). All I ask in return is acknowledgement. :)

  2. Hey Marius I went to download your Darth Sion Style Male Underwear but the link doesn't work. Any chance in getting a copy? Thanks

  3. Sure. If you can just include my name as credit that would be great.

  4. I was wondering if I could use your E-11 Blaster Rifle in a mod

  5. I was wondering if I could use your stroom trooper mod in a mod

  6. Hey , how do I put the skin in for a new armor? It's for my Brejik's Armor that I making.

  7. oi,whats with thar gun on your avatar? it looks like an AK.

  8. oh ok it just looks like the one i did

  9. No he's wearing a reskin of one of Darth Jadens

  10. hey man just out of curiosity is the person on your avatar using one of my skins?

  11. I came up the name on my own. I didn't know there was another darthriddick

  12. ...>_<

    You buddy, yous stole my name..

    What the hell?






    Heck just messing with you, but still.. what made you pick this name, did you see it somewhere or what?

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