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  1. hey mandalorian 01 the galatic empire was ruthless if palpatine wanted limitless clone soldiers he woulda jus stormd the place & steal all the cloning equipment and leave. if the rebels DID find clone degenerating virus the kimonians wouldn't just go and try create some antidote cause palpatine would be their enemy.and the clone army is screwed
  2. What is every one talking about, master cheif is all.....bio-augumented.. he could kill a squad of clone commandos by just punchin them in the face!i'd like to see their little laser wind shield wipers try to clean that off :)LOL. but any way chief got years of experience while da clones got like simulaters. the one thing they got in common is being trained from childhood.. the difference is that clones got like 9 years of training and cheifs got like 30..... guess my anwser to which will win lol
  3. on the upside the empire would have limitless troops, on the downside, rebel would probably find some crazy clone degenerating virus. (if the empire was entirely clone troops).
  4. yes, mostly because their armor is awesome, i was really disapointed in kotor2 when the assault armor didn't come with a head piece
  5. gamma sqaud demo expert:blaze, slicer: onyx, commander: omega, sniper:dread judging by the fact that i hav four on my squad ill stick with four.
  6. um they are not droids either they are cyborgs, heres a picture: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:BT-16_Perimeter_Defence_Droid.jpg
  7. i don't know im kinda confused when did bastila becoming a sith lord become canon? wasn't it an option? same thing with revan.
  8. Scorch on demolition pack scorch: "ok so was it red green red, or red green green?" sev: "and hes our demolitions expert!" lol oh crap sry i went to edit and it created another post.
  9. Scorch on demolition pack scorch: "ok so was it red green red, or red green green?" sev: "and hes our demolition expert!"
  10. ........? what was the point of that? u bring up an idea just to smash it down? im confused
  11. know what would be f***ing awesome? if u could in some mission fight alongside mandalorins.
  12. what? i just asked a legit question, whats wrong with that?
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